Halloween is just around the corner. Chilly breezes rustle through dry corn fields. A harvest moon rises. Pumpkins ripen for carving. …I’d get a little more poetic, but even candy is going on sale and it is still September! Sheesh!

Vistaprint wants to help get moms and kids in the Halloween spirit with a really great deal on a custom trick-or-treat bag. Recruit your child to help create their custom design online. The bag is just $2.00 plus shipping. Regular price is $12.99 plus shipping.

Use “monster” names on the bag like “Monster Madison” or “Count Davidula” or “FrankenShawn.” Consider matching the design to your kids’ costumes (assuming they’ve been able to make up their minds yet).

These bags are re-usable and washable. Not bad for a $2.00 investment that will last for years to come (and become a holiday treasure).

Click this link. Follow the easy directions. Limit one bag for $2.00.

Buy 1 customized halloween treat bag $2.00
Skip the other offers and pay $4.45 standard shipping
Final price: $6.45 shipped 

Adorable Custom Halloween Tote Bags Just $2.00