Nobody wants to spend a bunch of money on a Party City costume that you’ll probably only wear once. That’s just silly.

Check some of my favorite, totally doable Halloween costume ideas that cost less than $10:


1. DIY Sadness from Inside Out costume: $7.44

via Love and Lion

You’ll need:

  • 1 tube of Create Out Loud blue body paint – $3.97 at Walmart
  • Temporary blue hair dye spray – $2.47 at Walmart
  • Thick-rimmed glasses – $1.00 at Dollar Tree
  • Neutral- or blue-colored clothing.


2. DIY Queen of Hearts costume: $5.67

via Oleander and Palm

You’ll need:

  • 1 deck of playing cards – $1.00 at Dollar Tree
  • A toy/costume tiara – $1.00 at Dollar Tree
  • 1 red Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Body Crayon – $2.67 at Walmart
  • 1 roll of black electrical tape – $1.00 at Dollar Tree

Start with a red dress (or other red/white/black clothes lying around). Use the electrical tape to create a collar out of the cards, color red hearts all over your face with the body crayon, and rock that tiara!

For extra effect, color a small red heart on a piece of paper, cut it out, and tape it to a pencil. Instant scepter!



3. DIY Pregnant Avocado costume: $7.58

via People

You’ll need:

  • Brown T-shirt – $3.79 at the local thrift store
  • 1 corrugated presentation board – $2.79 at Target
  • 1 package of markers – $1.00 at Dollar Tree

Cut the presentation board into the shape of an avocado and color it. Cut a hole in the middle of the shape, and use some string to tie it around her waist (although you could just hold it up).

The pregnant belly (in the brown shirt) was the avocado seed! I’m dying.

This could also work with a yellow shirt and a white-colored board for an egg!


4. DIY Rosie the Riveter costume: $9.98

via The Costume Resource

You’ll need:

  • A long-sleeved denim shirt – $5.99 at a second-hand store
  • A red bandana – $3.99 at Target

You, too, can be the iconic symbol of WWII girl power!

After throwing on a pair of darker jeans, I rolled up the sleeves of the denim shirt, put on the bandana and flexed my biceps.

It’s one of the easiest (and most kick-butt) Halloween costumes for women!

Optional accessory: Homemade paper/cardboard button that says “We can do it!”


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5. DIY Chicken costume: $8.00

via YouTube

You’ll need:

  • 6 white feather boas – $1.00 apiece at Dollar Tree
  • 1 pair of yellow cleaning gloves – $1.00 at Dollar Tree
  • A red beanie – $1.00 at Dollar Tree

With a white shirt and any color pants (although yellow pants best match chicken’s legs), put on the beanie, wrap 2 feather boas around each arm for wings, and two around your waist.

The gloves go over your feet (or shoes), and bam — you’re a chicken.



6. DIY Scuba Diver costume: $9.45

via Polished Blog

You’ll need:

  • Black shirt/pants (a swimsuit works, too)
  • A pair of empty 2-liter bottles
  • 1 snorkel swim mask – $8.45 at
  • 1 roll of duct tape – $1.00 at Dollar Tree

Paint or color the bottles, tape them together, then use the tape to wrap around both the bottles and your waist.

Optional accessories include flippers (but black shoes or barefoot works) and a black beanie.


7. DIY Starbucks Cup costume: $8.94

via Styleoholic

You’ll need:

  • Green bottoms – $8.94 at
  • Black or green headband – $1.00 at Dollar Tree
  • 1 brown paper bag
  • Starbucks coffee lid
  • Access to a color printer

Cut the brown paper bag (free from your grocery store) to create a java jacket around your waist. Print a Starbucks logo as big as you can, cut it out, and tape it to the java jacket.

Hot-glue a coffee lid to black or green headband from Dollar Tree and squeeze a green straw in there.

Coffee not included. (But if you’re looking for free food on Halloween. . . )



8. DIY No-Sew Jedi costume: $8.98

via Mom Endeavors

You’ll need:

  • 2 yards “chocolate” flannel – $3.99/yd at JoAnn Fabric
  • Light-up sword – $1.00 from Dollar Tree
  • White shirt
  • White fabric scraps

Fold the flannel in half and cut a V on the fold (big enough for your head). Make sure the fabric is just wider than your shoulders.

Wear a white shirt and even some jeans underneath, and secure the tunic with some white fabric (cut from an old shirt — or ask the fabric store for scraps).

It’s one of the best Halloween costumes for kids (and adults)! Find the instructions here.


9. DIY Shower costume: $4.00

via Bonggamom

You’ll need:

  • Hula hoop – $1.00 at Dollar Tree
  • Shower curtain – $1.00 at Dollar Tree
  • Shower cap – $1.00 at Dollar Tree
  • String or rope – $1.00 at Dollar Tree
  • Towel

Use the rope/string to attach the shower curtain (immovably) to the hula hoop — and use it to create wearable straps.

Wear shorts and a swimsuit or tank top underneath, put the towel on your head and you’ll have the cleanest costume of the year.

Feeling even craftier? Create a showerhead out of aluminum foil wrapped around a Dixie cup — attached with a wire hanger. You’d still be under $10.00.

Check out the full instructions here.


10. DIY Rubik’s Cube costume: $8.98

via 730 Sage Street

You’ll need:

  • A box big enough to wear
  • 2 rolls of black duct tape – $3.49 each at Walmart
  • 2 packages of colored construction paper – $1.00 each at Dollar Tree

Looking for a scary costume? Rubick’s Cubes are pretty scary — because they’re like, impossible to solve.

Cut holes for your arms and head in the box, leaving the bottom open for your legs. Tape different colors of construction paper in blocks — 3 wide, 3 high — on the visible sides of the box.

Mix up the colors — or you can make yourself look extra smart by presenting a “solved” cube.


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