Moms know that raising a child is pricey. Most budget savvy mothers are always looking for a way to save pennies wherever they can. Sometimes I have had to ask myself if the time I spend searching out these deals makes the money saved worth it.  Lucky for you, the leg work has been done, and the deals have been sniffed out!

1. Advil– Has many printables, including $2/1 Dimetapp, $1/1 Centrum Kids,and  $1/1 Children’s Advil. You can print two of each for ultimate savings.  Join their email list for future offers.

2. Babies R’ Us– Sign up for their newsletter and receive 15% off coupons via email.  They have great sales on diapers, formula, and wipes that these coupons can be used on. Check their website frequently for printables.

3. Baby Gap– Sign up for their newsletter and receive 15% off coupons via email. Card members will be able to print a 30% off coupon, as well.

4. Beechnut– Sign up for their newsletter to receive coupons, samples, and free items by mail. Also features printables including $1/7 jars.

5. Build A Bear– Sign up for their newsletters to receive offers via email. Also available is a $5/$25 printable coupon.

6. Bright Beginnings Formula– Sign up for their newsletter for future offers. You can also request coupons. They sent me several $5 off coupons good for one canister. Their site also has a savings calculator to see how much using their brand vs. leading brands can save you.

7. Carters Clothing– Sign up for their newsletter to get coupons via email and snail mail. Their website often features 15%-20% off coupons that can be printed and used at their stores.

8. Desitin– Sign up for their newsletter and print $3 worth of diaper rash product coupons!

9. Earth’s Best– Join their online community and print over $8 in valuable coupons on jar foods, finger foods, juice, cereal, and more. You can download a free child feeding guide while you are there.

10. Gerber– Join their mailing list for over $150 in savings via email and snail mail. Their site also features over $10 in printables good on food products, clothing and accessory products.

11. Enfamil Formula– Join their mailing list to receive formula coupons and checks valued at over $150 through the year. They have also sent me diaper bags, samples, cooling packs, literature, and so much more.

12. Hasbro– Visit their website for printables good on their many toy products, redeemable at places such as Toys R Us. Coupons change often so check back frequently for maximum savings, or when needing to buy a birthday gift.

13. Huggies Diapers– Join their mailing list to receive exclusive offers via email and snail mail. Their website also features $4 in printable coupons on their diaper products.

14. Luvs Diapers– Join their email list for exclusive offers including $1/1 coupons via snail mail! While Luvs does not have printables on their website, they have sent me $3/1 coupons via snail mail for sending an email requesting them.

15. Johnson & Johnson– Their website has printables which change often. Print two for max savings.

16. Pampers Diapers– Sign up for their newsletter and to receive exclusive offers.  They have sent me several high value coupons via snail mail.

17. Motherhood Maternity– Sign up for their newsletter and receive a coupon good for a free gift bag with your purchase! This gift bag will include coupons, samples, and gifts. Check their website often for printables.

18. Similac Formula– Sign up for their mailing list and your mailbox will be flooded with coupons, samples, gift items, formula checks and more! I have received over $150 in savings over the year.

19. Little Tikes Toys– Sign up for their newsletter and find out about the latest offers. Their website often features printables. You can also request a free catalog at their website and find offers for free shipping.

20. Vicks– Use their guide to find the right medication for your child. Also available is $1/1 Vicks product printable and notices of upcoming coupons in the Sunday paper.

21. Triaminic– Their website features lots of information on finding the right medication for your child and has a $1/1 printable coupon on many cold products for children.

22. Pediacare– Offers a variety of information and newsletter sign up! Their site also features a $1/1 printable coupon for their many children’s medications.

23. Claritin Childrens Allergy– Join their online community, and print over $5 in coupons for their children’s allergy products!

24. Target Stores– They are always good for a great variety of savings! Also, when you sign up for their baby registry, be sure to request your free goody bag of samples and coupons!

25. Zarbee Cough Syrup– This new and natural children’s cough syrup is offering free samples (a shipping fee may apply) and coupons via their Facebook and website.

Like most consumer websites, these sites also include product locators, download-able help guides, online communities, and advice from professionals. They are excellent resources for parents new or seasoned.  Best of all, they are free.

Using the links above and the Krazy Coupon Lady printable database where you can peruse through thousands of alphabetized coupons, you too will be able to spend less time searching out the hot deals and have more time to spend with the little ones in your life.  That is invaluable!

This has been a guest post by Katie from South Bend, IN
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