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Want to get on the bento box trend? You’re in luck! We’ve rounded up some of the best bento boxes on the market. Whether you’re looking for a bento box for adults that’ll save the planet (read: eco-friendly) or simply save you from cleaning up your kids’ mess, we’ve got ’em.

Let’s face it, school lunch box ideas can get repetitive. Bento boxes allow you to mix things up a bit with different compartments for goodies. They’re particularly helpful if you have a picky eater and like to send a variety of offerings (surely one of them will be a hit).

And hey, if you find yourself wishing you had your own bento box to bring to the office, there’s a perfect one for you, too.

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What is a Bento Box?

Bento boxes are lunch boxes which have long been a tradition in Asian countries. They’re ideal for carrying homemade lunches because of their convenient design.

A bento box lunch sitting on a table with chopsticks

In America, bento boxes tend to be marketed as lunch boxes that are split into separate sections for each food item. The style allows you to pack a lunch with a few different selections without any of them touching (a pet peeve for some). Bento boxes work just as well for carrying lunch to school as they do for work or even a weekend picnic. And an organized lunch is a happy lunch, we say.


Best Bento Boxes


The Most Fun Bento Box: Yamiyo Bento Box with Accessories

A Yamiyo Bento Box with Accessories on a white background

If you’re looking for a “fun” bento box for your kids’ lunches, look no further than the Yamiyo Bento Box with Accessories from Amazon. You’ll love its affordability — even without sales, it’s priced at $14.99.

This model includes four separate compartments for food along with a separate section to store the included spork. It’s freezer safe and top-shelf dishwasher safe as well as safe for use in the microwave as long as you remove the lid.

The part that makes this one so great for kids is that it comes with 10 animal-themed food picks so you can decorate the meal. Kinda like going on safari at lunchtime.



Perfect for Small Children: Bentogo Kids

someone holding up a bentgo lunch box

If you have a child aged 3 to 7, check out Bentogo Kids. This bento box comes with containers that are ideal serving sizes for young children. It’s also leakproof, and you can remove all the parts for easy-peasy cleaning. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe and BPA free.

Unfortunately, this bento box can be pricey. Without sales, it goes for $39.99 on Amazon. But it’s almost always on sale. We’ve seen this Bentogo Kids box go for as low as $14.39 before. Definitely keep your eye out for frequent $5 off coupons directly on the product listing page itself.


Great for Grown-ups: The BentoHeaven Premium Bento Lunch Box

A BentoHeaven Premium Bento Lunch Box on a white background

The BentoHeaven Premium can be used for kids, but it’s sleek enough for adults to take into work, too. In terms of design, this bento box is bar none. It comes with two stackable units which can be customized with dividers, sauce containers, and cutlery. You can even get authentic with the included chopsticks if you so wish!

This bento box is microwave and dishwasher safe. It comes in your choice of eight colors:

  • Billie green
  • Bingo flamingo
  • Bright light
  • Outer space
  • Steel my heart
  • Symph-onyx
  • Very berry
  • Violet me go

Without any sales, it goes for $26.94 on Amazon. But of course, always look for those sales!


Swag for Sports Fans: FoCo Bento Boxes

A FoCo Bento Box on a white background

Whether you root for the Bruins or the Penguins, FoCo bento boxes have you covered. As these boxes are hard-shelled, nothing inside should get smushed. It includes three different sections for different foods and snacks.

We like the additional section for the included sauce container and the convenient rubber carrying strap on the outside. These bento boxes typically go for $44, but we’ve found them as low as $26.99 on Zulily.

TIP: Zulily stock is constantly changing, but you can consistently find a rotating selection of bento boxes at a steep discount.



Best Space-Saver: Modetro Sports’ Flat Bento Box

A Modetro Sports' Flat Bento Box on a white background

If you’re trying to save on space, you might be interested in Modetro Sports’ flat bento box. The design is super simple — basically a sealable plastic container with sections for three different types of food. Then there’s a thin insulated cover that zips around the outside.

It’s freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe all while being leak-resistant and BPA-free, but it doesn’t come with any utensils included.

Without sales, its regular selling price is $20.81 on Amazon.


Great for Customizing: MEPAL Bento Box

A a customizable bento box from MEPAL on a white background

The MEPAL bento box packs is super customizable and versatile. It allows you to pack your lunch in two layered food trays, each with separate compartments for different foods.

It’s microwave and dishwasher safe and comes with a reliably tight seal. When it’s not on sale, it goes for $29.99 on Amazon. The MEPAL bento box comes in three different colors:

  • Nordic green
  • Nordic pink
  • Nordic denim

We like that this model includes a fork (and has a place for it) so you’re always with a trusty utensil.


Best Eco-Friendly Option: Ecolunchbox Stainless Steel Bento Box

A Ecolunchbox Stainless Steel Bento Box packed with food on a white background

Too much plastic for your liking on this list? Problem solved with Ecolunchbox’s Stainless Steel Bento Box. This bento box is super durable and made from food-grade stainless steel. It comes with three separate containers which you can mix and match as you like.

While it’s green, it’s also more expensive, listed at $44 on Amazon. Because it doesn’t use any plastic, it’s also not leakproof. However, it is dishwasher safe.


Most Traditional: Magewappa Bento Boxes

A Magewappa Bento Box on a grey background

American bento boxes are all about splitting up the snacks. But authentic bento boxes are mostly just about storing your lunch. In Japan, you might grab one at the 7-11 for a quick meal on the go. Or you might use a traditional bento box to carry your lunch to work. It just looks a little different than the soft-sided coolers we traditionally use here in America.

If you’re looking to go more authentic and have some money to spend, check out Magewappa. Their bento boxes will cost you a pretty penny — $93 to be exact.

But each box is handmade with a traditional Japanese woodworking technique out of Akita cedar. They are literally made by Japanese craftsmen in the Akita region.

9 Best Bento Boxes for the Whole Family