As a mom with two kids in diapers, I preside over a lot of dirty britches. I am the Priestess of Poo. Some days I change more pants than the dressing room at the GAP.

Even with coupons, diapers average about $.30 cents each at the grocery store. So I’m dropping $4.50 a day replacing loaded nappies. That means my family is spending over $135 a month. Just reading that sentence makes me want to potty train early.

Coupons occasionally hit $3.00 off a pack. But with so many soiled bloomers, those coupons don’t make much of a dent. One day I had the brilliant idea of using an gift card to pay for diapers. Not much of a birthday present, I admit. Saints that we are, many a mom will use gifts intended for us on the kids. But that sacrifice ultimately paid off because I figured out how to save about 35 percent on my monthly diaper bill by using Amazon’s subscription program.

How To:

  • Sign up for Amazon Mom. It's a free program for parents and grandparents. Save 15 percent on all diaper orders by enrolling.
  • Sign up for a "Subscribe and Save" recurring order. Get diapers monthly, every two months or any other monthly increment. Setting up a recurring order saves another 5 percent.
  • The prices for diapers are already lower than the grocery store or drugstore by sometimes as much as $5 or $10 dollars. This is usually an additional savings of 12 percent to 20 percent.
  • Shipping is free. And there are no other hidden costs. That sure makes me happy.

Extra Perks

  • Use the Amazon Mom membership to save on other bare bottom necessities like wipes and featured items such as toys and clothes.
  • A "Subscribe and Save" recurring order provides Amazon Prime Membership. So all orders over $25 on Amazon ship for free. That’s a great way to save on Christmas shopping.
  • Amazon notifies me prior to shipping and billing. I can change the delivery date, the payment method or even skip a month with no penalty. I can even add extra deliveries, or change a diaper size with a click.
  • They have all sizes and brands.

The Downside:

  • Diaper prices fluctuate. With early notification, I can decide whether to cancel the order. Overall, the service is a huge savings, and I think it is worth it for my family.
  • No coupons. I can’t use my major coupon clipping skills because Amazon doesn’t take diaper coupons. I now save my coupons for things like swim diapers or baby showers.

The Savings:

A couple of clicks and now I'm only spending about $70 dollars a month on diapers. That's almost a 50 percent savings over the grocery store.

This has been a guest post by Jana from Dayton, OH
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How to Save Up to 35 Percent Buying Diapers Online