Do you have a collection of doggy shampoos under your bathroom sink? I do, but I hate giving my pet a bath. With all the splashing and holding down, it's like indirectly giving myself a washing. Pets require nontoxic shampoos because they may want to lick themselves and could swallow harmful chemicals. In many cases, these shampoos cost more than people soaps. Most of us have a few boxes of baking soda in our stockpiles, and little did I know that I could have started saving money long ago by using it as a nontoxic, dry shampoo to clean my pet! Simply sprinkle a few spoonfuls of baking soda on your pet and massage into the fur. Then use a brush to evenly spread the powder until it's all gone. And voila—your furry friend is fresh and cuddly again!

This is a guest post by Evelyn from Boise, ID

Give Your Pet a Mess-Free Bath with Baking Soda!