You can’t go wrong with giving your mother flowers on Mother’s Day! Fresh flowers are fragrant, visually appealing, and make the recipient feel special. While fresh flowers can get pricey, you don’t need to go broke buying your mom a nice arrangement. After all, you learned your budget savvy skills from her, right? So make her proud, and follow these tips to make sure you get the best deal on fresh flowers this Mother’s Day!

See Before You Buy

If you order an arrangement from a florist, you won’t see the flowers until they’re ready to be picked up or delivered.  You never know how fresh they will be.  Florists also are more costly than a grocery or discount chain store. You can find flowers that are just as fresh at these grocery and chain stores at a fraction of the cost.  They too can buy in bulk and the savings gets passed on to you. At these stores you can see the flowers for yourself before you buy them to assure freshness.

Buy What’s In Season

Spring time is a great time to look for tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths. All three of these varieties are in season during the month of May and will be more budget friendly. Flowers that aren’t in season will cost a lot more.

Avoid Exotic Blooms

While florals such as lilies and orchids are lovely, they are not grown locally in most areas. A great deal of shipping and transporting go into the delivery of lilies and orchids, and that cost is passed on to the buyer. Look for florals that grow locally in your area. They will be more budget friendly.

Opt for Potted Bulb Varieties

Potted bulb varieties such as tulips can be saved and replanted. A hyacinth I bought for my mother-in-law last year is blooming again this year! She simply saved the bulb after it was done blooming and transplanted it to her garden.

Buy Your Own Vase

Buy your flowers fresh cut and then put them in your own vase. Dollar stores and thrift stores carry vases for $1.00 or less. Buying premade arrangements is by far more costly than just buying a fresh cut bouquet and arranging it yourself.

Take Advantage of Freebies

Many floral departments offer free greeting cards and novelty picks with your purchase. Take advantage of these perks to add a little more charm and personalization to your bouquet! Some will even wrap your bouquet in colorful tissue for free. You won’t know if you don’t ask.

Add Some Aspirin

Not because your flowers have a headache, but because it will make them last longer. By adding a crushed aspirin to the water of your bouquet, it will help them remain in bloom longer, giving you the most bang for your buck.

Think Beyond the Blooms

Plants can be a cheaper alternative to flowers. Mom might like an herb or aloe plant this Mother's Day instead! Both are functional and can be used for seasoning or to treat a sunburn. Plants like these are a gift that keeps on giving!

Skip the Delivery

If you do go through a florist, skip the delivery fees and deliver your flowers yourself. Some florists charge as much as $20.00 to deliver your blooms. If your mom lives in town, take the flowers to her yourself. She will be so much happier to see you than the delivery driver!

By following these simple strategies, you will be able to give your mom a fresh arrangement that you can be proud of. Since you saved so much money, she will be proud of you! Heck, you might even be able to treat her to a nice steak dinner with all of the money you save!

This has been a guest post by Katie from South Bend, IN
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How to Save on Mother's Day Flowers for Mom