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Harry Potter author, JK Rowling, is releasing her new book, “The Ickabog,” for free online, a few chapters at a time.

Once upon a time, JK Rowling wrote a story for her own children. She didn’t publish it and instead, put it away in her attic, where it sat for a decade.

But then the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown happened. JK Rowling felt that since the lockdown had been so hard on children, it was time to publish “The Ickabog.”


You can get “The Ickabog” for free online.

When you visit JK Rowling’s website TheIckabog.com, it’s easy to click on the chapters you want to read. You don’t even need to download anything.

“The Ickabog” is a fairy tale for everyone, but children ages seven and above will be able to read it on their own.

The story will be released in installments — a few chapters a week for seven weeks. Today is May 27 and we have five chapters live. Rowling released two chapters the first week and three chapters this week.


But there won’t be any Harry Potter or magic.

This story is a fairy tale, but it doesn’t have anything to do with magic or Harry Potter, so be sure to tell your Hogwarts fanatic to set appropriate expectations.


Calling all artists! JK Rowling wants children to submit illustrations.

Claiming it’s her favorite part of this process, Rowling is asking for art submissions from children ages 7 – 12 as each chapter is released. If your child’s artwork is chosen by Rowling’s publishers, it will be featured in the final, published version of the book, set to be released in November.

Tell your budding artists that Rowling and her publishers are looking for the most creative and imaginative pieces of artwork, not necessarily the best technical skills.

Kids who live in the U.S. can enter the competition at the publisher’s website.



When the book is published in November, all royalties will go to pandemic victims.

While the online version of the book is free right now, the physical published version won’t be free, and in November when it’s released and for sale in stores, all royalties will go to groups and communities most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Another takeaway from this is that you should get your kids reading the book this summer while it’s still free!


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JK Rowling's New Book "The Ickabog" Is Free Online