I can’t imagine my life without pets. I’ve shared my life with animal companions since I was eight years old…and I'm still going strong now! I currently own four furry friends and I celebrate their presence every day, but even more so on National Pet Day each year.

About National Pet Day

National Pet Day falls on April 11th each year.

The holiday's evergreen motto is: "Don't Shop! Adopt!"

The founder of National Pet Day, Colleen Paige, launched the holiday in 2005. And she’s no stranger to launching national holidays (she also launched National Cat Day and National Dog Day!).

Save through pet adoption

Not only can you save money when you choose to adopt a pet, but you may also save a life!

Many adoptable cats and dogs come to you already spayed/neutered, with all their shots, microchipped and certified as healthy (worth hundreds of dollars in vet bills!).

As well, any adoption fee you’re asked to pay (typically between $75-$125 per adopted pet) benefits not only your adopted pet, but it also benefits all of the other pets still waiting to be placed in good homes.

Great adoption resources:

Celebrate National Pet Day for free

Just like you smile every time you see your pet's cute face, you can celebrate on National Pet Day without spending a single cent!

Great free celebration ideas (depending on the species of your pet):

  • Head to a local park and soak up the sun together!
  • Offer your pet his or her favorite food treat.
  • Volunteer at a local shelter for an upcoming pet adoption day.
  • Take photos and post them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Scroll through your pet's baby pictures.
  • Play your pet's favorite game with them.
  • Spend extra time to clean your pet's enclosure and bedding.
  • Offer your pet a warm bath, a massage and spa services (ears, eyes, nails, etc.) as needed.

Make a donation

Finally, if it’s in your budget, consider making a donation to help other pets find good homes.

If it’s not a good time to make a financial donation, consider making a donation of your own pet's old toys, leashes, food bowls or other items which may still have useful life left in them.

Ideas for where to donate funds or items:

  • Look first to your local nonprofit shelter—they’re working hard to place local animals in good local homes (Petfinder can help you find a local shelter in your city).
  • Donate to a national adoption nonprofit—pick a no-kill shelter if possible (Best Friends Animal Shelter is a great example).

Consider Microchipping

If you haven’t yet microchipped your pet, consider making that investment (around $45 in most places and includes database registration) this year to celebrate National Pet Day.

How microchipping works/keeps your pet safe:

  • Microchipping gives local shelters and veterinarians a way to match a lost pet with their owner through scanning the pet for the presence of the microchip.
  • You must keep your registration current (including your contact information) in order for the microchip to reunite you and your pet.
  • You can microchip most animals for safety (it’s just a tiny chip implanted via a needle under the skin—the process is similar to having any routine injection).
  • To save money, get your pet's microchip injected during a vet checkup—this will likely reduce the cost of the procedure by as much as 50%!
  • Read the American Veterinary Medical Association's microchip FAQ if you have any other questions.
National Pet Day: A Day to Celebrate Our Pets and Save