As we all know, having a dog or cat—or any pet for that matter—is one of the many joys in life. We care for them, feed them, play with them, and when all is said and done, we work hard to keep them healthy.

Going to trusted retailers like Petco and PetSmart is almost essential in the life of a pet owner. Is it just me or have you ever walked out of there feeling like they reached into your pocket and took all your money? Granted, our pets are worth it…but sometimes I just can’t help but feel like I was robbed on my way out. I’ve developed a few ways to combat this feeling and help every pet owner save each time they set foot in Petco or PetSmart. Trust me, Krazy Coupon Ladies–you won’t want to miss these tips!

1. Sign up for the rewards programs

Sign up online or in store for PetSmart’s Pet Perks and Petco’s Pal Rewards. They instantly save you money on markdowns! You’ll also receive coupons in the mail, so make sure to include your address. Petco even offers $5 back on every $100 you spend.

2. PetSmart and Petco accept each other’s coupons!

Not only does PetSmart accept Petco coupons and Petco accept PetSmart coupons, but both accept any major pet store retailer coupons, including Pet Supermarket, as long as the coupon has a bar code. Any local pet store can make a coupon, but it must have a scanning bar code on it.

  • Read PetSmart’s Coupon Policy here.
  • Read Petco’s Coupon Policy here (view the fine print along the bottom of your local sales catalog’s back page).

Note: The number of coupons accepted may vary by location. Speak with your local Petco and PetSmart store manager for more details.

3. Use manufacturer coupons  

Figure out what kind of food/treats/shampoo/brands your animals like. This will help you greatly when choosing brands and looking for deals. If you feed your dog Blue Buffalo then you can go straight on and print out manufacturer coupons. If your dog likes Milk-Bone, you can go right on the Milk-Bone website and print out manufacturer coupons from the website. For any brand that your pet likes, check their website for coupons, and don’t forget to like them on Facebook! Here are the brands I follow:

4. Look for price adjusted items

Most of the time, these items are just fine and fresh for your pet—their outer appearance is just slightly damaged. Use your discretion. If the actual product is damaged, don’t buy it. If it’s just the outer appearance, you can get the item for 50% off or more. It should say on the product why it’s being marked down. If you’re unsure about freshness, ask an associate; they’ll be able to answer any questions you have about the markdown.

5. Buy the store calendar

Petco makes a store calendar that donates its proceeds to their charity. Next time you’re in Petco, be sure to purchase one! They were only $15 during the last week of December and are probably cheaper now that the year has started. In the back are dozens of dollars’ worth of coupons!


This is a guest post by Ivana R. 

5 Tips for Saving Big at the Pet Store