Extra! Extra! Read all about it! According to an eye-witness report, superstar new mama Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z were having brunch earlier this week at a New York City cafe when Beyonce started breastfeeding her two month old daughter at the table. Hey, when your baby’s hungry, you feed it—that's what us mama bears are hardwired to do! While it’s unknown whether Beyonce covered herself with a baby blanket or some other sort of cover—if at all, this would have been a perfect opportunity for her to use an Udder Covers nursing cover.

Udder Covers nursing covers are made from 100% breathable cotton in a variety of fun prints and are specially designed to allow you to make eye contact with your baby when nursing while still keeping them covered and secure. Moreover, each nursing cover has an adjustable neckline for maximum comfort and is machine washable (spit-up…enough said). Normally priced at $32.00, Udder Covers is running a special promotion where you can snag an Udder Cover just by paying $11.50 for shipping. You don't need a Beyonce-sized bank account to afford that great price!

Here is how to take advantage of this promotion:

  • Head on over to Udder Covers.
  • Select your desired Udder Cover and add the cover to your cart. Check out. You will only be able to choose a quantity of "one" at this promotional price. Additional covers will cost the full $32.00 price plus shipping.
  • Enter the promotional code FREE in the designated box at checkout.
  • Your merchandise subtotal will recalculate to $0.00.
  • Just pay $11.50 for shipping costs.
Nursing Covers: Just Pay $11.50 for Shipping!