Sometimes, my life is just too busy for homemade Chinese food. Thankfully, Panda Express is just around the corner—and offers some exceptional money-saving offers to help me and my family save every time we eat out.

So if you don't have time to fire up your own wok, walk on in to Panda Express and save more of your money using these tips:


1. Use Promotional Coupons:

The Panda Express website routinely offers online printable coupons, and multiple customers can use multiple coupons. That means if two dine in, both customers can redeem a coupon. Through February 13, a printable is available for a free Tangy Jumbo Shrimp entree. You can also save the hassle of printing and simply show this coupon via your mobile device in store.

2. Use Rolling Rewards:

On the backside of each Panda Express receipt, there is an option to earn an extra entrée (in my area, that costs $1.29) with a two-entrée plate order on your next visit for completing a less than five minute online survey. Use a receipt with survey code on your next visit, and get a new receipt. Voila! Free food nets an opportunity for more free food! Note: although the receipt says the survey must be completed within two days of visiting, the survey has remained active for me up to a week after the date printed on my receipt.

3. Connect on Facebook:

Bookmark the Panda Express Facebook page to learn of deals you won't find elsewhere, like their recent Super Bowl promo for free Orange Chicken (at locations in the San Francisco Bay area and the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area). They also post summer specials, cyber deals, and holiday promo reminders: their free 2-entrée plate with a $25 gift card purchase in December makes your money stretch a whopping 25%!

4. Ask for a Free Sample:

One standard customer service practice at Panda Express is for employees to offer customers a free sample of any item from the steam table. So don't be shy about taking this offer. It's a great way to explore the taste of a new food and to ensure you order something you'll actually eat. My kids love this because, after the sample, there are no surprises when it comes to knowing what they're going to get on their plates.

5. Order a Free Chinese New Year School Kit:

If you're an educator, request access to the Panda Express Chinese New Year school kit.  Doing so won't net any coupons, but it will expand your students’ cultural knowledge.

6. Opt for E-mails:

Sign up here to get Panda Express e-mails. Free food awaits as a special birthday gift with sign-up!

7. Get It “To Go”:

When I have scored a free entrée and don't feel like eating it in the restaurant, I ask for it “to go.” Panda Express will happily place even a freebie entrée in a cute cardboard take-out container so that I can enjoy it later. With a side of leftover rice I already have in my fridge at home, I've just turned one meal into two!

If you are ambitious (and skilled) enough to create your own Asian meals at home, you have my admiration. But for me, Panda Express provides a delicious, easy alternative to homemade stir-fry. So my fortune says: with all the deals available from Panda Express, dining there is a smart choice.

7 Ways to Save at Panda Express