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Family Meal Deals: Are They Really a Good Deal? Here's the Math

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Kid-friendly restaurants will sometimes offer family meal deals to help you balance the chaos and feed your family without busting your budget. But are they a good deal? In some cases, yes. For example, you can save 50% if you buy the Olive Garden bundle. Others? Eh, not so much.

Here’s a list of popular restaurants, their meal deals, and what your food would cost as individual orders. I’ve also added delivery costs for the restaurants I’ve ordered delivery from recently. Keep in mind, prices may vary between locations.

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1. Save up to 47% with the Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box with pizzas.

Satisfy the whole family with the Big Dinner Box from Pizza Hut. You can place carryout or delivery orders through the Pizza Hut app or website. Big Box options aren’t available at all Pizza Hut locations.

Although you have four options (all pizzas are medium, with one topping), here’s the one with the best savings:

Big Dinner Box with WingStreet Breaded Boneless Wings, $25.99
2 pizzas, 5 breadsticks, and 8 breaded, boneless chicken wings
Compare to individual total: $49.64
Save $23.65

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2. On the Border Family Bundles can save you $8.54 on tacos and enchiladas.

on the border restaurant carry-out bag, drink, chips, salsa, and enchiladas

On the Border has a few family meals that you can get through their website or app. Their family meals will ask you to choose the protein of your choice and give you the fixings.

Here are a few of the best family meals from On the Border:

Build Your Own Taco Kit, $39.99

Compare to the individual total: $43.90

Save $3.91

Taco & Enchilada Kit, $39.99

Compare to the individual total: $$48.53

Save $8.54


3. Grab a Burger King Family Bundle for 44% off individual prices.

a woman and two kids eating at a table inside burger king

The Burger King Family Bundle doesn’t have a crazy amount of food, but it’s cheap. Drive-thru or delivery for the Family Bundle is only available through or through the Burger King app. Delivery fees will apply.

Mix n’ Match Meals, $12
Pick two sandwiches Big King, Fish, Original Chicken, or Single Quarter Pound KING, two small fries or onion rings, and two small drinks.
Compare to individual total: $19.54 – $21.54
Save: $7.54 – $9.54

Note: For a family of four, buy two Mix and Match meals for a total of $24 versus buying individual items for $34.28 to $38.28.


4. Olive Garden Family-Style Lasagna Bundles feed four to six people for under $50.

olive garden family-style lasagna family bundle on table

If you’ve got pasta lovers, Olive Garden’s Family-Style Lasagna Bundle will be a hit. The bundle feeds four to six, which means you may have some leftovers, but don’t count on it. Order for pickup or dine in.

Family-Style Lasagna Bundle, $46.99
One pan of Lasagna Classico
Compare to individual total: $71.16 (for four people) to $106.74 (for six people)
Save $24.17 – $59.75


5. Save up to 27% when you buy the Panera Bread Family Feast.

person spooning out macaroni and cheese from panera family box container

Serve a fresh and nutritious meal with Panera Bread’s Family Feast for four. Pickup is available through the Panera app and website. If you want Panera to deliver, know that their prices are marked up for this service.

Since most of these meals have so many possible combinations, I calculated the cheapest spend possible, as well as the most expensive, for price comparisons.

3 Flatbread Pizza Family Feast, $33
Three flatbread pizzas, two whole salads
Compare to individual total: $40.65 – $45.45
Save $7.65 – $12.45

Your potential savings can go higher with other family feasts including the two Flatbread Pizza, Soup or Mac, or the Premium Family Feast.

They even offer two family feast breakfast options (sandwiches or bakery goods).



6. Build your own Panda Express Family Meal and save $8.50.

Someone holding a phone displaying the Panda Express app's main page featuring the family style meal next to some takeout boxes of food on a table at Panda Express

You can build your own Panda Express Family Meal. Takeout, delivery ($10 minimum order), and drive-thru are available for orders placed through the Panda Express app and website.

Non-premium Family Express Meal, $35
Select two sides (Chow Mein, fried or steamed rice, veggies) and choose three entrees (Orange Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken, etc.)
Compare to individual total: $43.50
Save $8.50
Premium Family Express Meal, $46.25
Choose three premium entrees (Honey Walnut Shrimp, Black Pepper Angus Steak, etc.)
Compare to individual total: $54.75
Save $8.50


7. Save up to 44% with KFC’s Family Meal Deals.

open bucket of kfc chicken on table with family hands pulling out multiple pieces of chicken

Although Kentucky Fried Chicken has several bucket meals available, you can save around 56% when you go with the 10-piece Feast or the 8-piece Chicken + 8 Tenders Fill Up. Pick up via the KFC app (available for Android and iOS) or website or delivery via DoorDash.

6-Piece Chicken + 12-Piece Chicken Nugget Bucket, $24.99
6 pieces Original or Extra Crispy Chicken, 8 chicken nuggets, two sides, 4 biscuits, 2 dipping sauces
Compare to individual total: $44.27
Save $19.28

TIP: If you want to order delivery, be warned — DoorDash’s prices are higher than those on


8. Save up to $15 with Cracker Barrel’s Family Meal Baskets To Go.

Two women sitting at a table in Cracker Barrel, drinking from the same cup with two different straws, holding up fried chicken.

The menu says each Cracker Barrel family meal basket should feed five people. The best deal is the All-Day Pancake Breakfast, and the worst is Chicken n’ Dumplins. Curbside, pickup, or delivery ($15 minimum order) available for orders placed through the Cracker Barrel app and website.

Cracker Barrel Family Meal Baskets To Go options include:

All-Day Pancake Breakfast, $39.99
10 buttermilk pancakes with butter and syrup and 12 scrambled eggs, 12 bacon or sausage patties, your choice of hash brown casserole or fried apples
Compare to individual total: $55.50
Save $15.51
(Selecting ham adds $7 to your total.)
Chicken n’ Dumplins, $39.99
Chicken and dumplings, 10 buttermilk biscuits, plus your choice of two sides
Compare to individual total: $47.45
Save about $7.46

Other meal baskets, such as the Scratch-Made Meatloaf and Southern Fried Chicken, can save you somewhere in between $7.46 – $15.51.


9. Save about $7 with the Qdoba Family Meal Deal.

qdoba family meal on kitchen counter

Qdoba Family Meal Deals are perfect for taco night. Although they serve four to five people, I did the math for four. Pick up or have your meal delivered via DoorDash, Grubhub, or Postmates.

Each family meal comes with rice, black beans, queso, pico de gallo, salsa verde or salsa Roja, shredded cheese, tortillas, and a large bag of chips.

You have two options:

Grilled Chicken Family Meal, $39.95
Compare to individual total: $47.20
Save $7.25
Grilled Steak Family Meal, $44.95
Compare to individual total: $52.40
Save $7.45



10. Save up to 51% on three-course Bob Evans Family Meals with free delivery.

exterior of bob evans restaurant

Bob Evans’ Family Meals offer your family eight meal options that each serve up to six people starting at $35.94 (and that includes delivery). Pickup is also available for orders placed through the Bob Evans website. Bob Evans has a $15 order minimum for delivery.

Every family meal comes with your choice of entree, family-sized soup or salad, choice of two sides, a dozen freshly baked rolls, and four chocolate chunk cookies.

Go with the Grilled Chicken family meal for the best savings.

Grilled Chicken, $35.94
Six grilled chicken breasts with Wildfire BBQ sauce on the side
Compare to individual total: $73.13
Save $37.19

Other meal deals, like the Country Fried Steak and Hand-Breaded Fried Chicken, can save you anywhere from 35% to 51%.


11. Enjoy Denny’s Restaurant Family Packs and save up to 38%.

dennys grand slam family pack on kitchen table

Denny’s Family Packs are for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and serve four to five people. Pickup and delivery ($5 minimum order) options are available for orders placed through Denny’s app or website. Hands down the best deal is the Grand Slam Pack for $28.99.

Grand Slam Pack, $28.99
8 buttermilk pancakes, 4 scrambled eggs, 4 bacon strips, 4 sausage links, hash browns
Compare to individual total: $46.39
Save $17.40

They offer other meal deals like the Grand Slam Pack and Premium Chicken Strips Pack, but they aren’t close to those savings.


13. Get a Pollo Tropical Family Meal and save $11.45.

pollo tropica family meal duo on table

Although Pollo Tropical only has locations in Florida, there are 150 of them across the state. You can select from several Family Meal Deals for around $20. Order your meal for takeout, delivery, and dine in. For the biggest savings, go with the Family Meal Duo.

Family Meal Duo, $26.99
Rice, Black Beans, Sweet Plantains, four rolls, a Whole Grilled Chicken and your choice of Mojo Roast Pork or ½ Chicken or two Boneless Breasts.
Compare to individual total: $38.44
Save $11.45

Their three Chicken Family Meals offer a bunch of food, but the savings is only a few dollars less than buying items individually.

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