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Free Budget Printables for a Money-Saving Year

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We want 2024 to be your best year yet. We hope you budget wisely, save carefully, and reap all the benefits and rewards of being a smart shopper. To help you gain even more financial freedom, we’ve put together some handy free budget printables that focus on simple ways to save more with less effort. They’re undated so you can start whenever. And trust me, it’s never too late to start working on turning your finances around. By keeping track of your savings, spending, and monthly expenses, you can reach your financial goals.

Maybe you’re planning a vacation or saving for a wedding — we’ve got you covered. Just want to add a little padding to your emergency fund? We’ve got printables to help you save $50, $100, and even $1,000. We’ve even got printables to help you get in the habit of tracking your monthly spending habits so you know where you can save a little extra each month.

So whether you utilize all these free budget printables or just one, we hope to be your go-to resource this year for money-saving tips and easy ways to meet your financial goals.

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Free Budget Printables for 2024

Here are 25 free budget printables that you can utilize in 2024 on your way to financial freedom. There are printables for saving, budgeting, and expense tracking, so whatever your financial goals are this year, we’re here to help you meet them.

Monthly Budget

a monthly budget tracker from KCL

Monthly Budget printable

Tracking your monthly budget will give you a great overview of where your money is going and when. Here you can add in your income, broken down by paycheck. Log your budget and how much of it you actually used (or overspent). There are areas to track how much money is going to your savings, including retirement, college funds for kids, and anything else that needs a special reserve.

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Handy Save $1,000 in 30 Days money-saving challenge printable.

a printout for saving $1000 over 30 days

$1,000 in 30 Days printable

Save $1,000 in 30 days? This is amazing. Use apps like Ibotta to get rebates on everyday essentials at the grocery store. If you save $35 on a shopping trip, that counts! Color that circle in. This is a great incentive to get those savings going and feel good about how you’re spending your money. If you make your own coffee instead of buying from a coffee shop, that also counts as a $5 savings (assuming that’s how much your cuppa costs).

Debt Tracker

a monthly debt tracker from KCL

Debt Tracker Printable

At some point, we have all experienced debt. If you’re struggling with a lot of it or even a small amount, now is the time to battle the beast. This will show how you are currently approaching paying off your debt. See what’s working and what’s not. Whenever possible, pay more than the minimum due or double up on payments to reduce debt more quickly.

Expense Tracker

a monthly expense tracker from KCL

Expense Tracker printable

Have you ever looked at your account balance and wondered, “Where did all of my money go?” This printable is about to keep you honest and offer a very real visual of your spending.

Income Tracker

a monthly income tracker from KCL

Income Tracker printable

If your family has multiple incomes or you have a lucrative side hustle, it’s important to keep track of all of the money coming in. This income tracker helps you log all of it in one place.

Vacation Goal Savings

Vacation Savings Goal printable from KCL

Vacation Goal Savings Printable

If laying on a beach with a fruity drink in your hand sounds appealing, get to saving. Explore what this getaway might cost, then set a realistic goal for how long it will take to save the money for it. Jot any notes down here, including where, when, and how you were able to add to this fund meant for relaxation.

Paycheck Budget

Paycheck Budget printable

Paycheck Budget Printable

In these inflationary times, we’re all trying to stretch our paychecks as much as possible. This log gets down and dirty concerning your personal finances. It will show you how much of your paycheck is going where which in turn will give you some insight on where to cut back and how to save. Remember, even saving a little bit at a time is better than saving nothing at all.

Monthly Finance Goals

Monthly Finance Goals printable

Monthly Finance Goals printable

Do you want to invest in stocks? Pay off a big loan? Save 50 bucks? Whatever your goal, write it down. It’s okay to make goals aspirational but do your best to stick with them.

Weekly KCL Savings

Weekly KCL Savings printable

Weekly KCL Savings printable

Seriously, we exist to help you save money. With that being said, any time one of our deals or money-saving hacks keeps a bit of cash in your wallet, write it down. This printable is specific to your weekly savings.

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Monthly KCL Savings 1

Monthly KCL Savings printable

Monthly KCL Savings Option One Printable

If you’d rather have all of your KCL savings in a monthly spreadsheet rather than a weekly one, we’ve got you. Whether it’s alerting you to an Ibotta coupon or helping you score an amazing deal on a new vacuum cleaner, log it here.

Monthly KCL Savings 2

Monthly KCL Savings by Week printable

Monthly KCL Savings Option two Printable

Because we expect you to save so much through our KCL efforts, there’s gotta be a second page. Plus, a space to write notes.

My Financial Goal

My Financial Goal printable

My Financial Goal printable

This is where the magic happens, folks. We know it isn’t always easy to save the exact same amount from month to month when you factor in holidays, birthdays, and other personal expenses. Jot down how much you hope to save in a given month, then what the actual amount turned out to be. You’re looking for progress, not perfection.

Savings Goal

Savings Goal printable

Savings Goal printable

We love a good bar chart, especially when it pertains to money. Write down your goal amount, then color in the coins as you track your progress.

Savings Tracker

Savings Tracker printable

Savings Tracker printable

Print out a few of these if you’re saving for different things. Then log how much you’re putting towards that particular goal each month and when. In the last line, track how much is still left to save.

Vacation Budget

Vacation Budget printable

Vacation Budget printable

Yes, you do need a vacation. Create a budget for it including all of the little expenses that add up when you’re leaving town. This will help keep you on track while you’re away, but (in theory) you’ve already saved that money so it won’t feel like you’re behind. You’ll feel like you’ve totally earned this (and you have).

Weekly Finance Goals

Weekly Finance Goals printable

Weekly finance goals printable

The big goals are important, but so are the little ones. Ultimately, what you are doing week to week has a major impact on the larger picture. By identifying your actionable steps, you’ll be able to budget and save with finesse.

Budget Planners We Love

Now what? Print these free printables and start filling them out in your personal budget planner, or tape them to your mirror or closet door for daily savings motivation. On the hunt for a new budget planner? Here are the ones we love.

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