Has your mother ever told you that a meal should look as good as it tastes? Mine did. And I have found that my table presentation is an effective way of distracting my guests from my dry turkey and lumpy gravy, too! Fancy napkin rings can add some pizazz to the dinner table. But unfortunately for me, Mom didn’t plant a money tree in my backyard. Bummer!

But there is no need to get your turkey feathers in a bunch. If you use toilet paper in your house, then you can make these simple yet fabulous napkin rings on a dime! You use toilet paper right? Right?!

This project isn’t just affordable; it’s ideal to do with children. Turn it into a pre-Thanksgiving project and watch your kids unleash their creativity!

So gather up a few of these easy-to-find supplies and clear off your craft table (or coffee table) and get ready to have some fun.

Supply LIst:

  • Misc. paper tubes (such as toilet paper or paper towel tubes)
  • Scrap craft paper, scrap fabric pieces, or even an old colorful T-shirt
  • Mod Podge (available at most craft stores for less than $4.00, be sure to take a 40% off coupon with you if shopping at Michaels or Hobby Lobby!)
  • Sponge brush ($1.00 or less)
  • Scissors
  • No Sew (available at most craft stores for less than $4.00)
  • Tape measure
  • Napkins

Directions If Using Scrapbook Paper:

  1. Measure and cut the piece of paper to fit around your paper tube. The lip should overlap just a little, about 1/4 of an inch. It's okay if it's a little longer than the tube!
  2. Apply decoupage to your paper tube, covering it completely. Then apply it to the inside of the paper. Tip: I apply glue to both of these, just to make sure it sticks and stays on.
  3. Attach the glue covered craft paper to the glue covered paper tube and roll it on. Smooth out any bubbles or bumps. Make sure it is sealed on the edges. Let this dry and set for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Next step is to apply another coat of decoupage to the outside of the paper craft tube to seal it and give it a nice shine. Let this dry completely, up to 30 minutes.
  5. Once the paper craft tube is dry, cut it into little 2 inch rings. Since the tube is kind of hard at this point, in order to cut through it you'll need to smash the tube in half, bending it enough to get your scissors around. Then cut 2 inch sections out of the tube. You can also trim any little extra bits of paper that may be hanging over the edge of the tube.
  6. Using your fingers, try to mold the tube back into a circle
  7. Now it's ready to add to a fan folded dinner napkin. Just slip it over and spread out the napkin!

Directions if Using Scrap Fabric or Fabric from an Old T-shirt:

  1. Using your measuring tape, measure 1-3/8″ and mark with a pencil around the circumference of the cardboard tube.
  2. Carefully cut the pencil lines. Repeat for up to 8 rings.
  3. Cut 8 strips of no-sew interfacing 1-3/8″ wide x 5-3/4″ tall.
  4. Tape one end of the interfacing to the ring (or use your adhesive). Roll the interfacing around the ring and secure with a second piece of tape.
  5. Cut fabric in 3-1/2″ wide by 5-3/4″ tall strip.
  6. Place the napkin ring in the center of the fabric. Secure one end with tape (or glue it if you'd rather), making sure the tape covers only a tiny edge of the fabric or else you'll see it in your final product.
  7. Roll the fabric tightly around the ring and secure using a dab of fabric glue, being sure to put some on the raw edge to prevent fraying (alternatively, you could turn a bit of the fabric under to hide raw edges or use pinking shears to make a zigzag edge).
  8. Put a bit of glue on one fabric end, fold inside the ring and glue to the inside of the cardboard ring. Repeat on the other side. Raw edges will meet in the middle of the inside. Let your napkin rings dry for at least 24 hours before using!

In either of these instances, you can use scrap ribbon or embellishments to fancy up your rings even further. Many craft stores sell these items in their $1.00 sections, or they are available at most Dollar Tree stores. Charms and ribbon can both add more color and character to your table and will make napkin rings that your guests will rave over! Which you will need them to do, especially if your dinner goes south like mine often does!

Happy crafting!


Table Top Pizazz: DIY Napkin Rings