Raise your hand if you could use a quick breather from all that holiday shopping! (I’m raising both hands.)

Has Elf on the Shelf showed up at your house yet this season? Running out of ways to make him spread mischief around the house? Here are some of the best ideas we’ve seen out there on Pinterest.



1. Give him a grand entrance.


2. Set him up on a date with Barbie.


3. Let him remind kids to watch what they eat.


4. Have him make sprinkle angels.


5. Introduce him to the LEGO people.



6. Let him teach for the day.


7. Catch him in a snowball fight.

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8. Encourage his artistic talents.


9. Help him remind kids to donate during the holidays.


10. Allow him to indulge in mini sugar cookies.


11. Make him taller.


12. Watch him go sledding.


13. Have him write a grocery list.


14. Get him to replace the toilet paper roll.


15. Feature him on everyone’s home screen.



16. See if he catches any goldfish.


17. Get him to play with Darth Vader.


18. Make him do some laundry.

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19. Get him to build a snowman in the freezer.

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20. Watch him fly.



21. Allow him to play with the toilet paper.


22. Pamper him.


23. Let him make elf milk.


24. Get him to help you potty train a kid.


25. Show off his gymnastics skills.



26. Have him send a sweet message.


27. Let him be part of the game.


28. Let him decorate the kitchen.


29. Let him have a sack race.


30. Help him find his inner wizard.


31. Get him some fuse beads so he can make a self-portrait.


32. Help him reach new heights.


33. Let him remind the kids why he’s there (with marshmallows!).


34. Let him have some egg-cellent fun.


35. Have him change the decor.


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Top 35 Elf on the Shelf Ideas on Pinterest