Before most people have even bought their Halloween candy, Hallmark is ready to start spreading some Christmas cheer.

They have a record-breaking 37 new Hallmark holiday movies coming out in 2018, and the first one happens 4 days before Halloween.

Grab your fuzzy slippers and cocoa — we’re going to get you in top movie-watching form.


Decorate your Halloween pumpkins while you watch the first of the new releases on Oct. 27!

As usual, Hallmark is dropping their first holiday movie the last Saturday of October. They’re kicking it off with Christmas at Pemberley Manor (and yes, there is an Elizabeth Bennett and a Mr. Darcy!).

They’ll be doing 22 new movies on the Hallmark Channel alone! Take a look!

  • Christmas at Pemberley (Oct. 27)
  • Christmas Joy (Nov. 3)
  • Road to Christmas (Nov. 4)
  • It’s Christmas, Eve (Nov. 10)
  • Christmas in Love (Nov. 11)
  • Christmas at Graceland (Nov. 17)
  • Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa (Nov. 18)
  • Christmas at Grand Valley (Nov. 21)
  • Christmas at the Palace (Nov. 22)
  • Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe (Nov. 23)
  • Christmas Everlasting (Nov. 24)
  • A Shoe Addict’s Christmas (Nov. 25)
  • Mingle All the Way (Dec. 1)
  • A Majestic Christmas (Dec. 2)
  • Homegrown Christmas (Dec. 8)
  • Christmas Wonderland (Dec. 9)
  • A Gingerbread Romance (Dec. 15)
  • Entertaining Christmas (Dec. 16)
  • Jingle Around the Clock (Dec. 22)
  • Christmas Made to Order (Dec. 23)
  • When Calls the Heart Christmas (Dec. 25)
  • A Midnight Kiss (Dec. 29)

TIP: Print out this festive little checklist to make sure don’t miss a thing.


Need more movies? Hallmark Movies & Mysteries adds another 15 to the list.

Hallmark has more than one network, you guys, and they’ll be premiering 15 additional movies on their Movies & Mysteries station! It’s a little more difficult to get — especially if you don’t have cable — but it could be worth it this time of year!

That channel’s movies will kick off Nov. 4 with Marrying Father Christmas.



If you don’t have cable, here’s how to stream the 2018 releases.

If you have cable, chances are you’re already set for the Hallmark Channel (and Hallmark Channel Everywhere).

If not, you can score the streaming service DIRECTV NOW for $20 if you have AT&T service.

The best deal is to add the Hallmark Channel on Sling for an extra $5 a month — but only if you already have Sling, since the service starts at $25 a month. (And Sling doesn’t carry the Movies & Mysteries channel, sadly.)

The most expensive ways to go are PlayStation Vue or Fubo, which will both run you $45 a month, but they carry both the Hallmark and the Movies & Mysteries.


You can pretty much watch new movies the entire time you’re prepping for Thanksgiving (and Black Friday).

You’ll not only get a new movie every Saturday in November and two every Sunday (if you’re keeping track of both Hallmark channels) — you’ll also get to spend Thanksgiving and the days before and after taking in some new Hallmark merriment as well.

Christmas Everlasting while we prep for Cyber Monday? Yes, please.


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Wrap your presents while you watch, because 21 new movies drop in December.

Keep your weekends free because you’ll get two new movies every weekend, PLUS a When Calls the Heart Christmas movie on Christmas Day! (Don’t worry if you miss one — they’ll re-play them throughout the season, too.)

The last new holiday flick of 2018 drops Dec. 29, the New Year’s-themed A Midnight Kiss.


Watch Hallmark’s older holiday hits on their very own streaming service.

You can sign up for Hallmark Movies Now for just $5.99 a month (plus you can get a free trial week). The bummer is that you won’t be able to watch new Hallmark movies, just those from previous years.

If you enjoy Hallmark’s touchy-feely gloriousness all year, sign up for a 12-month subscription for just $49.99 (that’s a 30% savings!).

Or you can just buy the movies you can’t live without.

Check out our full list of how to watch shows without cable over here.


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Here's How to Watch all 37 New Hallmark Holiday Movies