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50 Top Trending Halloween Costumes This Year

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It’s that time of year again — deciding what or who to be for Halloween. After all, Halloween costume ideas for 2022 can range from insanely creative homemade ones to traditional store-bought favorites. And these trending Halloween costumes are sure to be a hit.

I have a friend who always orders Halloween costumes while she’s doing the last of her back-to-school shopping. Side note: to save money on Halloween costumes, buy them the year prior in a bigger size (if you’re a kid). A lot of stores have massive clearance sales (sometimes up to 90% off) during their post-Halloween sales.

Whether you’re an overachiever or need some Spirit Halloween tips, a little inspiration never hurts. Following our candy coupons and Halloween deals pages is the best way to get the best prices on all your creepy needs!

Need trending Halloween costume ideas? Here are the top Halloween costumes for 2022 for kids, adults, and family (and even a pet idea). There’s a mix of DIY costumes and store buys, along with 2022 trending Halloween costumes and classic favorites.


1. Ladies of Bridgerton costume.

A young woman modeling a dress for a Daphne Bridgerton Halloween costume on a white background.

Dearest reader, do come dressed to impress if you’re going as a Bridgerton lady for Halloween. Don’t worry though; an empire-waist dress and a little snobbery will suffice. Break out the costume jewelry, your best ballet flats, lace gloves, and decorative hairpins. Fellas, you can join in the Bridgerton fun with a tailcoat, Victorian ruffled shirt, ascot/necktie, and pocket square.


2. Eleven from Stranger Things.

A group cosplaying as characters from Stranger Things at a convention.

Eleven is one of the best trending Halloween costumes ideas for kids or adults who love Stranger Things. I wonder if a 30-something adult can pull off being Eleven? You can totally buy a costume, but you can also DIY it! All you need is one of her many outfits, like a pink dress, white jumpsuit, or geometric pajamas.

Don’t forget that death stare, tube socks, raised hand, and fake blood underneath your nose. Perhaps this should be eleventh on the list? Mmmm.


3. JoJo Siwa costume.

JoJo Siwa Costumes on display at Spirit Halloween.

Are you a Siwanator? If you even know what that is, you definitely need to be Jojo Siwa for Halloween. It’s all about the glitter, bright colors, and loud voice. Be sure to include your incredible smile and sparkly microphone.


4. Barbie is a classic idea for a Halloween costume idea.

A woman wearing a Metallic Tank Unitard Doll Costume to dress as Barbie on a white background.

You’ll have to wait until July 2023 for the new Barbie movie, but who says that you can’t dress up like the characters? Barbie is an icon. With her endless fashion choices (and careers), the costume possibilities are endless. Grab a Ken look-alike and a few friends to enter Barbie World.


5. Coastal grandmother costume.

A collage of clothing items with the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic

This fashion trend is new, but you’ll appreciate the laid-back, luxurious, and cozy look. It’s the quintessential style of Diane Keaton’s movie characters — casual, comfortable, and fresh-from-the-beach. Top the costume off with a brimmed hat, glasses, and a long-sleeve shirt. Perfect for the fall.


6. Inventing Anna costume.

Clothing items collaged on a white background for an Inventing Anna Halloween costume.

You, too, can become Anna Delvey; hopefully without all of the drama (“I don’t have time for you.”). There’s not an official Halloween costume, but her look is quite easy to assemble. Just don’t use wire transfers! Here are some ideas:

  • Designer handbag
  • Stylish frames (unless you have a Celine budget)
  • Cashmere scarf
  • Red or blonde wig
  • Any assortment of head scarves, blazers, dresses, and a good Houndstooth coat


7. Squid Game costume.

Three people wearing costumes for characters from Squid Game on a white background.

As of writing this article, Squid Game is still one of the top-viewed shows on Netflix. I don’t know about you, but walking around with a jumpsuit and a mask is pretty normal. The biggest question is whether you’re a square, circle, or triangle.


8. Top Gun: Maverick costume.

Two people dressed in Top Gun costumes sitting in front of an American flag.

With Top Gun: Maverick dominating the box office, take over your Halloween party with an iconic Navy jumpsuit and aviator sunglasses. Don’t limit this idea to just the fellas. There are women, kids, and even pet Top Gun Halloween costumes available too. Make it a family affair.


9. Ted Lasso costume.

Clothing items collaged on a white background for a Ted Lasso Halloween costume.

What better way to celebrate football (err, soccer) than celebrating your favorite coach, Ted Lasso. You won’t need much to pull this off. Grab some khaki pants, a sweater vest, fake mustache, visor, and aviator glasses. Don’t forget a soccer ball and whistle!


10. Britney Spears costume.

A collage of clothing items for a Britney Spears costume.

Oops, she did it again! Now that Britney is free again, it’s time to bring the ’90s back as a Halloween costume idea. Given all of her famous looks, you’ll likely just need to head to your closet (or your mom’s closet). Think sparkly tops, leather pants, a denim dress (hey, Justin!), and basically anything formfitting.



11. Cast of Encanto.

Mirabel and Isabella Madrigal costume dresses and accessories on a white background.

​​Is your household still talking about Bruno? Go ahead and take the plunge (for the last time) to dress as one of the main characters. Amazon’s Encanto Halloween costumes primarily carry Mirabel, but your other favorites, like Luisa, Isabela, and Bruno, are available, too.


12. Black Widow costume.

A woman wearing a Black Widow costume on a white background.

There’s nothing like wearing a stylish leather jumpsuit while saving the world. Last year’s release of Black Widow makes this a popular Halloween costume for 2022. Add a red wig and black leather boots and you’re all set.


13. Wonder Woman costume.

A person dressed as Wonder Woman posing heroically.

How long has the movie been out? It doesn’t matter; this is still one of the most popular Halloween costume ideas in 2022. Most stores sell the entire outfit with the dress, belt, armor, and boot tops. More deluxe costumes include faux leather with the headdress, corset, handguards, and gloves.


14. Spider-Man costume.

A child dressed as Spider-Man being held in the air.

Welcome to the friendly neighborhood. No matter your size, gender, or age, you too can be Spider-Man for Halloween. Costumes typically come with the classic jumpsuit, mask, and shoe covers. Depending on where you pick up your costume, you’ll snag shoe covers and can choose from Miles Morales, the 3D bodysuit, and classic muscle style.


15. Hocus Pocus sisters for a 2022 Halloween costume idea.

The Hocus Pocus section in a Spirit Halloween store.

My best advice is to pick up a Hocus Pocus Halloween costume sooner rather than later. The sequel will be released on Sept. 30, 2022, so that’s a month before Halloween. Pick two buddies and form the Sanderson sisters.


16. Scream mask.

A woman holding up two ghostface masks and frowning

No matter how old the movie Scream is, it still makes for the perfect, classic Halloween costume that continues to scare everyone. The best part is that you can score a Scream mask on Amazon for under $15. Nothing like screaming on a budget.


17. Iron Man costume.

A child wearing a Iron Man costume showing a full body and close up view of the costume.

If your favorite superhero is Iron Man, then your Halloween costume should be easy! There’s the basic version or the deluxe, which features the boot tops, molded mask, gauntlets, and padded jumpsuit. Regardless, you’ll be ready to save the day.


18. Princess Evie from Descendants.

A young girl wearing a Princess Evie costume with a tiara and necklace on a white background.

Are you ready to bring Descendants from the screen to real life? There are four main characters to choose from, so Princess Evie is just one option. Wigs may not be included when you’re buying costumes; just the jumpsuit and an accessory, like a skirt or jacket.


19. Batgirl costume.

A girl wearing a Batgirl costume showing the front and back on a white background.

Ready for a super cute Halloween costume idea for 2022? Batgirl is such a modern, fun option for girls and women. You can pick the classic, black sparkly number, the pink and silver dress, or the strapless, faux leather minidress. All you need is to add your favorite boots or sneakers to accompany the cap, mask, gloves, and dress.


20. Emmet Brickowski from The Lego Movie.

A boy dressed as Emmet Brickowski from the LEGO movie on a white background

Legos never go out of style, even as a Halloween costume. If you really want to go with this theme, then you could give out Legos instead of candy! Or you could just watch all of our candy deals to get the best price.



21. Kylo Ren from Star Wars.

Two kids dressed up as Kylo Ren for Halloween

Kylo Ren is the perfect Halloween costume if one of your kiddos is already planning to go as Rey. This option is a little pricier than other costumes. Here’s your chance to make this a DIY Halloween costume by wearing black pants and a black shirt and just buying the Kylo Ren mask.


22. Minions from Despicable Me.

Clothing items collaged on a white background for a Minion Halloween costume.

You could easily make Minion family Halloween costumes with blue overalls and a bright yellow hoodie. Purchasing the costume is easy, though, and it’s widely available. Just make sure to order one of each size and look for costumes that include the gloves, headpiece, and goggles.


23. Superhero family.

A family standing together dressed as super heroes striking a power pose.

The best thing about a superhero Halloween costume for kids? It’ll double as a favorite dress-up outfit the rest of the year, too! My kids often use their Halloween costumes for general dress-up games.


24. Harry Potter costume.

A kid dressed as Harry Potter standing outside and holding a wand and books.

Harry Potter glasses, scarf, and wand are sold separately, but those are the easiest part of the Halloween costume to DIY. Whether you’re a Harry Potter novice or can recite famous movie lines, there’s something for everyone when the robe is added.


25. Progressive and State Farm agents.

Progressive insurance Flo costume pieces on a blue background.

Here’s your chance to become Flo from Progressive and Jake from State Farm without that high premium cost. You could pull these options even easier if you actually worked for the company. Score the embroidered classic red shirt and white apron here to save yourself from the headache of a DIY project.


26. Doctor Strange costume.

A child wearing a Doctor Strange halloween costume on a white background.

This superhero costume is sure to sell out way before Halloween starts. Not only is the outfit pretty cool, but Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was just released in the summer. Your look includes a jumpsuit and a red cape, which is perfect for school Halloween parties, comic events, or just flying around your house.


27. Pet postal mail carrier.

A small black and white dog dressed in a US Postal Service costume with a little package.

It has got to be ruff to be this cute! You absolutely have to include your pets in the Halloween fun. There are endless pet costume possibilities, but the above photo was too adorable not to share. KCL has you covered with all of the pet deals you could ever need for Halloween and beyond.


28. Dash or Violet from Incredibles 2.

Children dressed as Violet and Dash from the Incredibles movie on a white background.

The Incredibles are sticking around, and if your kids watch it, then you have some great Halloween costume ideas for 2022. Given the assortment of characters, this idea is perfect for kids, adults, and families.

And don’t forget about Incredibles 2. Consider Edna Mode or Frozone. Just remember that the polyester jumpsuits aren’t very forgiving. You’ve been warned!


29. Ghostbusters character.

A group of people dressed in Ghostbusters costumes at a comic convention.

Is there anything cuter than a baby Slimer? Yes, this is an older movie, but it’s easily recognizable (have you seen the Stranger Things Halloween scene?). If you can’t locate an official costume, a beige coverall will work, along with a printout of the Ghosbusters logo.


30. Willy Wonka costume.

A man dressed as Willy Wonka holding up a chocolate bar.

A green wig and some orange face paint make an Oompa Loompa one of the best Halloween costumes for kids. Don’t forget about Willy Wonka or Violet Beauregarde. You could buy a Willy Wonka costume or assemble similar items from thrift stores or from your own closet.

As for Violet, many stores have the inflatable Violet chub suit. Don’t forget your golden ticket!



31. The Mandalorian costume.

A child wearing the Mandalorian costume on a white background.

Any Star Wars franchise is bound to be a hit as a Halloween costume. Take your love to the next level and become the galaxy’s favorite bounty hunter. You’ll also stay warm with the padded jumpsuit, half mask, and cape. The blaster is sold separately.


32. Buzz Lightyear costume.

A person's hand holding up a Buzz Lightyear costume next to a Woody costume.

This year’s Lightyear movie was all the buzz, so why not celebrate this iconic character? Everyone still recognizes the Buzz Lightyear costume. So that all kids can cheer on Buzz, the graphic-covered white jumpsuit now comes as a dress, a tutu costume, and a one-piece baby outfit. Now you’re ready to travel to infinity.

33. DIY unicorn costume.

A kid dressed up in a DIY unicorn costume.

This is one of the easiest DIY costumes. Browse your local Dollar Tree for rainbow items (HINT: check the party section). Look for colorful boas for your mane and tail, rainbow balloons, glowing unicorn wands, and a unicorn party hat or headband for a magical touch.

unicorn rainbow costume pieces piled together


34. Inflatable ride-on dinosaur.

A man wearing an inflatable ride-on dinosaur

This is another of those Halloween costumes great for kids or adults. Just make sure you pick the right size when adding it to your cart. The slip-on costume is battery-operated and has an elastic band that fits snugly around your wrists and waist.


35. Taco family costume.

A child wearing a taco Halloween costume showing the front and back on a white background.

Here’s a Halloween costume idea for 2023 when the holiday falls on Taco Tuesday, but it’s awesome for 2022 as well. Seriously, how adorable is this mini taco costume? It comes complete with a slip-on, realistic looking image of a stuffed taco. Plus, it’s unisex and frees your arms and legs for easy trick-or-treating.


36. Astrid or Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.

Kids dressed as Astrid and Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon on a white background.

Kids are obsessed with How to Train Your Dragon, which makes Astrid or Toothless one of the best Halloween costume ideas for 2022. Amazon’s Astrid costume is equipped with a jumpsuit, headpiece, and skirt overlay. For Amazon’s Toothless costume, you’ll score a dragon-textured jumpsuit with wings, mask, and tail.

To pull off a quick DIY Astrid, wrap a brown bathroom rug (for the “fur”) around knee-high boots and add foam paint brush tips as scary looking shoulders. A plain black skirt with grommets could finish the look.


37. Emoji costume.

Two people dressed as emojis for Halloween on a white background.

Emojis are a low-key, super easy Halloween costume to pull off. Carry a matching emoji trick-or-treat bag for all that candy you’re sure to bring in. These individual suits are great for kids and adults, or you could get the family involved and become an emoji family. How about spelling out I Love Halloween!


38. Inflatable, full-body T. Rex costume.

A person wearing an inflatable dinosaur costume showing two sides on a white background.

When you think of Halloween costumes for kids, then dinosaurs are just a given. We’re big fans of the inflatable T. Rex. We keep them around for Halloween costumes and everyday laughs. You should, too.


39. Mavis from Hotel Transylvania.

A girl dressed as Mavis from Hotel Transylvania on a white background.

This is a great Halloween costume if your kid wants to be cute and just a little creepy. Our family watches Hotel Transylvania every year during the month of October. This character costume includes the dress, black wig, and footless tights. Add black lipstick and board the monster cruise.


40. DIY skeleton costume.

A little boy dressed as a skeleton making a funny face

How cute is a skeleton costume? The best part is that it could cost less than $15. Apply glow-in-the-dark duct tape to black pants and a black long-sleeve shirt in a pattern that resembles a skeleton. Not only is this affordable and simple, but it’s safe for walking at night.



41. Peanut Butter and Jelly costume for couples.

A couple dressed as slices of bread with peanut butter and jelly spread.

This is one of the best Halloween costume ideas for couples! While this isn’t a first date idea, it’s perfect for friends, family, and couples. The 2-piece outfit has sandwich bread on the back and the fillings on the front. Now you’re officially stuck together.


42. S’mores Halloween costumes.

adults dressed as chocolate marshmallow and graham cracker s'mores Halloween costumes

You can’t have a Halloween costume idea without incorporating a familiar fall treat. A s’mores costume is great for a group of friends, co-workers, or family. If you’re feeling creative, making it yourself isn’t as hard as you think.

Use cardboard to make DIY graham crackers (along with a brown permanent marker), some cotton batting, a white shirt for the marshmallow, and pick up a Hershey’s Bar costume on Amazon.

Decorate a wagon to look like a campfire and you’ll have one of the best trending Halloween costumes on the block. This idea will surely melt your heart.


43. Royal Family member costume.

A child wearing a prince costume showing the front, back, and sides on a white background.

If you’re like me, you can’t wait for the next season of the Crown. Feel like royalty and pick your favorite character whether, it’s a queen or an adorable prince. Accessorize with costume jewelry from Dollar Tree to avoid those royal costs.


44. Astronaut costume.

A child modeling an astronaut costume on a white background

You could even make a spaceship out of cardboard to go along with your astronaut costume. Because of all of the private citizens’ flights lately, there’s actually a “Bezos in space” costume consisting of a blue, adult flight jumpsuit on Amazon (where else would it be?).


45. Octopus costume.

A person wearing an octopus onesie with the tentacles hanging down, showing the front and back on a colorful background.

We don’t usually think of sea creatures as Halloween costumes, but maybe we should. A creature like this is great for taller individuals because of the hanging tentacles. It’ll definitely keep you warm during those sometimes chilly Halloween nights.


46. Captain Underpants costume.

A child wearing a Captain Underpants costume showing the front and back on a white background.

It’s been a few years since the movie’s release, but everyone recognizes this costume. This is a great Halloween costume for kids and adults. Plus, the jumpsuit is downright hilarious.


47. DIY gumball machine costume.

A young girl wearing a gumball machine halloween costume on a white background.

Sweet and functional. You can totally buy a gumball machine Halloween costume, but there’s some pleasure in crafting it yourself.

Any outfit will do, but the most important part is gluing the pom-poms to a top. We recommend using acrylic glue or a hot glue gun to hold the pom-poms. You’ll need some gray felt and a black marker to make the gum dispenser.


48. DIY bug lady.

Two people holding out some fake plastic bugs in their hands while wearing costumes.

It may not be trending, but it sure is creepy. As an alternative, glue fake bugs to your face and legs. It’s important that you use glue that is rated for cosmetic use whenever applying anything to the skin.


49. DIY toy soldier costume.

A man dressed as a green plastic army man posing as the toy does in three different positions.

You’ll need all the green spray paint you can get your hands on, as well as some skin lycra suits. If you don’t want to destroy your own clothes, head to a thrift store for military-style jackets, boots, and pants. Check online and dollar stores for toy grenades, binoculars, knives, and guns.


50. Witch costume.

Two women dressed as witches smiling at each other in front of a white brick wall.

Simple and always on trend. Nowadays, there are multicolored witch hats and caps — not just black. In fact, there are Halloween witch costume accessory sets with striped tights, a hat, and a broom. Have fun my pretties.


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