These kid-friendly Grinch kabobs are perfect to serve already made or to use as a simple craft activity for a kids’ Christmas party! They’re fun, festive and healthy.

Grinch Kabobs

24 green grapes, washed – $1.24
24 strawberries, washed and stems removed – $2
24 banana slices (about two bananas) – $0.23
24 mini marshmallows – $0.05
24 toothpicks – $0.33


Assemble kabobs by putting the grape on the bottom of the toothpick, followed by the banana, the strawberry and the marshmallow. If your grapes and strawberries are too large to fit on one toothpick simply add a second toothpick to the other end.

Yield: 24 kabobs

Total Cost: $3.85

Try These Grinch Kabobs for a Quick and Easy Snack or Craft Idea!