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One of the best ways to have fun and beat the heat during the summertime is to make your yard into a mini water park.

From deals on kiddie pools, pool floats, and pool toys to themed sprinklers and pads, you’ll be able to save and enjoy the hottest months of the year more than ever with these tips.

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The best time to buy plastic kiddie pools and pool toys is late summer.

Three boxes for different Sun Squad inflatable pool floats sitting on the floor in an aisle in Target.

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In 2021, Amazon marked down their kiddie pools from $25 to $16.75 (a 33% discount), and Rite Aid marked down their kiddie pools from $19.99 to $9.99 (a 50% discount).


The best deals are the Walmart kiddie pools, so look there first.

Some Play Day inflatable pools and water slide on a shelf at Walmart.

Walmart consistently has the best prices on kiddie pools and pool toys no matter when you’re planning on purchasing. However, that only includes inflatable kiddie pools. If you’re looking for hard plastic kiddie pools, you should skip out on the Walmart kiddie pool selection.

Just make sure that you brush up on everything you need to know to save at Walmart.


Never pay more than $15 on a kiddie pool.

A stack of plastic kiddie pools sitting on a pallet at Walmart, marked as $7.88

First, you should make sure that you know what kind of kiddie pool you want: a hard plastic kiddie pool or an inflatable one. Hard plastic pools are generally cheaper, but they won’t last as long as inflatable ones, since they tend to be more fragile.

The average price of a kiddie pool is $22, but there’s no reason you should pay more than $15 for one. Here are the best deals on kiddie pools :



Never pay more than $10 on a lawn water slide.

Three H2O Go lawn water slides in the basket of a Walmart shopping cart.

The average price of a lawn water slide is $15, but you shouldn’t pay more than $10 for one. Here are the best deals on water slides:


Never pay more than $10 on pool floaties.

A person's hand holding a packaged Sun Squad inflatable pool float in the seasonal section at Target.

Pool floaties generally run in 3 categories: inner tube, inflatable lounge, and arm floaties. Make sure to pick the one that suits your needs the best.

The average price of pool floaties is $15, but you shouldn’t pay more than $10 for one. Here are the best deals we’ve found on pool floaties:

Inner Tubes

Inflatable Lounge

Arm Floaties


Never pay more than $13 on kids water sprinklers.

Waterpillar and Geyser Banzai sprinklers stocked on a shelf at Kohl's.

The average price of kids’ water sprinklers is $21, but you shouldn’t pay more than $13 for one. Here are the best deals on kids’ water sprinklers:



The absolute best place to get pool toys is Amazon.

A Joyin bag next to different kinds of plastic pool toys, including diving rings, torpedoes, and other toys.


There is no competition when it comes to pool toys. Amazon sells packs of 30 assorted pool toys for $19.99 which comes out to $0.67 per pool toy. If you get the same toys separately, they could cost you upwards of $5 per toy, so getting this deal comes out to an 86.6% discount:


Amazon doesn’t have the best prices on kiddie pools and pool floats.

A person's hand holding up a boxed Intex Sand & Summer inflatable donut tube in front of a shelf in the seasonal section at Walmart.

Other than pool toys, Amazon doesn’t compare to prices from other retailers like Walmart. Here are some price comparisons between Amazon and Walmart that we found:


Pick up a Costo kids pool when you can for up to a 58% discount.

A boxed H2O Go Sea Pals Spray Pool stocked at Costco.

If you want to save on a premium kids pool, check out the Costco kids pool. They don’t have a wide selection, but the pools they do have are at an insane discount. Here’s what you can expect:

The Best Prices on Kiddie Pools to Keep Cool This Summer