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It never hurts to find out ways to make money on the side without having to get a full-time job.

If you’re not ready to do the 9 to 5 grind or perform the same work day in and day out, don’t worry, I get you. Now’s the time to earn some bucks while maintaining some freedom and flexibility between work and family. I’ve made a list of some awesome ways to put extra cash in your wallet every month without punching the time clock 40 hours a week.


1. Use your typing skills to make $15 per audio hour at TranscribeMe.

someone typing on MacBook

This one’s for: People who can type accurately.

TranscribeMe hires transcriptionists, regardless of their experience. As a beginning general transcriber, you’ll earn $15 per audio hour — which means per length of audio (for example, a two-minute tape will pay you $0.50). After completing a specified number of transcriptions and passing some tests, you might even be able to move up into higher-paying positions like:

  • QuickStep QAs: Make $40/audio hour transcribing full audio.
  • Full Verbatim QAs: Make $50/audio hour by typing out every utterance of the speaker including stutters and stammers.

Payout: Varies, via PayPal

Available: Anywhere with an internet connection


2. Sell your photos through Foap and make $100 a month as a side hustle.

Person using their smartphone to take a picture of a leaf.

This one’s for: People who like taking photos.

Foap turns your unaltered smartphone photos into cash. All you need to do is upload your photos through the Foap app to sell them through the Foap market (each image can be purchased for $10 — you get half).

Payout: Sell 20 images and you’ve already earned $100. You can cash out at $5, deposited right to your PayPal account.

Available: To Android and iOS phone users in the U.S.


3. Make $50/month reading audiobooks for Amazon.

Woman reading a book.

This one’s for: People who have a pleasant speaking voice.

Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) gives narrators a platform to connect and create audiobooks. You can choose the books you want to audition for and how you’d like to get paid. Then you audition and read. With enough experience (at least 25 recorded audiobooks), you can become an Audible Approved Producer.

Payout: Earn the minimum $50 and you get paid via a check, sent out usually within 4 – 8 weeks of earning it.

Available: Via the ACX website


4. Join survey apps like Opinion Outpost and make up to $300 a month from home.

A woman laying on her stomach on a bed while looking at a cell phone.

This one’s for: People who have some extra time on their hands (even while watching Netflix).

Opinion Outpost gives you a small amount of money every time you complete a short survey. You won’t earn a ton, but if you’re chilling at home with your laptop, why not? Starts at an insanely low $5 gift cards, vouchers, and cash (no $50 payout thresholds like some sites). And you can easily earn that in a day. Actually, if you complete ten 10-point surveys a day (about three hours), you can make $300 a month.

InstaGC gives you points for surveys, watching videos, searching the web, and reviews that turn into payouts. You get $1 for every 100 points, plus opportunities to earn bonus points.

Swagbucks gives you points for movies, surveys, and check-ins. (We have a lot to say about Swagbucks. . .)



5. Become a Mystery Shopper with Mobee and make $1.50 – $12 per ‘mission.’

Woman shopping in Old Navy.

This one’s for: People who live near retail chain stores.

Mobee offers mystery shopping “missions” at shops and restaurants around the country. Download the app to your phone, get notifications to shop, take photos, and answer a few questions about your experience. Missions typically take 10 – 15 minutes to complete and pay from $1.50 to $12 per mission (expect to spend more time for higher reward missions).

Payout: $5 minimum, with $1.50 – $12 payout per mission. Earn gift cards from Walmart, Target, Best Buy, CVS, Starbucks, and more.

Available: Mobee users have better luck in suburban and urban markets where the rewards (and businesses) are.


6. Earn 20 – 40% commission on direct sales with Stella & Dot.
Stella & Dot website homepage.

This one’s for: People who like to sell stuff.

Stella & Dot sells boutique-style jewelry and accessories with the help of ambassadors who sell S&D products online, in person, and across social media.

So, how much money can you make being involved in direct sales? It depends. Most companies offer a tiered commission plan, so the more you make, the better your commission will be.

Here are some of the more popular companies that you could join:

  • doTERRA (Sells essential oils)
  • Younique (Sells makeup and accessories)
  • Mary Kay (Sells cosmetics, skin, and body products)
  • Pampered Chef (Sells kitchen wares)
  • Avon (Sells skin care, fragrances, and beauty products)

Payout: Varies. Stella & Dot offers up to 40% commission; however, the average for a direct sales consultant is 20% – 35%. Sell $500 worth of product at one time, and the commission rate was $25, you’d make $125 for just a couple of hours.

Available: Anywhere


7. Help others and make money on the side as a Tasker on TaskRabbit.

A person shopping in a store.

This one’s for: People who enjoy helping others.

TaskRabbit helps you earn some extra dough while you help people get things done like yard work, shopping, moving, and furniture assembly.

For homebodies, you can help with virtual or online tasks such as research, data entry, or computer help. Even though you can set your own rates, TaskRabbit will show you the average rate for a specific job in your area.

Payout: Varies according to task and where you live, but here are a few examples of hourly rates in Boise:

  • Shopping $18
  • Furniture Assembly $30
  • Waiting in line (for your client) $15
  • Yardwork and Removal $25

Available: Anywhere and everywhere.


8. Sell with Etsy and turn a hobby into your primary income.

Two people at a table, making jewelry.

This one’s for: People who enjoy crafting and make time for it.

Etsy lets you sell your crafts and other goods like handmade jewelry, accessories, home decor, digital artwork, new and used furniture, dishware, and vintage goods through their online marketplace.

The first step to selling on Etsy is to create an Etsy account. Set up your billing and payment info, enable two-step authentication (mandatory), add stuff to your shop, come up with a marketing plan, and start selling.

Payout: Varies

Available: Anywhere


9. Flip free stuff from Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist and make a profit.

A scuffed up vintage dresser in a garage.

This one’s for: People who know how to swing a hammer or a paintbrush.

Facebook Marketplace has an ongoing number of listings of free items in your area you can pick up, fix up, and resell. Craigslist has these, too. A bit of paint or elbow grease could make all the difference. You’d be surprised at how much people are willing to pay for something that was once someone else’s junk.

Payout: Varies by what you’re selling, location, and how much you spent flipping the item. I recently found a free dresser on FB Marketplace, spent $25 on sandpaper and “oops” paint at Home Depot. Sold it for $50 for a $25 profit.

Available: Anywhere you can pick up free items.


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