Founded in 1912, the nonprofit Better Business Bureau (BBB) provides free business reviews for more than 4 million U.S. businesses. Serving as a consumer intermediary, they’ve settled close to 1 million consumer disputes against businesses by consumers. So when you’re wondering which survey sites you should consider spending your time on, BBB ratings are an excellent place to start.


Ipsos i-Say

Rating: A+
When Ipsos i-Say sends surveys pretty much every day via email, users can potentially earn up to 200 points per survey, and 5 points are automatically applied to user accounts for surveys where they don’t qualify. At 500 points, users qualify for the $5 gift card cash-out.

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Rating: A+
InboxDollars rewards users with as much as $20, for everything from surveys (about $0.50 – $10 per opportunity) to higher paying trial (and paid) offers. When users cash out at $30, they can expect gift cards to arrive within about 3 weeks.

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Rating: A+
With OpinionSquare, since all surveys pay out at the same 200 points each, users can cash out after only 8 surveys. The downside is that due to extremely low acceptance rates, it may take time to reach the $5 payout.

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Rating: A+
SurveySavvy is an online survey site where users earn money for sharing opinions with companies. Most surveys earn users between $1 – $20 (depending on topic’s length). Once a user reaches the ultra-low $1 in rewards, a check payment request can be made.




Rating: A+
Swagbucks has long offered ways for users to earn a little extra cash through their established company. Because deals are constantly changing, users receive access to new opportunities by signing up for free trials (worth as much as $10) and getting cash back on items users buy anyway (up to $15).

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Rating: A+
Every Tuesday, Toluna users get to try for new, full-sized samples from cosmetic, candle, and other celebrated companies. Users receive online payments and eGift cards usually within 10 minutes of cashing in with a $30 minimum payout.

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Vindale Research

Rating: A
Users who sign up to participate in Vindale’s market research surveys earn money through offers, surveys, and other tasks offered on the site. With surveys ranging from $0.43 – $1.67 in value, when the minimum $50 payment is reached, users are sent a check for the full amount.


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Harris Poll

Rating: A-
Thanks to Harris Poll’s easy website and higher yielding surveys, even when users don’t qualify for a survey, they’re still awarded points just for taking the time to try. Even without taking a single survey, it’s definitely possible to earn $10 in roughly a month.

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Rating: A-
With PointClub, users earn points for every single survey they take. Plus, they give users 5,000 points (worth $5) just for signing up! Once users accrue 7,850, those points are redeemable for $10 gift cards or as charitable donations.



Rating: B
When users receive MyPoints surveys and offers, they earn by participating in surveys, tasks, and shopping deals (comparable to e-bates or Swagbucks). In addition to the $10 gift card payout at various stores, users can save up for the slightly higher $25 PayPal payout.

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While the BBB can’t suss out all the problems, when you use the resource as one of your data points, you’ll be a more informed consumer in no time!

Your Turn: Have you had good or bad experiences with the BBB or with survey companies? Which high-rating surveys did I miss?


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10 Survey Sites with a B or Better BBB Rating