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With Opinion Outpost, I’ve already cashed out at $36.50, and I’ve earned that in about 10 hours (an average of 20 minutes a day for 4 weeks).

Opinion Outpost all ears


In a Nutshell: Opinion Outpost is a surveys-only site paying me roughly $40 a month.

When Opinion Outpost sends me surveys I qualify for, I make roughly $0.50 – $3 per opportunity taking up to 9 surveys per day. Since each point = $0.10, I can cash out with as few as 50 points for the $5 Amazon.com gift card. Other ways this site is unique:

Surveys only. Unlike InboxDollars and MyPoints, Opinion Outpost is a surveys-only site (no games, unrelated offers, or cash back incentives). Most days, I end up with 4 surveys I don’t qualify for, and 5 that I do, worth a total of 35 points, or $3.50.

$10,000 quarterly Cash Giveaways: Every 3 months, Opinion Outpost gives away $10,000 to winners on the site who qualify by redeeming survey points (1 per point) for chances to win. I’d rather save up my points for their low, $5 Amazon payout threshold. Plus, I’m not that lucky at winning stuff; I’m the one who always found the Easter egg with only the plastic grass in it as a kid.

Seven rewards options: Unlike most sites, Opinion Outpost keeps rewards simple. I can choose from:

  • Amazon.com gift card (50 points/$5)
  • PayPal deposit (100 points/$10)
  • iTunes gift card (100 points/$10)
  • United Mileage Plus points (105 points/300 miles)
  • Quarterly $10,000 prize drawing entries (1 point per entry)
  • Alawar games (30 points per game download)
  • American Red Cross donation (5 points/$0.50)


opinion outpost 3

The Good: The value-per-point is the best I’ve seen so far.

Every point earned is worth more than any of the other sites I’ve used yet—approximately $0.10 per point. This means I will earn a minimum of $0.50 per survey, or as much as $1.50. I also appreciate these things:

Low $5 Amazon.com payout. I only need 50 points to score a $5 Amazon.com gift card, and on a good day, I can earn that much in about 5 – 7 surveys.

Easy $10 PayPal payout. Whereas other sites make it harder to cash out with PayPal, Opinion Outpost makes it really easy to get cash (and with no hidden fees).

I can cash out all 52 points, not just 50. I usually have a little overage I don’t want to leave in my account. With Opinion Outpost, I cash out my 52 points, so I get $5.20 in my Amazon account versus just $5.

The points values are fair for the time spent. Unlike some survey sites (I’m looking at you, InboxDollars), I don’t find wildly varying point values for surveys.

User friendly website. The website is one of my favorites of all the survey sites because its dashboard is uncluttered and easy to navigate. I’m not wasting time clicking around.

Ongoing opportunities to earn, even close to cash-out. The offers never stop showing up, even as I get near my payout threshold (opportunities appear through the website and in my inbox).

Transparent survey history shows me exactly how many surveys I tried (91) and qualified for (37).

No extra junk email. When I become a member of Opinion Outpost, I receive no added e-mail advertising.

Best opportunity. For one survey I earned 30 points. This equates to $3.

Opinion outpost rewards mockup




The Bad: Opinion Outpost doesn’t always tell me how long surveys will take while I’m qualifying.

As someone who likes to gauge the amount of time I’m spending on survey sites, I dislike not knowing how much time a qualifying survey will take. I’m also never sure how much money a survey will pay until I get past the preliminary survey. This means I spend 2-3 minutes before I even know if I qualify for a survey I might not even want because the payout’s too low. Also:

Double qualifications mean you can fail to qualify. . . twice. It’s bad enough to take a mini survey to see if I qualify for a survey. I’ve qualified in the initial survey just to not qualify once I started the actual survey. No bueno.

Surveys usually take longer than stated. The 1-minute surveys usually take closer to 10 minutes.

Stay away from Survey Spot, the survey site owned by the same company as Opinion Outpost. When I max out my surveys on Opinion Outpost, the site sends me to Survey Spot. Survey Spot pays less money (and when you max out your surveys on one site, you can’t take any more surveys on the other, either).

Worst opportunity. Not qualifying for a majority of the surveys. Of the 91 total surveys, I didn’t qualify for 54.


Opinion outpost later


But wait! There’s more in this series: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


Here are My Opinion Outpost strategies for cashing out every month.

My secret is capitalizing on the big earners, so I pass on dozens of opportunities every day. The easiest money I ever made ($3) was for a single survey. The most complicated process was trying to qualify for surveys I might or might not be allowed to take. Here’s what I look for:

  1. http://tracking.opinionoutpost.com/aff_c?offer_id=2649&aff_id=4219&aff_sub=surefireTake 9 surveys a day. Since my acceptance rate is slightly less than 50%, I know I’ll have to attempt twice as many surveys as other sites. I just make sure to get through about 10 surveys (worth 5 points minimum), and I’ll typically reach my $5 payout.
  2. I Refer-a-Friend. When I refer my friends to Opinion Outpost, I earn $1 worth of points (100 points) for each of the first 5 friends who signs up and completes a survey (up to 500 points). With 5 friends, I earn a $5 PayPal payout.
  3. I skip the low-paying surveys. The lowest paying opportunities pay $0.50 each, and I generally refuse to take surveys requiring more than 15 minutes. I also skip opportunities only paying in sweepstakes entries.
  4. I take surveys in blocks. When I don’t qualify for a survey (or finish one), I jump into another survey. These are shorter surveys, but taking them in groups means I can max my surveys for the day to earn more money faster.
  5. I cash out often. There’s no reason to save up points, so I cash out at the $5 Amazon level, unless I really want the $10 PayPal payout. And since I also cash out the overage at my chosen level, my 52 points converted to $5.20.


Opinion Outpost is a legit survey site without the bullpucky. No wacky emails, offers, games to play, or search bars to install in the hopes you might earn $5 in 6 months. The $5 cash-out is low, so while it’s a site with only roughly a 50% acceptance rate for survey qualifications, it’s also possible to cash out every 2-3 hours spent on the site answering surveys.



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