“Would you be interested in signing up for a Target RedCard today?” says a Target cashier every 0.8 seconds.

I asked my cashier once if she receives a commission for sign-ups. She said she didn’t get cash2, but she is rewarded with free drinks, extra time on breaks or even a $5-$10 gift card for every customer she signs up.

We all know Target is pushing hard for RedCard sign-ups. I’ve done my research, and here’s my opinion on the whole thing. If you’re on the fence, here are the top reasons to finally say “yes” to a Target RedCard debit card.

1. It’s a Never-Ending 5% off Coupon

For a family spending $200 a month, that’s an extra $10 in your pocket or $100 per year! Additional 5% savings can be stacked with sales, clearance, promotions, Cartwheel offers, and manufacturer coupons.

2. It’s Impossible to Miss a Payment

We’re not talking about a credit card. The Target RedCard Visa is a bad idea. It has no additional benefits. But with the Target RedCard debit card linked to your bank account, purchases are withdrawn automatically, and missing a payment or accruing interest is an impossibility.

3. I Get Free Shipping from Target.com, No Minimum Purchase!

Free shipping on any purchase, even a $2 toothbrush. Not that I would pay that much for a toothbrush. Who do you think I am? But, free shipping? That’s my kind of perk.

4. I Can Request $40 Cash Back per Transaction

Because it’s a debit, the Target RedCard allows me to draw cash out of my bank account during any transaction. Get up to $40 back with every purchase.

5. I Get 120 Days to Make a Return, Instead of 90

I’m a commitment-phobe, especially when it comes to shopping. The additional 30-day return window alone is enough reason for me to want the Target RedCard.

6. There Is No Credit Check

Make sure you’re using this link to apply for a Target RedCard DEBIT CARD. If you apply for the credit card, obviously, you can expect a hard credit check. But in order to be approved for the Target debit card, no credit check is required.

7. The School of My Choice Gets 1% of All My RedCard Purchases

Each purchase I make with my Target RedCard creates a 1% gift to that school from Target. There are many schools that receive thousands of dollars each year from RedCard shoppers.

For my family, this card saves us over $100 per year. And sign-up takes under five minutes. (Yes, I timed myself. If you have your social security #, driver’s license, bank routing and account #, it only takes four minutes to sign up). Click this link to get started.

7 Reasons to Give In to the Target RedCard Sales Pitch