1. Save around 15 cents by sending postcards instead of folded greeting cards.

While a 1 oz. first-class letter costs around $0.49 to send, you only need $0.35 to send a postcard.


2.Use the “10 free cards” promotions on Shutterfly.

Start watching for Shutterfly‘s free greeting card promotions in October. Since these offers are usually only good for 10 cards at a time, make an order every couple of weeks or whenever the offer becomes available (usually multiple times a month) until you have enough for all your family and friends.

More sites to watch for free card promotions:


3. Use Instagram images instead of hiring a professional to shoot and edit photos.

Upload your favorite holiday photo from photo-editing apps like Instagram to a photo site of your choice (Social Print Studio is a great one!) to save on professional photography.


4. Use drugstore rewards to pay for cards.

Drugstores like Walgreens and Rite Aid offer rewards for everyday purchases. For example at Walgreens, you earn 10 points for every $1 you spend on top of special Balance Rewards promotions (in-store pickup and purchases only). This means that you can take advantage of a promotion like the one shown above and pay for the balance owed with Balance Rewards.

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5. If you’ve recently moved or had a baby, use the same card to send a holiday greeting.


6. Stack a promo code on top of an already discounted Groupon or Living Social deal.

Stack those already discounted photo-printing services with coupons and promo codes! Groupon offers coupons right on their site. Under “Coupons” select “Stores” and choose “Groupon.”

7. Use Paperless Post and send classy online greetings for free.

Paperless Post is a green-friendly class act, taking e-cards to the next level. You can choose from 800 designs to send for free to up to 1,000 recipients.

8. Add the extras yourself.

Card sites will upcharge for extras like rounded corners, personalized greetings/envelopes, or printing on both sides. You can use a scrapbooking tool to round those corners for free, skip the personalization and print out B/W labels on your home computer, and write a simple note by hand to save on reverse-side printing.

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8 Free (and Cheap) Ways to Send Holiday Greeting Cards