With kids, errands, work and everything else in life, it seems as though I’m constantly on the go. Although saving money is a big priority for me, convenience can sometimes jump to the top of the list, interfering with my money-management skills. However, now there are numerous apps available for people on the go. From finding an ATM in your network to getting the best daily deals, here are nine great apps to help save you time and money no matter where life takes you.

1. ATM Hunter

Maybe you’re headed to a coffee shop that only takes cash, or perhaps your little one needs lunch money. No matter the reason, sometimes you just need to grab some cash quickly. However, those out-of-network ATMs can add fees as high as $4! Personally, I’d rather spend that $4 on a double cappuccino on my way to work! Instead of hitting the first ATM you see, pull up the ATM Hunter app, which will allow you to search for a specific bank’s ATMs based on your location. It will also filter your ATM search based on the features such as whether or not it is a drive through, has 24-hour service, or is wheelchair accessible. ATM Hunter will also give you directions to the ATM of your choice from your current location, so you can say goodbye to those high banking fees. ATM Hunter is free and is available for iPhone, Android and Windows phones.

2. GeniusScan+

We do a lot of tasks while on the go, but scanning and emailing documents is one of those things that just has to be put off until you get home…until now! Genius Scan+ turns your iPhone into a pocket scanner and enables you to quickly scan documents wherever you are and email them as a JPEG or PDF. This handy app can be particularly useful when you find yourself needing a copy of a document or for students who want to share study notes. GeniusScan+ also allows users to print via AirPrint; share scans on Twitter; and export documents to Box, Dropbox, Evernote and Google Docs. You can even alter the color of the image in case your photo doesn’t come out quite right. GeniusScan+ is priced at $2.99 and is available in the iTunes store.

3. Splitwise

Sometimes when I go out to eat with friends I have to make sure to order one of the lower-priced items on the menu due to an unfortunately low bank account balance. I always assume that I will just pay for what I purchased, but occasionally the bill gets split equally and I end up paying the same amount as everyone else! Sometimes these situations can just be an annoyance, but if you’re on an extremely tight budget, it can really be a problem. To ensure that you’re only paying your fair share, enlist the help of Splitwise. This dinner divider splits the bill so that everyone pays their share, but it does a good bit more. This app can track and divide household expenses between roommates and even keep tabs on any IOUs. Splitwise is free and available for iPhone and Android.

4. Check

Although I am pretty good at staying on top of my bills, every once in a while I do forget about one and end up paying it late, which is never good! Although I haven’t had my electricity turned off yet, I don’t want to take any chances. With the Check app, you can set up reminders for when bills are due and pay them on the spot or schedule them for later. Check allows you to pay bills with a bank account or credit card, see all your bills and accounts in one centralized place, and even receive alerts when funds are low or credit limits are near. With bill alerts and the ability to pay it on the spot, this is one of the best money-management apps available for folks on the go. In fact, Check has been featured on CNN Money, Bloomberg, Forbes, Fox News, and several other media outlets and is consistently given great reviews by users. My favorite part about the Check app? It’s free! The Check app from Pageonce is available for iPhone and Android devices.

5. ZipList

Do you ever go to the grocery store and just wander up and down the aisles trying to think of something to make for dinner? Unfortunately, I find myself doing this far too often. With ZipList you can not only keep track of your grocery list, but you can view over a million recipes that each include an ingredient list and a one-click feature to easily add the ingredients to your shopping list. ZipList features a Universal Recipe Box to store all your favorites in one place for easy access. You can also scan barcodes and add items to your list. Are you on the last dregs of that carton of orange juice? Scan it! Not only will it be added to your list, but you will always remember which flavor or brand you wanted. Other features of ZipList include aisle categorization (how handy is that?!), the ability to mark which items you have coupons for, and the ability to share lists with family and friends. ZipList is free to download and is available for iPhone and Android.

6. Mom Maps

Finding places to take your little one can be difficult—and let’s face it, you can only go to McDonald’s or the park so many times. Mom Maps uses your GPS to find all of the kid-friendly places in your area! With over 28,000 locations from over 28 metro areas, Mom Maps can help you find numerous spots to entertain the little ones such as parks, playgrounds, indoor play areas, and even restaurants. This is a particularly great app to use when you’re out of town or just in an area that you’re not familiar with. Mom Maps is free to download and is available for iPhone and Android.

7. TikTakTo

I love daily deal sites, but lately there are so many of them it’s become a pain to check them all. Luckily, TikTakTo has now simplified the process by putting all those deals in one place! TikTakTo users are able to input their location and search the database, which includes over 100,000 daily deals at any given time. You can view deals by location and then simply scroll through them, or view deals based on categories such as dining, health and beauty, and activities. What makes TikTakTo especially simple to use is you don’t have to sign up on each site to view the deals—they are all right there for you to see! TikTakTo is free and is available on Android and iPhone.

8. FashionClyp

Staying up to date with all of the sales, promos and coupons at your favorite stores can be overwhelming. FashionClyp makes it easy by connecting you with real-time coupons and offers on the go. As soon as you open FashionClyp, you can begin searching for deals either by your current location or by brands like American Eagle, Kate Spade, Express, Forever 21, Macy's and tons more. In fact, FashionClyp currently has offers for over 150,000 retailers and has partnered with over 200 brands. I love this app because I can pull up to the mall, whip out my phone, and see what deals are available at all the stores! Last time I used FashionClyp, I found a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $30 at Kohl’s and listings for deals such as 40 percent off at Justice, 25 percent off at Ann Taylor and so many more! FashionClyp is free and is available in the iTunes store.

9 Apps that Save Time and Money On the Go