Saving money gets more and more convenient every day with the steady stream of handy apps that will save you money, making everything from price matching to wine buying a total breeze.

Of course, there’s also a steady stream of crummy apps that only take up space and crush your hopes.

These are not those apps! Take a look:


1. Use the Amazon app to match online prices at local brick-and-mortar retailers.

Online stores have totally changed the retail game. They offer unbeatable prices, plus the convenience of delivery. But you probably haven’t entirely stopped shopping at brick-and-mortar retailers. I know I’ll never stop making those last minute Target runs.

Well, thanks to all that healthy competition, I can now get Amazon prices at brick-and-mortar stores.

Major retailers including Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, Best Buy, Home Depot

, and Lowe’s are price-matching Amazon listings!

Next time you’re in one of these stores, just scan any product with the app to pull up the current price on Amazon. If it’s less than the price posted, take it to customer service and request the Amazon price match.

Do I have to have Amazon Prime? Nope! You can get Amazon prices without the Prime membership or the shipping time. Plus, at Krazy Coupon Lady, we’ll show you how to stack a coupon with the item after a price match.


2. Avoid surprise charges on your phone bill with Onavo.

Did you ever casually check your phone bill one day, then do a double-take when you realized you’d racked up $100 or more in extra data charges?

You’re definitely not alone. Some companies have even been caught using inaccurate data monitoring — skewing the results in their favor, of course.

That’s why I was so excited when I stumbled upon Onavo’s apps. They finally let me take control of my phone bill.

Onavo Protect allows you to monitor and limit your phone’s data usage so you won’t get charged extra on your service plan.

You can view all your other apps’ usage, set data limits, restrict streaming when you’re not connected to wifi, and of course, get push notifications when you approach those limits.

Their other app, Onavo Extend, is only available for iOS users right now. They will actually compress your incoming data through their data centers so that you truly use less data (up to 500% less!), and get more bang for your buck on your phone bill.



3. Use Hopper to take the headache out of booking flights.

On average, consumers visit 38 different websites before booking a trip! Wait, what?! Time is money, you guys! Stop the madness!

That’s why the best thing about Hopper is their clean design that clearly color codes flight dates by price range and spells out all the info you really want to know.

It even tells you if now is the best time to book or if prices are likely to dip, sends you push notifications when the best flights are available, then lets you book a flight in under 60 seconds.

And it only takes one tap to set up flight monitoring. Hallelujah.


4. Save up to 50% on Broadway tickets with TodayTix.

If you know all the words to that Wicked or Les Miserables soundtrack, but you’ve never been able to attend a Broadway performance in all its glory, I have great news for you:

TodayTix offers tickets to Broadway musicals and other live theater shows for up to 50% off, plus you can enter to win even bigger discounts on lottery tickets.

I even found $49 tickets to see Six Degrees of Separation with Allison Janney, and $21 tickets to West Side Story!

There are hundreds of other listings for discounted live shows too, all neatly organized in an attractive user interface that shows all the most relevant info at a glance.

I also love that you don’t have to create an account before browsing the shows. You’ll only need to log in if you make a purchase.


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5. Never buy a bad wine again with Vivino‘s wine scanner app.

America consumes more wine than any other country in the world, but a very small number of regular wine drinkers consider themselves connoisseurs (only 4% in this sample). Americans also say that price is the biggest determining factor in their purchase.

Let’s be honest: most of us are non-experts when it comes to wine, and most of us care more about wine prices. So why not let Vivino Wine Scanner and its 23 million people “help you pick your next bottle of wine.”

Next time you’re considering a wine purchase, use the app to scan the label, then view crowd-sourced reviews, ratings, and flavor profiles from their huge community of wine drinkers.

Vivino even lets you pair wines with meals, keep track of wines you like, analyze your flavor preferences to customize your taste profile and make recommendations, plus easily purchase the wines you love online.

It’s a totally comprehensive wine tool that no grownup should be without!


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5 Life-Changing Apps That'll Save You Money