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The Barbie Movie has been a smash hit since its July 21, 2023 release date, and if you haven’t seen it yet, good news: Your options for spending less on the Margot Robbie-led film are growing by the day. And you’ve still got plenty of ways to save money on any Barbie-themed accessories you may want to look the part.

While you could easily spend the amount of money it takes to buy the Barbie Dream House on this movie night, there’s no need — especially now that the movie has released to streaming via Premium Video On Demand.

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You can now stream the Barbie Movie for $25-$30.

Barbie in a convertible, a shot from the Barbie Movie

Barbie hit Premium Video on Demand on Sept. 12, and that means you can now watch the biggest hit of the summer from the comfort of your own home. Or phone. Or whatever.

You can rent the film for 48 hours for $24.99, but for just $5 more you can buy it on digital. My advice? Just pay the extra five bucks. Since the average movie ticket costs $10-$18, the $30 price tag could be a big deal if you’re planning to watch the movie with anybody. And you get to keep it forever. AND AND… popcorn is way cheaper at home.

Here’s who’s offering it:

Note: PVOD isn’t the same as being able to stream the movie on Max. That’s coming sometime in the fall, with industry watchers predicting a Thanksgiving Max release. More on that later.


If you still wanna catch Barbie in theaters, watch it on a Tuesday — many theater chains offer discounted tickets all day.

a parent and child at the counter at a movie theater

Plenty of theater chains nationwide offer Tuesday movie deals, which means you pay a lot less to see the Barbie Movie. You can use discounted gift cards on these discounted rates. Here’s a quick breakdown of what the chains offer:

  • AMC: Stubs loyalty members get discounted pricing every Tuesday, all day. It used to be $5 per ticket, but now it’s $7 — which is still more than 50% off the $14.49 adult ticket price.
  • Regal: Regal Crown Club members get special pricing every Tuesday, all day. The exact discounts vary by location, but you’ll only pay between $5 and $9 per ticket on Tuesdays.
  • Cinemark: Movie Fan loyalty members get $5.25 movie tickets, which is 50% off the adult ticket price of $10.50.
  • Studio Movie Grill: The $10.25 regular price drops to $5 every Tuesday.
  • Marcus Theatres: Get 60% off the regular $12 ticket price on Tuesdays, paying only $5.

Also: Now that Barbie is out on premium streaming, now’s the time to scout out the discount theaters for $2-$3 tickets. The movie should be hitting the second-run cinemas any day now, and it’s a great way to save money and get the whole movie theater experience.


Look for a Cinemark theater near you — they’ve got the best deals for The Barbie Movie.

There are 516 Cinemark movie theaters in 41 U.S. states, so chances are there’s one close to you. This is where you wanna see The Barbie Movie, and here’s why:

  • A standard evening ticket costs only $10.50, which is cheaper than AMC ($14-$18) and Regal ($13-$15).
  • You can find the cheapest discounted gift cards for Cinemark; a $50 gift card is $39.99 at Costco, and Raise.com has them for just a little bit more ($42.87).
  • Cinemark loyalty club members get $5.25 movie tickets on Tuesdays. If you use your discounted gift card to pay for your tickets, you’re spending 20% less — which means each ticket is only $4.20.

Note: If you’re buying tickets online, compare Fandango’s price with the specific theater website’s price just to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Sometimes we’ve seen higher prices on Fandango.


Costco.com sells AMC & Cinemark gift cards that’ll save you 20-57% per ticket.

someone looking at a Cinemark gift card on Costco's website

Costco.com is one of my go-tos for cheap movie tickets, and I’m definitely going to use them for The Barbie Movie. You don’t even have to go into the warehouse club; you’ll just get your tickets and gift cards emailed to you after checkout. Here are some of the deals they offer:

Next-Level Tip: If you get the AMC deal, don’t use the tickets if you’re planning to watch The Barbie Movie during a discounted period (matinee or Tuesday). Each ticket is $8.50 with Costco, so you’ll want to use that for a standard evening ticket to save the most money. Instead, use the eGift card to buy tickets during a discounted time to make your dollar stretch further.



Buy your Barbie Movie tickets using a discounted gift card from Raise to save 7-14%.

A person holding a cell phone with the Raise app in front of a wall display of physical gift cards.

We’re big fans of discounted gift cards from Raise. All you have to do is find the gift card you want, and you’ll buy it for a cheaper price than what’s loaded onto it. Although Raise has gift cards available for many of the larger movie chains, sometimes the general Fandango gift card is a better bargain (which you can then use to buy your tickets on their site). It’s all pretty easy, and you’ll have your digital gift card in minutes. Here are the savings we’re seeing leading up to the Barbie Movie:

  • Fandango: Buy a $25 gift card for $21.46 (saving of 14.16%)
  • Regal Cinemas: Buy a $50 gift card for $44.17 (saving of 11.66%)
  • Cinemark: Buy a $50 gift card for $42.87 (saving of 14.26%)
  • AMC: Buy a $50 gift card for $46.52 (saving of 6.96%)

Note: You can stack these gift card savings with any other deals you come across at the movie theaters.


Don’t forget about matinees — you’ll save at least 20% by watching the Barbie Movie before 4 p.m.

Matinees are movie showings that happen before 4 p.m. Not only are there LOTS of these showtimes available for The Barbie Movie, but you’ll save money by avoiding the evening rush. Plus, if you score one of those discounted gift cards from Raise, you can use them on these discounted prices for an even bigger deal. Here are what the two major chains offer during matinees:

  • AMC: 30% off the evening ticket price
  • Regal: Around 20% off the evening ticket price

Note: In my area, Cinemark’s $10.50 ticket price stays the same regardless of showtime. That was still cheaper than the matinee prices we found for Regal and AMC.


Too spendy to see Barbie in theaters? It’ll be on Max this fall.

A person setting up Max streaming service on their laptop

Because Barbie is a Warner Bros. movie, you can count on it to be available on that studio’s streaming home, Max (formerly known as HBO Max). And when will it be streaming on Max? The short answer is that it’ll be here by Thanksgiving.

Remember when you had to wait FOREVER for a movie to come out on VHS or DVD? Nowadays, the window between theatrical release and availability on streaming is pretty short. Typically, you can expect movies to hit streaming services between 60 and 90 days, so while Warner Bros. hasn’t officially announced when Barbie will hit streaming, keep an eye out for it to be on Max between late September and late October — although industry watchers are predicting a November release (possibly around Thanksgiving).

We talk about whether or not Max is worth it, but generally speaking, here’s what you’d pay to stream Barbie on the platform:

  • Max base plan: $9.99/month or $99.99/year for 2 devices streaming at a time
  • Max ad-free plan: $15.99/month or $149.99/year for 2 devices streaming at a time
  • Max Ultimate ad-free plan: $19.99/month or $199.99/year for 4 devices streaming at a time

There’s no free trial for Max, but one month of Max costs less than most non-matinee/non-Tuesday movie tickets. That means you can watch Barbie as much as you want, with as many people as you can cram into your living room, for less than the price of one movie ticket.


Stream the Barbie Movie Now & Other Ways to Spend Less Watching It