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The 10 Best Fitness Apps to Help Hit All Your Health Goals

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Whether you’re on a new personal health journey or just trying to switch up your normal workout routine, downloading a fitness app is a great way to get yourself motivated. Trying something new and different will keep you on your toes both mentally and physically. Plus, it can make the sometimes boring task of exercising a little more exciting. That’s why we looked into the best fitness apps in terms of value and payout.

A good fitness app can be a much more budget-friendly approach to working out compared to signing up for a gym membership or taking special boutique classes. Some fitness apps can cost as little as $9.99 per month, while others may offer entirely free workouts. These can be used at home or in the gym, making them really convenient and accessible.

Here are the best fitness apps to download now if you’re looking to save some money and still get some great workouts in. Also, text DEALS to 57299 to receive daily deal notifications.


The Best Fitness Apps of 2023

1. Nike Training Club

Screenshots from the Nike Workout Training Club fitness app on two iPhone screens

Looking to really save money? Download the Nike Training Club app (free, Apple and Google Play). This is an extremely popular option for a reason: it’s free to download and there is no monthly cost. The app offers hundreds of different free workout videos for everything from strength training to yoga to cardio, each of which is easy to follow and can be done at home or in the gym. While there are limitations on the free workout videos (there are no personalization or structured plans), this is the most budget-friendly option out there.

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2. MyFitnessPal

Screenshots from the MyFitnessPal fitness app on two iPhone screens

MyFitnessPal (free, Apple and Google Play) is a comprehensive option that offers food logging, recipes, workouts, and more. It allows you to keep track of your personal goals and connects to a wide variety of other health-oriented apps, making it easier to track just about everything. There are over 300 cardio and strength-based workout sessions to follow and a huge food database.

One thing we like about MyFitnessPal is that it has options: you can use the app for free without ever paying for it, or you can do a premium subscription (this costs $9.99 per month or $49.99 annually). The premium subscription does offer more customization, but even for free, this is a solid choice.



3. Sworkit

Screenshots from the Sworkit fitness app on two iPhone screens

If you’re new to working out, you should look into Sworkit (free download, Apple and Google Play). The app features plenty of beginner-friendly workouts and personalized fitness programs that will help build strength and lose weight. There are more than 500 unique workouts and over 900 exercises to choose from, as well as recommended plans and customization options. You can also find support and help from certified trainers when needed.

The price point is pretty impressive too at just $9.99 monthly or $59.99 annually. The annual plan saves you about $5 a month, or almost $60 a year, compared to the monthly price, so it’s definitely a value worth considering.


4. Jefit

Screenshots from the Jefit fitness app on two iPhone screens

The Jefit app (free to download, Apple and Google Play) is an excellent tool for customizing workouts, especially for those focused on weight lifting and strength training. With over 1,400 exercises to choose from, users can create their own workout plans or opt for pro-designed plans. Logging training is easy, and the app also times workouts and reps for you.

It’s a versatile pick for people of all budgets. The free option is the most basic that still allows you to access all 1,400 exercises and use the workout planner. The Elite Monthly option costs $12.99 per month and offers more premium workout plans as well as the ability to connect with other users. The Elite Yearly plan costs $69.99 annually (which works out to $5.83 per month) and is the best option if you want all premium features for a year.


5. Melissa Wood Health

Screenshots from the Melissa Wood Health fitness app on two iPhone screens

For those looking for more low-impact workouts, the Melissa Wood Health app is worth a try (free to download, Apple and Google Play). The app features barre, yoga, and pilates-inspired workouts, as well as meditations. Videos range from under 10 minutes to over 40, and there are hundreds of pre-recorded options as well as new classes added each week. Subscribers can select their own videos or follow the weekly plans released each weekend.

MWH costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually. While this is a higher cost annually than some of the other options on this list, it’s a pretty good price for an app offering pilates-inspired workouts. In-person pilates classes can cost up to $45 per session, and other pilates apps can cost upwards of $20 per month. The $99.99 annual cost saves you about $20 compared to paying monthly.


6. Peloton

Screenshots from the Peloton fitness app on two iPhone screens

Even those who don’t own a Peloton bike can take advantage of the Peloton app (free to download, Apple and Google Play). It offers thousands of workout classes in categories including running, walking, strength training, yoga, meditation, boxing, cycling, and more. There’s a huge variety of options, including on-demand and live classes, and it can be streamed or used on your phone.

The app costs just $12.99 per month or $129 annually (which saves about $26 compared to the monthly price). This is a pretty fair price for an app that offers so many different types of workouts: for under $15 each month, you can choose between pilates, boot camp, barre, and so much more. Keep in mind that if you have the Peloton bike or treadmill, the All-Access Membership is a different fee.


7. Move Love Sweat Fitness

Screenshots from the Move by Love Sweat Fitness fitness app on two iPhone screens

The Move Love Sweat Fitness App (free to download, Apple and Google Play) is another good option for variety. The app features over 150 full-length workout videos ranging between 15 and 45 minutes, as well as over 500 days of guided workouts. It’s easy to customize a plan or find one to follow, and you can choose between barre, HIIT, strength training, and more. Other helpful features include tracking calendars and journaling for your mood.

At $13.99 per month or $99 annually, Move Love Sweat Fitness is comparable to most of the other options on this list. Even if you pay monthly, you’re paying less than $15 per month for a wide variety of workout options, all of which you can follow on your mobile device. The workouts are also made to be easy for every level.



8. Alo Moves

Screenshots from the AloMoves fitness app on two iPhone screens

Maybe the best fitness app out there for yoga-inspired workouts, Alo Moves (free download, Apple and Google Play) can be a more affordable option compared to going to a yoga studio. The app offers hundreds of different types of yoga classes for beginners through advanced. There are also skills classes to help you become a better yogi and a range of other types of workouts, plus meditation and breathwork.

All of these things individually — meditation sessions, breathwork sessions, yoga, and strength training — can add up quickly. Alo Moves costs $20 per month or $199 annually (which saves about $40). This is more than some of the apps we mentioned but a good price point for everything offered.


9. Moves by Madeline

Screenshots from the Moves by Madeline fitness app on two iPhone screens

If you prefer to follow programs, Moves by Madeline (free to download, Apple and Google Play) may be a good fit. The app comes with six unique programs to follow, as well as step-by-step guided workshops and expert-led tutorials. You can track and rate your workouts and connect with other members on the app and in an exclusive Facebook group.

The app costs $20 per month or $200 annually, which saves you about $40. The programs are great for anyone who likes a lot of structure, and because they’re more tailored to specific needs, it makes sense that the app costs a little more than similar options.


10. Future

Screenshots from the Future fitness app on two iPhone screens

If you feel like you want to work with a personal trainer but can’t afford it, then Future is an app to consider (free to download, Apple). Future connects you with a personal trainer (Future coach) who creates workout plans specifically for you and changes them as needed. Coaches create workout routines that are best for your goals and have impressive resumes.

Future is by far the most expensive option at $149 per month. That said, compared to the cost of meeting with a personal trainer in person or in a gym, it’s much cheaper. Personal trainers can cost an average of $100 per hour, which comes out to about $400 a month if you meet once a week. Compared to Future, that’s a savings of about $250. It’s probably one of the least expensive ways to work with a trainer.

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