I can admit it – I get just as excited when I find new apps for my phone as I do when I spot a jam-packed clearance rack. From finance and shopping to gas and grocery store apps, one glance at my cell phone and I may just be labeled as an app-hoarder.

However, no intervention necessary! I am confident the apps I am about to share will bring the same level of enthusiasm to anyone who is willing to try them. Best of all? They’re free!

Organize receipts

Shoeboxed: I dreaded spending money every year on small filing systems to help keep track of my receipts. Now, thanks to Shoeboxed, my receipts are digitized and organized. Say goodbye to messy piles of receipts and stacks of plastic filing organizers. Just snap a photo of the receipt, give the app about a day or so to process, and the receipt will be automatically archived. Shoeboxed enters the date, total, payment type, and store into specific receipt categories. On top of that, it will generate expense reports, and the IRS accepts the digitized receipts. Free; Android and iPhone compatible.

Weight loss support

Noom Weight Loss Coach: Losing weight is one of the top resolutions many people make at the beginning of each year. Unfortunately, pricy gym memberships or preplanned food programs might be too expensive to add into the budget. The Noom Weight Loss Coach app is touted as a "weight loss coach in your pocket." It offers a calorie counter, daily Noom score (based on number of tasks completed each day), calories needed to eat and burn to reach goal weight, health articles, food and exercise log, online community and a price tag of zilch! Free; Android compatible.

Budgeting made easy

Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA): Budgeting was never my strong suit – but thanks to EBBA, I can now keep my finances on track, without spending a fortune on software. Similar to other budgeting apps currently available, EEBA stands out because of one major feature; it can be shared. So, for anyone sharing expenses (or a budget) with a spouse or family member, this handy app lets users set spending limits for combined accounts or finances. EBBA works by setting up virtual envelopes. The app even lets the user know when he or she is over budget and can approximate how many days to curb spending to get back on track. Free; Android and iPhone compatible.

Gas price finder

Gas Guru: I never realized how much I spent on gas until my husband asked me to keep a weekly log. Once I saw the average price tag, I realized that searching for the lowest gas price around wasn't such a bad idea. The Gas Guru app does the searching for me. In addition to finding the lowest gas prices around, it displays what time the price was last updated, directions, and will also help find local restaurants, coffee, roadside assistance, auto repair and ATMs. While gas prices might be astronomical, this app didn't guzzle even one penny from my wallet. Free; Android and iPhone compatible.

Organize grocery lists

Out of Milk: Having the ability to create grocery lists, to-do lists and also access a real-time inventory of what is in my pantry, (all wrapped into one app), puts a smile on my face. The Out of Milk app offers these perks plus the capability to sync and share the lists with others. This app lets me scan or manually enter grocery items, remember past items on my list, lets me inventory my pantry, and share my list with my husband via email or text. No more wasting hard-earned money on items that are already in my pantry. Who needs five jars of mayonnaise, anyway?! Not only does Out of Milk save users money by eliminating wasteful spending, it's absolutely free to download. Free; Android and iPhone compatible,

This is a guest post by Marisa from New York
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