There’s nothing to make you feel more proud than seeing a loved one graduate and enter the "real world." When celebrating such an accomplishment, most of us want to give that graduate a little something to make the day even more special—even if we have a limited budget to do so! Some of us prefer to choose a gift that’s practical, while others like to gift something sentimental. And some of us prefer to choose a gift that will make them laugh! No matter what type of gift you want for your grad, there are plenty of inexpensive options, including these seven awesome gifts that span the spectrum.

1. Graduation necklace

What better way to commemorate your grad’s achievement than by gifting them something personalized to remember their big day. This Graduation Necklace from Etsy seller VivaRevival, features a hand-stamped silver bar with the year and a 14K gold-filled pendant with her initial. Perfect for a high school or college grad that wants to show off her accomplishments. The Graduation Necklace is priced at $30 and is available on Etsy.

2. Digital picture frame

Pictures, photo books and frames are always a classic graduation gift, so why not give your grad an updated version with a digital photo frame. Simply plug in your camera’s memory card and let your grad watch the show! Equipped with an LED backlight as well as a calendar and clock feature, the ViewSonic 8-inch Frame is available on Amazon and priced at $34.99.

3. Pen Zen

If your grad recently landed (or soon hopes to land) their first gig, then they’ll surely need something to keep their new desk from looking like their old dorm room! The Bamboo Pen Zen from Thinkgeek, priced at $19.99, features tiny rubber fingers that can hold various sized pens and pencils, as well as hidden magnets under the bamboo for keeping paperclips and other magnetic goodies organized.

4. Chocolates

If your grad is known for having a bit of a sweet tooth, they’ll love this adorable Graduation Hat from Sees Candies! Featuring two layers of their famous milk, dark and white chocolates, the Graduation Hat comes with 19 pieces and, at $18.55, is the perfect gift for us gift-givers on a tight budget.

5. External battery pack

Chances are, your grad is going to spend a good chunk of time on their phone as they interview and network for their first job out of school. And there’s nothing worse than having your phone die during one of those important calls! Ensure that never happens to your graduate by gifting them an external battery charger such as the Anker Astro 5600mAh. This device, which works on such phones and tablets as iPhones and Samsung Galaxys, can add as much as 2-3 full charges to a dying cellphone. Priced at $26.99, The Anker Astro External Battery Charger can be purchased at Amazon.

6. Alarm clock on wheels

If your grad has been scheduling their classes to start at noon for the past four years, they may be in for a bit of a surprise when they have to start waking up before The Price is Right comes on. Give your grad the gift of punctuality with an alarm clock that forces them to wake up by running away! The Clocky Alarm Clock, starting at $19.97 on Amazon, will let them hit the snooze button one time, but after that they’re gonna have to chase him down!

7. Funny tee

Help your grad give props to the encyclopedia that surely got them through a term paper or two with the humorous Thanks Wikipedia Tee from Etsy seller, FunkTastic Tees. This $14.99 cotton/poly unisex tee comes in sizes S-XL and is available in four color choices.

The 7 Best Gifts for Grads Under $35