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50 Best Monthly Planners to Help You Get Productive, as Low as $7.99

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A new year often comes with the urge to reorganize and declutter. For many, that means picking out a brand-new planner to help make each day as productive as possible. The best monthly planners for 2023 will have space for writing out daily tasks, monthly calendar spreads to keep an eye on everything at once, and some sort of habit tracker to keep you on top of your game.

If you want to save the most on a planner, definitely look for softcover planners — they can start as low as $10. Comparatively, most hardcover planners usually start at $50. Also, planners that have extra features like folder pockets or stickers are always going to cost more. If you really need some stickers, you can find plenty at the dollar store. And if you want to spend less than $10, opt for a pocket planner. I included some on this list that start at just $7.99.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve rounded up the best monthly planners at solid prices for 2023. Most are $30 and under, but we included some splurge-worthy planners that tend to go on sale midyear and during the holidays.

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Best Monthly Planners with Daily Pages

1. Bloom Daily Planner

The Bloom Daily Planner ($18.95, Amazon) comes with everything you need for under $30. Weekly layouts provide ample writing space for each day along with top priority space. I like that there are pages to write out your goals for the year, plus habit trackers to keep you accountable. There are also other lists (like things that bring you joy) and monthly calendar spreads. Stickers and a free magnetic bookmark are included, making this a great deal.

$7.95$18.95(58% off)

2. Sweetzer & Orange Undated Planner

It’s hard to beat the under $10 price of this Sweetzer & Orange Undated Planner ($8.99, Amazon). I love that the undated pages don’t make you feel locked in (in other words, it’s not a big deal if you skip a day). Each page has space for top priorities, a to-do list, a schedule, meals, and more, as well as an inspirational daily quote.


3. Riley’s To-Do List Spiral Notebook

Riley’s To-Do List Notebook ($14.99, Amazon) offers a slightly more fun way to plan your day. Each colorful page has space for a to-do list and a few healthy habit trackers. Undated pages offer flexibility; plus the soft cover and small size make it easy to tote anywhere.


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4. Ink and Volt Today Planner

If you want something a bit chicer, the Ink and Volt Today Planner ($27, Ink and Volt) is a minimalist option to encourage good habits. Each daily page has an hourly schedule section along with a task list. A unique touch is the “tomorrow” list that lets you plan ahead too.



5. Day Designer 2023 Daily Planner

The Day Designer 2023 Daily Planner ($68, Day Designer) does run a bit more pricey than some other options when it’s not on sale. But if you don’t mind the splurge, these planners are beautifully made with a lot of thoughtful details. Each dated day offers space for a to-do list and top priorities, as well as extras like a budget tracker and daily gratitude.

$34.00$68.00(50% off)

6. Trees Daily Planner

At just about $10, the Trees Daily Planner ($10.99, Amazon) is one of the cheapest options I found. The spiral notebook has undated days, and each sheet includes an hourly schedule, priority to-do list, and meal and water trackers. For the amount of info on each page, the price really can’t be beat.

$9.99$10.99(9% off)

7. Kaicn Work Planner

Another excellent deal is the Kaicn Work Planner ($9.99, Amazon). Each page has space for several different to-do lists, an hourly schedule, meal and water trackers, mood trackers, exercise trackers, and more. The pages have more trackers than some pricier options, and the whole planner only costs $10.


8. Fringe Studio Non-Dated Daily Planner

Looking for something slightly more polished? The Fringe Studio Non-Dated Daily Planner ($11.90, Amazon) is a great option. It costs less than $15 and has a professional look to it. Each daily page has an hourly schedule, to-do lists, and priority task space. The price is among the cheapest I found, and it has enough pages to last several months. Plus, it even goes on sale for as little as $10.27.


Best Weekly Planners

9. Katie Daisy 2023 Deluxe Hardcover Weekly Planner

More often than not, the beautifully illustrated hardcover planners cost upwards of $50. The Katie Daisy Weekly Planner ($28.91, Amazon) is less than $30 and is really gorgeous. If pretty artwork is what you’re looking for, this is a great choice. Weekly pages have enough space to write out what needs to get done each day, so this is ideal if you aren’t looking to track everything you do. It does tend to sell out though, so keep an eye out for restocks.


10. Indeme 2023 Weekly Appointment Book

Keep track of meetings and appointments with the Indeme 2023 Weekly Appointment Book ($12.98, Amazon). Each weekly spread has an hourly schedule for every day, making it so easy to organize what you have going on.


11. Weekly Undated Planner

The Weekly Undated Planner ($24.95, is a great deal for what it offers. This hardcover planner has weekly pages with space to write notes for each day. On the next page, there’s room for to-do lists and other unique lists, like “What I did for myself” and “What I did for others.” The planner also comes with fun stickers.


12. 2023 At-A-Glance Simplified by Emily Ley

This 2023 At-A-Glance Simplified planner ($33.09, Staples) offers plenty of space to write out notes and a to-do list each day on the weekly pages. There are extra pages for future planning and holiday lists. We’ve seen it go as low as $25.99 before.


13. DesignWorks Inc 12-Month Planner

The DesignWorks Inc 12-Month Planner ($17, Target) has an impressive amount of space and content for a planner under $20. Aside from the weekly pages, each month has a 2-page spread that allows you to plan out your goals and priorities for the month.


14. Wit & Delight Undated Stay On Track Planner

If you don’t love flipping through a book, then buy this Wit & Delight Stay On Track planner ($15.99, Target). It’s a great price point with a convenient design: each page rips out and allows you to break down the week by day, big projects, goals, and more.


15. Bob Ross 18-Month Planner

There’s no reason you can’t get creative with your planner! I love this Bob Ross 18-Month Planner ($16.99, Target) because each page acts as a mini adult coloring book. Every month and week has a landscape coloring page and a positive message (in true Bob Ross spirit). Plus, there are even moveable dividers, pockets for important documents, and 100 stickers.

ONLINE or In-Store Deal

16. Kaicn Undated Weekly Planner

The Kaicn Undated Weekly Planner ($8.99, Amazon) is easily the best deal I found for weekly planners. With 52 weeks of pages, it’ll last you all year long. Each weekly 2-page spread includes space for daily notes as well as a page for habit tracking, goals, and more.


17. JStory Large Weekly Planner

This large JStory Weekly Planner ($17.50, Amazon) has a soft and flexible cover that makes it easy to tote around with you. It’s very no-frills: each weekly page features space to make notes for each day, and that’s it. Sometimes simplicity is best. We’ve even seen it go as low as $15.


The Best Monthly Planners To Buy

18. At-A-Glance 2023 Monthly Planner

Don’t need a lot of space in your planner? Buy the At-A-Glance 2023 Monthly Planner ($17.31, Amazon) for less than $20. Each monthly view covers two pages to give you enough room to jot down your most important appointments and notes. There are also extra pages for personal info, future planning, expense tracking, and more.


19. Tullofa Monthly Planner/Calendar

The Tullofa Monthly Planner/Calendar ($12.99, Amazon) covers both 2023 and 2024, with yearly overviews for 2025 and 2026. Extra pages include space for passwords, contacts, notes, and more. At just $13, you’ll have your planner for the next two years, and that’s really hard to beat.


20. Zicoto Simplified Monthly Planner

Not only is the Zicoto Simplified Monthly Planner ($14.99, Amazon) really inexpensive, it’s also really thoughtfully designed. Calendar pages make it easy to keep track of appointments. And monthly pages allow you to make notes, track goals, and more.


Best Weekly and Monthly Planners

21. Paperage Weekly and Monthly Planner

The Paperage Weekly and Monthly Planner ($13.95, Amazon) is really inexpensive with a lot to offer. The handheld size makes it portable, and the lay-flat binding and thick paper make it easy to write in. I love the unlined spaces for both monthly and weekly pages that really allow you to do what you want with the space.


22. Indeme Store 2023 Planner

The Indeme Store 2023 Planner ($12.99, Amazon) is super affordable and really nice to look at. You can easily compare this to other more expensive minimalist planners out there, except it’s less than $15. There are monthly and weekly spreads as well as extra pages, like notes.

$6.99$12.99(46% off)

23. Fringe Studio Spiral Planner

The Fringe Studio Spiral Planner ($14.52, Amazon) is a great pick for a really low price. Monthly calendar spreads and weekly pages offer a lot of writing space, and each month has a goals page as well. The spiral-bound book lays flat for easy and comfortable writing.

$13.00$14.52(10% off)


24. Moleskine Spiral 12-Month Planner

Coming in at a higher price point is the classic Moleskine Spiral 12-Month Planner ($32.09, Amazon). The spiral binder means that this notebook will lay flat when you’re writing in it, which is a nice perk. It features 2-page weekly spreads so you can see your whole week at once as well as monthly spreads. It also comes with stickers, laminated bookmarks, and a hardcover.


25. Happy Planner 2023 12-Month Planner

If you want something fun, colorful, and whimsical, the Happy Planner 12-Month Planner ($34.99, The Happy Planner) is a great choice. With a color-block layout of six boxes for each day that can be arranged as you like, it encourages creativity. The planner comes with sturdy laminated covers and plastic discs that allow you to add and remove pages. There are places to add snap-in accessories, too. It’s a little pricier than some other options but does offer something different.

$8.99$29.99(70% off)

26. The Happy Planner 2023 Skinny Classic Horizontal Layout

Big planners can be great, but sometimes you might feel like you don’t really need all of that space. The Happy Planner 2023 Skinny Classic Horizontal Layout ($29.99, The Happy Planner) is a smaller size to fit easily in your bag. There’s a block of space for each day as well as monthly layouts.


27. Blue Sky Weekly and Monthly Planner

The Blue Sky Weekly and Monthly Planner ($8.99, Amazon) is the cheapest option of its kind I found. It’s no-frills but works well thanks to a soft, flexible cover and spiral spine for easy writing. Each day has lined spaces for writing out what you need, and there are pages for contacts, important dates, and various notes. It’s not super fancy, but it has great reviews and plenty of space. At less than $10, it’s a great deal.


Best Pocket Planners

28. Erin Condren Petite Planner

If you take your planner everywhere with you, you might want a pocket planner. They’re more portable, lightweight, and are great if you don’t need a lot of space. The Erin Condren Petite Planner ($14.50, Erin Condren) is a nice option. Horizontal weekly planning pages and a monthly calendar come in handy, as do the monthly planning pages.


29. Artfan 2023 Pocket Planner/Calendar

The Artfan 2023 Pocket Planner/Calendar ($12.99, Amazon) is about as big as a cell phone and super lightweight. It’s also really inexpensive and has the space to write out your most important to-do notes for the month and the week. It has a clear cover pocket to hold small items, a pen holder, two ribbon bookmarks, and an elastic closure to keep it secure.


30. Feteulo 2023 Pocket Planner/Calendar

An almost identical option is the Feteulo 2023 Pocket Planner/Calendar ($12.49, Amazon). It’s the same low price, with the same style pages. This highly-rated style is definitely a great deal and comes in some colorful shades.


31. BookFactory 2023 Weekly Pocket Planner

For something even smaller, opt for the BookFactory 2023 Weekly Pocket Planner ($9.99, Amazon). It’s inexpensive and has a classic feel to it. Aside from weekly and monthly spreads, there are pages for advance planning, birthdays, and anniversaries, plus gift ideas and first-aid instructions.


32. Orange Circle Studio Monthly Pocket Planner

The Orange Circle Studio Monthly Pocket Planner ($15.99, Amazon) is easily one of the best deals I found after the sale. This 17-month planner is just $7, small, and very portable. This is one of the best monthly planners in terms of price, hands down.


Best Academic Planners

33. Erin Condren Rainbow Apples Teacher Lesson Planner

Designed with teachers in mind, the Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner ($57, Erin Condren) is probably one of the easiest ways to keep classes and days as organized as possible. Each week has a 2-page spread, with several blocks for each day to separate by class period (or however you want). There are also student checklists, mini months, monthly calendar spreads, productivity planning pages, and a double-sided pocket to stash important papers. It’s expensive, but it’s also very thorough. Be on the lookout for restocks since it sells out fast.


34. Global Printed Products Hardcover Academic Year Planner

The Global Printed Products Hardcover Academic Year Planner ($14.95, Amazon) is a great deal for just $15. Aside from spacious weekly and monthly spreads, it comes with a storage pocket, 175 sticky notes, a ruler, a clip-in bookmark, and over 200 planning stickers.


35. Rifle Paper Co. 12-Month Academic Planner

This planner ($18, Rifle Paper Co.) is a basic option that has everything you need to stay organized, like monthly and weekly spreads. Each weekly spread is two pages, with one page dedicated to notes and to-dos. The other has a block for each day. While the price is higher than some other options, it’s lower than many designer names.


36. Day Designer Academic Planner

The Day Designer Academic Planner ($11.99, Target) is very thorough and ideal for people who are super busy. Each day has its own page with space for a to-do list, notes, hourly schedule, and more. There are other organizational spaces as well, like a dotted page for notes, productivity days, and a page of stickers.


Best Wellness Planners

37. Wellness Planner

The Wellness Planner ($30, is a bit more expensive than some other options, but it acts as both a guide to wellness and a planner. The pages hold lots of advice on nutrition, wellness, exercise, and more from experts in the space. Daily pages include to-do lists, notes, things to focus on, and more.


38. The Happy Planner Fitness Planner

The Happy Planner Fitness Planner ($19.99, The Happy Planner) makes it easy to track your healthy habits. Each day has blocks of space to log workouts, food, and what you’re focusing on, as well as a blank space to add whatever you want. There are monthly calendar spreads as well. It’s been known to sell out so we recommend signing up for an email notification when it’s available again.


39. The Self-Care Planner by Simple Self

If you’re looking for less of a focus on diet and exercise and more on self-care, then opt for The Self-Care Planner by Simple Self ($39.97, Amazon). Each daily page has a list of prompts, from goals to a to-do list to a self-care tracker. There’s also a fitness, water, and meal log as well. Weekly pages have habit and sleep trackers, and there are also pages for sleep tracking, goal setting, a vision board, monthly reflections, and more.


40. Erin Condren Self-Care Petite Planner

Wellness planners can be a little pricey, but this Erin Condren Petite Planner ($14.99, Amazon) is one of the best deals I found. There are pages for shopping lists, meal planning, food tracking, recipe logs, and more. There are also stickers and price tracking pages. The planner itself is small with a soft cover.



41. Scribble & Dot Wellness Planner

The Scribble & Dot Wellness Planner ($19.95, Amazon) is a great deal. For just $20, you’ll get the features many of the other expensive wellness planners have. There are daily and weekly pages for goal setting, meal and sleep tracking, habit tracking, and exercise tracking. There are weekly overviews to stay on top of your goals as well. It sells out quickly though. If it’s available, don’t wait for a sale.


Best Monthly Planners for Specialized Tasks

42. To-Do Planner

The To-Do Planner ($24.95, keeps it simple. It’s a daily planner, and each day is undated. Pages have sections for your schedule, priorities, to-do list, and shopping list. Perforated pages make them easy to rip out as you go, so you can either save or get rid of them.


43. Travel Planner

A travel planner is a great way to document where you’ve been and what you did there. The Travel Planner ($24, is pretty thorough. There’s a map page, a language converter, packing lists, space to write down ideas and notes, travel stickers, and even postcards to send home.


44. The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner and Organizer

From detailed timelines and budget worksheets to wedding inspiration and foil stamps, this planner from The Knot is the ultimate way to stay organized while wedding planning ($32.50, Amazon).


45. 12-Month Budget Planner

If you’re trying to get your finances in order, check out this monthly finance organizer ($12.98, Amazon). The planner is undated so you can start anytime you like. Key features include daily habit trackers, financial tips and tricks, extensive debt-tracking tools, and a whole section dedicated to holiday budgeting. And all for $13.


The Best Customizable Planners for Any Budget

46. Custom Mom Life Planner

With this busy mom planner ($25, Etsy), you can choose the type of layout that works best for you. For those who plan every little thing, I love the hourly layout. I personally love that it’s fully customizable — you can even choose which month you start on. Plus, it’s been on sale for 10% off in the past.


47. Erin Condren Vegan Leather Customizable Focused Planner

This Erin Condren Customizable Focused Planner ($38.50, Erin Condren) is for people who don’t want prompts. There are goal-setting pages, but that’s really it. Otherwise, you’ll find weekly and monthly spreads that are undated, with open space so you can write out and track whatever you want. This is pricey, but the vegan leather cover is a nice touch if aesthetics are important to you.


48. Papier Colorblock Planner

If you want a planner that looks professional but you don’t want to spend too much, this Colorblock Planner ($32, Papier) is a great choice. It’s super chic with a minimalist soft cover. The weekly pages offer space to use however you want, so if you’re not a fan of prompts, this is for you. Plus, you can customize it with your name.

ONLINE or In-Store Deal

49. Erin Condren Groovy Blooms Academic Planner

The Erin Condren Academic Planner ($40.50, Erin Condren) is made with students in mind. Aside from monthly and weekly planning pages, there are also places for your class schedules, a projects and exam tracker, and mini months.


50. Erin Condren A5 Daily Wellness Planner

Erin Condren’s A5 Daily Wellness Planner ($25.50, Erin Condren) makes it easy to stay on track with your health goals. There’s a space to write out what you’d like to accomplish, and then each day gets its own page. These pages have a spot for what you want to focus on, a food log, exercise log, self-care log, and daily tracking log. Other prompt pages encourage you to think more about your wellness goals.


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