If a fountain drink or coffee run is a regular occurrence for you, there are coffee subscriptions and beverage memberships that are right up your alley.

A growing number of restaurants are offering unlimited beverages for a monthly fee. Although Starbucks unlimited coffee isn’t a thing just yet, and the Burger King coffee subscription has gone extinct, plenty of other players are making it easier than ever to get your daily caffeine fix.

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Panera Coffee Subscription: $8.99/month


The MyPanera+ Coffee Subscription costs just $8.99/month and lets you order any sized hot coffee, hot tea, or iced coffee inside one of Panera’s 2,000 stores or via takeout/drive-thru.

And you can come back every 2 hours.

Best of all, at any given time, you can get 1-3 months of the service free before you have to start paying. We talk all about how Panera is giving away coffee.

It takes between 4-6 drinks per month to cover the $8.99 subscription.


Circle K Polar Pop Subscription: $5.99/month

Something strange is afoot at the Circle K. The 9,800 locations would like to see you every day, and you’ll pay $5.99/month for one free coffee, tea, slushy, or Polar Pop fountain drink of any size every day.

With the “Sip & Save” program, it’ll only take a handful of beverages for the subscription to pay for itself. For example, a 24-oz X-Large coffee or tea costs $2.09; three of those per month will cover the $5.99.

For more information about this, check out our overview of the Sip & Save program.

It takes between 3-8 drinks per month to cover the $5.99 subscription, depending on what you order.



Sheetz App Drink (& Fries) Subscription: $9.99/month

Convenience store/gas station chain Sheetz has jumped into the subscription game, too, offering a similar (albeit more expensive) plan to Panera: 1 drink every 2 hours. This includes all self-serve beverages, including fountain drinks and coffee, at their 634 locations.

You just have to download the Sheetz app, tap the “more” icon, and then tap “Buy Subscriptionz.” Add a payment method and you’re good to go.

They also have a $9.99/month unlimited fries option, giving you a bag of their ‘Fryz’ every two hours.

It takes between 4-10 drinks to cover the $9.99 subscription, depending on what you order. And you only have to grab 6 bags of Fryz to cover the $9.99 Fryz subscription.


Pret a Manger Unlimited Coffee Pass: $9.99/month

Coffee shop Pret a Manger has introduced Unlimited Coffee Passes. Each pass costs $9.99 and is good for 30 days. It gets you unlimited Pret’s Classic Blend Coffee, Pret’s Single Origin: Ethiopia, & Teas, in any size, hot or iced.

There’s also a $19.99 pass that gets you a month of unlimited espresso-based drinks and cold brew, in addition to the base-level drinks.

You buy the pass in store and pay with the Pret app; then it’ll show up in the “Treats” section of the app for redemption. There’s no automatic renewal; once time is up, head back over to one of the 450 Pret locations to buy a new pass.

It takes between 4-5 drinks to pay for the $9.99 subscription, and between 3-10 drinks to cover the $19.99 subscription, depending on what you order.


Great Harvest Bread Co. Coffee Subscription: $8.99/month


Although Great Harvest Bread Co. has 200 locations nationwide, only the following locations offer the Bottomless Coffee subscription for drip coffee (so far):

  • Arvada, CO
  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Elkins, WV
  • Frisco, TX

If the program is in your area, sign in to your loyalty account (or sign up for one), and click the Subscribe button on the dashboard page. The “Bottomless Coffee” subscription will charge you $8.99 automatically each month until you cancel.

It takes between 5-6 drip coffees to cover the $8.99 subscription.

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