Panera Bread has positioned themselves as a go-to coffee joint by introducing an all-you-can-drink coffee subscription for new users.

For the second year in a row, they’re offering 3 months’ worth of free unlimited coffee via their MyPanera Coffee+ subscription.

If you’ve never experienced unlimited coffee, you’re going to want to jump on this by May 31, 2021.


Panera is giving away free unlimited coffee for 3 months — just get the app.

Panera Bread’s MyPanera+ program gives subscribers unlimited hot coffee, hot tea, and iced coffee of any size in stores or via takeout/drive-thru. No purchase required.

It normally costs $8.99 a month, but if you download the Panera app and sign up for MyPanera+ by May 31, 2021, you’ll get it free through late August.


‘Unlimited’ means you get a free coffee every two hours.

Panera’s “unlimited” coffee subscription actually is limited to a maximum of 6 free coffees per day. MyPanera+ comes with a freebie every two hours, and Panera locations are typically open about 12 hours a day.

Specialty coffee drinks, iced tea, and other beverages at Panera aren’t included, but you can spruce up your coffee or tea with free sweeteners and milk/cream.

When placing an order, you get the freebie by giving your MyPanera info (usually your phone number).


There’s no purchase required to get free Panera coffee — but you will have to submit credit card info.

This is a 90-day free trial of the MyPanera+ program, but like many free trials, you’ll want to cancel before it’s over if you don’t want to pay.



If you keep MyPanera+, it pays for itself after 5 drinks.

Hot coffee at my local Panera costs $1.89 for a small, $2.09 for a medium, and $2.25 for a large, while a hot tea costs $1.79.

Buy five of these in a month and you’ve covered the $9/month subscription. And any additional drinks are true freebies.


Create your own hazelnut iced coffee.

I love Panera’s hazelnut-flavored hot coffee, but sometimes I’m in the mood for an iced coffee. Since there’s no hazelnut iced coffee, I ask the cashier for a large hazelnut coffee and a cup of ice.

I can then pour the hot coffee into the cup of ice and BOOM — iced hazelnut coffee. (Eventually, Panera staff figured out what I was doing and just put the coffee in a cup of ice for me.)


Add a free cookie to your free coffees.

In order to subscribe to MyPanera+, you have to be a member of the free Panera Rewards program. When you sign up for that, look for a “Welcome Reward” of a free pastry or cookie.

There are plenty more Panera hacks and freebies where that came from.

Panera Giving Away Unlimited Free Coffee All Summer Long