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Panera rocked the coffee-drinking world in early 2020 when they introduced the Panera coffee subscription.

Instead of paying per cup, the caffeinated could get unlimited Panera Bread coffee for one simple monthly cost.

But apparently unlimited coffee was just the beginning; Panera has done away with the MyPanera+ Coffee program and replaced it with the Panera Unlimited Sips Club.

So, is a subscription worth it? We’ll tell you what we know.


Hurry and claim this freebie deal on Panera Unlimited drinks:

$0.00 $11.99 (100% Off)
Free drinks through July 4
There’s no commitment to continue after your free trial ends — the option is yours to cancel at any time.

Get unlimited beverages with a Unlimited Sips Club subscription.

a person holding a charged lemonade in front of a panera unlimited sips club sign

That’s right — beverages. Not just coffee. Panera’s unlimited subscription used to only offer hot coffee, hot tea and iced coffee, but now they’ve branched out to include iced tea, fountain drinks (soda!), and Panera’s Charged Lemonades.

Subscribers can get these beverages in any size, whether they’re in-store, getting takeout, or going through the drive-thru at Panera.

The MyPanera+ subscription, which would only get you unlimited coffee and tea, cost $8.99, but the Unlimited Sips Club costs $10.99/month. You have to download the Panera app and sign up for the Unlimited Sips Club.


Unlimited Sips will cost you $11.99 — but it’ll pay for itself if you get 5 drinks per month.

A person's hand holding a Panera advertisement for their Unlimited Sip Club next to stacks of Panera drink cups.

The old MyPanera Coffee Subscription cost $8.99, but like we said, only worked for coffee and hot tea. Unlimited Sips is $2 more per month, but you’ll gain access to sodas and Charged Lemonades.

Hot coffee at my local Panera costs $2.39 for a small, $2.49 for a medium/regular, and $2.69 for a large, while a hot tea costs $2.39. Regular-sized sodas are $2.89, and Charged Lemonades are $3.99.

Get three Charged Lemonades, or five coffees or sodas, and you’ve covered the $11 subscription for the month. And any additional drinks are true freebies. And you can hit your 3 – 5 drinks per month pretty easily because you can get multiple drinks per day. . .


Prepay for the Unlimited Sips Club for a year and get a 17% discount.

a person holding a charged lemonade at panera

Panera Bread has announced a new annual plan in 2023 where you can prepay for the Unlimited Sips club for $119.99 — a 17% discount when you compare it to the monthly plan. Plus, you’ll even get a $0 delivery fee when you order through the app and get a free calendar.


‘Unlimited’ means you get a free beverage every two hours.

A person's hand filling a Panera drink cup with Diet Pepsi at the fountain drink machine.

Panera’s Unlimited Sips Club subscription comes with a free eligible beverage of your choice every two hours.

Our local Paneras are open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, which means you could technically redeem eight free drinks per day, not to mention free refills while in the restaurant!

Panera beats competing coffee subscriptions at Pret a Manger, Sheetz, and Circle K — both on price and how many drinks you can get per day. Check out our full list of unlimited soda and coffee subscriptions.


The best way to get to know the Panera coffee subscription is to sign up for a free trial.

A woman holding an iced coffee in a panera cup next to a cell phone displaying a deal for the unlimited sip club on the panera app.

Panera brings several Unlimited Sips Club trials that can get you membership for free at specific times. Right now, if you sign up for the Unlimited Sips Club, you’ll get access to your free drinks until July 4.

Here’s what you do:

  • Sign up for MyPanera, the free Panera loyalty program
  • Sign up for the Unlimited Sips Club (you’ll need to give a credit card number, even though you can cancel before the end of your trial)
  • Enjoy free coffee and beverages through July 4 when you order with your MyPanera information in-store or via the app.



Getting your subscription coffees is as easy as providing your MyPanera account info.

A person's hand holding a MyPanera Member Card next to the POS machine at a Panera counter.

When placing an order, you get the freebie by giving your MyPanera account information, either by entering your phone number or swiping your MyPanera rewards card.


Create your own hazelnut iced coffee with some creative ordering.

A person holding an iced coffee next to the Hazelnut coffee at Panera Bread.

Specialty coffee drinks like espresso, iced tea, and other beverages at Panera aren’t included in the Ulimate Sips Club, but you can spruce up your coffee or tea with free sweeteners and milk/cream. Or by putting the flavored hot coffees on ice.

I love Panera’s hazelnut-flavored hot coffee, but sometimes I’m in the mood for an iced coffee. Since there’s no hazelnut iced coffee, I ask the cashier for a large hazelnut coffee and a cup of ice.

I can then pour the hot coffee into the cup of ice and BOOM — iced hazelnut coffee. (Eventually, Panera staff figured out what I was doing and just put the coffee in a cup of ice for me.)


Add a free cookie to your free beverage.

A person holding a Chocolate Chipper cookie next to a Panera meal.

In order to subscribe to the Unlimited Sips Club, you have to be a member of the free Panera Rewards program. When you sign up for that, look for a “Welcome Reward” of a free pastry or cookie.

There are plenty more Panera hacks and freebies where that came from.

The Panera Coffee & Drinks Subscription: Is It Worth It?