Valentine’s Day can be stressful. Who’s going to watch the kids? Is candy actually a good gift? How are we going to get a reservation on one of the busiest date nights of the year?!

Chill. I’ve created a list of date ideas for under $10. All you’ll need to do is find a sitter.


1. Buy a cheap bottle of wine and YouTube for a DIY wine and paint class.

Skip the class and head to your dollar store to pick up some paint and canvases. Check out rebate apps like Ibotta for low prices on wine, or learn our tips on how to save on booze.

Then you just need to find a YouTube tutorial to paint along with, like this beginner’s one or this one, and see whose looks better at the end!


2. Skip the expensive dinner and go out for dessert.

Make a meal at home and then go out afterward for a dessert to split with your date. It’ll save you some money but still feel a bit special.


3. Check local museums for free entry days.

Many museums offer free entry or special days with discounted ticket prices.You could also look for zoos, botanical gardens or art galleries.

Trip Advisor is a great place to find local attractions.


4. Skip the theatre, rent a movie and make some popcorn for a cozy movie night.

Let’s be honest, one of the best ways to spend an evening is a night in. Make it special by finding a movie neither of you has ever seen — whether it’s Netflix, Hulu or one from Redbox. Light some candles, put the phones away, and just enjoy each other’s company.

If you don’t have a Netflix account, you can use their free trial month to watch free movies all month long. Or, learn how one extended family shares Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu accounts.


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5. Walk around a local market and go on a picnic.

If you’re in an area where February is warm enough to picnic outdoors, that makes it even better.

But if it’s still way too cold for that, retreat to your living room. Set up a blanket and spread out all the foods you found for you and your date.

Check out these food deals!



6. Volunteer at a local organization together.

Look for animal shelters, soup kitchens, or clean up litter along roads. You can search by your community with Volunteer Match.


7. Have a couples game night with your friends.

Why not celebrate a day devoted to love with lots of people you care about! Have more couples over, and team with your person for a night full of games and laughs.

We’ve seen games like What Do You Meme? for just $6.64.


8. Work on a puzzle together.

Find a puzzle like this one from Walmart that’s only $9.10, and spend some time working on it. It also gives you a great chance to talk and learn more about each other.


9. Find some local trails and go for a hike with your loved one.

It combines time spent together with a bit of fresh air and exercise. You can find local trails with a free site like Trail Link.


10. Make your own scavenger hunt with candies and sweet notes.

Set it up before your date at your house or in a park.

Leave clues leading them to the final prize which can be something as simple as a cute note or chocolate.

Check out the best candy deals here.



11. Make dinner together at home.

I don’t mean one of you make dinner and one of you watch TV — I mean BOTH of you put in an effort to make a dinner for the two or you. No phones, no TV, just you two.

You can find inexpensive but tasty recipes here.


12. Have an at-home spa night with homemade face masks.

Make your own face masks with some of these recipes, and get out your nail kit. Give each other manicures, and spend the evening pampering yourselves.


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12 Valentine's Day Date Ideas for $10 or Less