Okay. So this isn’t exactly Brittany’s family. Brittany’s family, however, is awesome, not only because they own a commendable gnome collection, brawl during charades, or like to sing karaoke, but because they know family’s all about sharing—and that includes sharing their accounts.

Here’s how they do it:


Caleb (brother-in-law) pays $99 a year for Amazon Prime

For less than $10 a month, an unlimited number of people can share an Amazon Prime account. Simply set up a credit card and an address for each user in the main user’s account. And because everyone has access to shopping carts, you’ll know when Cousin June’s been using your account credit card to buy edible underpants (again).

The catch: Just make sure you trust everyone on the account, since they’ll have access to addresses and payment options. As well, the main account owner receives emails for each and every purchase, so if you’re the primary owner of the account, gird yourself for inbox carnage.

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Rick (father-in-law) pays $143.88 a year for Netflix

Up to five profiles can share a single account for only $11.99 a month! While it’s not their cheapest plan (they also offer a $7.99 plan for streaming only two devices at a time), it’s a great deal when you’ve got serious videophiles in your midst. And because you can keep your profile private, no one needs to know you binge watch My Little Pony.

The catch: It’s only good for up to 4 screens at a time. The fifth gets booted.

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Brittany pays $95.88 a year for Hulu

For less than $8 a month, up to 18 devices can stream from a single account. As you can see, from Android to XBox, Brittany’s family streams eight different devices from their single account, with room for 10 more. Want more viewing radness? The Showtime add-on only bumps the monthly cost up an additional $8.99 (everyone can share that, too).

The catch: Only 3 people can stream at a time, so plan your viewing appropriately.

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How One Extended Family Shares Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu Accounts