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We Cost Compared Chicken Wing Deals For a Crowd: Who's Cheapest?

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To find out who has the best wing deals, we price compared cheap wings — boneless and bone-in traditional — at several nationwide wing chains to see who has the best price for a crowd. So what price should you plan on paying to stock your party with wings for the big game? The answer is a hefty $0.99 per boneless wing and $1.10 for each traditional.

If this sounds insane to you, I get it. But listen, gone are the days where you could get wings for $0.10 apiece. In 2018, chicken wing prices were at a 7-year low at $1.40 per pound and have since risen to around $4.31(!) per pound in 2021 and are hopefully leveling out again — we saw $1.76 per pound in August of 2023. So at this point, aim to spend $0.70 per wing and just be grateful there isn't another shortage.

So who has the best wing deals? We're giving this one to Wingstop. They have the cheapest boneless wings by a cent and while their traditional, bone-in wings are $1.10 (slightly higher than Domino's), they're actually $0.11 less per wing. Not in the mood for wings? Here's all the best food deals near you to take advantage of. For more savvy shopping tips, wings coupons, and savings hacks, text HACKS to 57299, and be sure to download the Krazy Coupon Lady app.


Best Value: Wingstop Boneless, Bone-In Wings — $0.99, $1.10 per wing

Wingstop wings, fries, and a drink sitting together on a table at Wingstop.
  • 50 boneless: $49.29 | Price per wing $0.99

  • 50 bone-in: $54.99 | Price per wing: $1.10

Wingstop has the best wing deals because, well, their specialty is cheap wings. We ranked these guys as the best value all around because you're getting the best price per ounce — and yes, we weighed them.

We're seeing boneless wings for $0.99 apiece and traditional for $1.10. They also earn bonus points because each traditional wing weighs in at 1.91 ounces — Domino's comes in at 1.5 ounces and Buffalo Wild Wings are a measly 1.34 ounces.

If you don't need 50 wings, you can get in on their 70-cent boneless special online on Mondays and Tuesdays. An an order of 15 will run you just $10.50. At checkout, an offer will pop up that allows you to add 5 more boneless wings for $3.50 which is still 70 cents per wing. This means you can get 20 for just $14 which is the best deal we’ve seen on boneless wings.

Chili’s Boneless, Bone-In Wings — $1.00, $1.19 per wing

  • 32 boneless: $32 | Price per wing: $1.00

  • 32 bone-in: $38 | Price per wing: $1.19

If you've got access to Chili's wings, your best bet is to order a 32-piece boneless or bone-in party platter. The traditional wing platter is $38 for 32, which works out to $1.19 per wing. Boneless wings come in a 32-wing platter for $32, or $1 per wing. Either platter offers two sauce options and should comfortably feed 6-8 people, which is perfect for any party. 

Domino’s Pizza Boneless, Bone-In Wings — $1.03 per wing

  • 32 boneless: $32.99 | Price per wing: $1.03

  • 32 bone-in: $32.99 | Price per wing: $1.03

Domino's menu offers 8-piece, 16-piece, and 32-piece wing deals. The best bang for your buck is the 32-piece bone-in wing order. You'll get the cheap wings with your choice of sauce for $32.99, plus four additional dipping sauces at no charge.

The 32-piece boneless wings are also $32.99 and come with four dipping sauces, but since the boneless come plain, the saucy wings make for a better deal, IMHO. It's worth the reminder that while these traditional wings are a great price, they are on the smaller side compared to the others at 1.5 ounces each.

Bonchon Boneless, Bone-In Wings — $1.03, $1.20 per wing

  • 30 boneless: $30.99 | Price per wing: $1.03

  • 30 bone-in: $35.99 | Price per wing: $1.20

Bonchon Chicken offers Korean Fried chicken that is double-fried for extra crispiness. It’s a national chain that is quickly gaining a cult following. 

Prices vary by location, but for around $31 you can get a 30-piece boneless wings deal. This comes out to $1.03 per wing which is a pretty fair price for cheap wings and you don’t even have to order in bulk of 50 unless you want to. 

Hooters Boneless, Bone-In Wings — $1.07, $1.21 per wing

  • 50 boneless: $53.49 | Price per wing: $1.07

  • 50 bone-in: $60.49 | Price per wing: $1.21

This well-known sports bar offers Original Style Wings and Naked (non-breaded) Wings in different quantities. When comparing the 50-piece, you'll pay $1.07 for boneless and $1.21 for traditional.

Hooters had an excellent Super Bowl wing deal and a coupon for $15 off $75 in the app. These deals dropped the prices of boneless wings to $0.87 each and traditional to just $0.93 apiece. Let's hope these deals come back for March Madness next month.

Pizza Hut Boneless, Bone-In Wings — $1.07, $1.64 per wing

  • 48 boneless: $51.19 | Price per wing: $1.07

  • 36 bone-in: $58.99 | Price per wing: $1.64

Pizza Hut boneless wings have a pretty competitive price. Cost varies by location, but many stores sit right around $50 for 48, working out to just over $1 per wing. Their traditional are steeper in price. We noted $58.99 for 36 bone-in wings at most locations, or $1.64 per wing.

Buffalo Wild Wings Boneless, Bone-In Wings — $1.25, $1.40 per wing

  • 50 boneless: $62.49 | Price per wing: $1.25

  • 50 bone-in: $69.99 | Price per wing: $1.40

Buffalo Wild Wings is a restaurant that sells wings as evidenced by its name, and offers plenty of party specials. If you’re looking for lots of cheap wings to feed your party, 50 boneless cost $62.49, depending on location, which ends up being around $1.25 per wing. 

Bone-in wing deals run closer to $70, coming in at $1.40 per wing. At the highest price per wing, it's super disappointing that these are also the smallest. Weighing in at 1.34 ounces per wing, that's $1.04 per ounce. Woof!

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