Going to Costco for the free food samples is one of my favorite pastimes, so when they stopped giving them out back in March, I was like, “Nooooo….”

That was right before all the coronavirus chaos hit. Now Costco has plans to bring them back in June, but they might not be what you expect.


Costco announced the start of a “slow rollout” of free food sampling by mid-June.

Although free food samples are set to return by mid-June, according to Costco, they’re “not going to be where you go and just pick up an open sample with your fingers.”

So what can we expect — prepackaged samples? Coupons for free samples? Costco wouldn’t give any more details, but we’ll find out soon.

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Costco free samples won’t be the only changes — expect a new food court experience as well.

Lots of things are changing at Costco, including mandatory face masks and what you can order at the food court.

To keep customers and employees safe, Costco food courts will only be serving hot dogs and pizza for takeout only. While a couple weeks ago only whole pizzas were available for purchase, some shoppers are reporting that you can buy pizza slices again (still only for takeout, though).

Soda machines are also closed and if you want condiments, you’ll have to ask.




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