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Some places call it White Elephant, others call it Dirty Santa. Whatever you call it, it’s a great way to give gifts in a big group of people without spending a ton of cash.

Basically, it goes like this: Everyone buys something, they put the gifts in a pile, and everyone chooses to open a present or steal someone else’s.

You’ll want to bring something everyone wants to steal — but don’t pay too much for it. These quirky Dirty Santa gifts are all $10 and under and will make you the best Dirty Santa.

Best of all? They’re all eligible for free shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member. (But, keep in mind that these prices will probably fluctuate from day-to-day.)

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1. Need a Dirty Santa gift idea? Pick up a nifty smartphone desk holder.

These are super handy to have in your office. Just don’t let the boss catch you using it to browse Pinterest.

Grab the Smartphone Desk Stand on Amazon for $9.99


2. A literary cocktail kit is one of the best Dirty Santa gifts for a party group.

This will instantly make someone’s day. And weekend. And beyond, probably.

Buy the Tequila Mockingbird Cocktail book on Amazon for $7.39.


3. Give the Dirty Santa gift of moisturized skin with Burt’s Bees.

Winters tend to leave skin dry. Give your friends a little kit from Burt’s Bees to battle the weather.

Buy the Burt’s Bee’s Travel Essentials on Amazon for $10.


4. Add a touch of class to your Dirty Santa gift exchange with a blingy pen.

How can you not feel fancy using a pen like this?

Get the MengRan pen on Amazon for $3.99.


5. Get ready for a group picture with a selfie light.

Another fun gadget that you can use with your friends after the Dirty Santa exchange is over!

Grab the Whelen Selfie Ring Light on Amazon for $9.99


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6. Everyone at the Dirty Santa gift exchange will want these snail tea bag holders.

These are just plain adorable. Plus you can buy a half dozen of them and still have money to spare!

Grab the Snail Tea Bag Holders on Amazon for $6.98



7. Gift a healthy hydration-tracking water bottle.

A water bottle is always handy to have, especially when it keeps track of your water intake!

Grab the Dot Hydration Tracking Water Bottle on Amazon for $10.


8. This WTF Notebook is pretty much perfect for 2020.

A screenshot from Amazon of a note pad that says "WTF" at the top.

In a year full of WTF moments, I’m pretty sure everyone needs this WTF notebook.

Grab the WTF Notebook on Amazon for $5.30


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9. Let your shaggy friend get festive with these beard ornaments.

A screenshot from Amazon of a man clipping tinny ornaments onto his beard.

Planning on a Dirty Santa gift for your festive bewhiskered friends? Look no further.

Grab the Beard Ornaments on Amazon for $7.99


10. Gift a nice, relaxing sloth tea infuser.

A screenshot from Amazon of a sloth tea infuser

The perfect, adorable infuser for a lazy day sipping tea.

Grab the Sloth Tea Infuser on Amazon for $9.99



11. Trick the Dirty Santa gift exchange with this gag Shower Margarita box.

A screenshot from Amazon of a shower margarita machine prank gift box

OK, yeah, it’s just a joke box to put a different gift inside. But, c’mon, it should definitely be real.

Grab the Shower Margarita Box on Amazon for $7.95


12. Help a friend de-stress with some desktop boxing.

A screenshot from Amazon of a finger boxing gag gift

An awesome gift for anyone that’s been going through a lot of stress. So, pretty much anyone.

Grab the Desktop Boxing on Amazon for $9.95


13. Immortalize a forgettable year with this 2020 Christmas ornament.

A screenshot from Amazon of a 2020 covid-19 toilet paper and hand sanitizer Christmas ornament.

Seems about right.

Grab the 2020 Ornament on Amazon for $6.99


14. This elephant desk stand is the perfect Dirty Santa gift idea.

A screenshot from Amazon of an elephant pen holder and phone stand

It’s cute. It’s functional. It lets you watch Netflix at your desk. What more could you want?

Grab the Elephant Desk Stand on Amazon for $8.99


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15. Gift the world’s best mug to the world’s okayest employee.

A screenshot from Amazon of a mug that says "worlds okayest employee

Probably not what you want to hear on a performance review. But still might make someone at the Dirty Santa gift exchange laugh.

Grab the World’s Okayest Employee mug on Amazon for $9.99



16. Anyone would rock these high top novelty socks.

A screenshot from Amazon of high top novelty socks

Don’t feel like putting your shoes on to walk to the mailbox? These are close enough.

Grab the High Top Socks on Amazon for $9.99


17. Add a little chaos with the flingable flying screaming monkey.

A screenshot from Amazon of a slingshot flying money

Yes, everyone at the Dirty Santa exchange will be flinging it everywhere. But isn’t that the point?

Grab the Flingshot Flying Monkey on Amazon for $7.23


18. Make everyone smile with a Groot planter.

A screenshot from Amazon of a Groot cup holder or planter

Groot can only say “I am Groot.” But everyone at the Dirty Santa exchange will say “aww.”

Grab the Guardians of the Galaxy Succulent Pot or Pen Holder-on Amazon $7.99


19. Choose your favorite color for this Nessie bookmark.

A screenshot from Amazon of a Nessie bookmark

It comes in green, purple, and turquoise. Oh, and it’s adorable.

Grab the Nessie Tale Bookmark on Amazon for $8.20


20. Add some character to the keyring with these Funko Pop! Keychains.

A screenshot from Amazon of a different funk pop keychains

Wonder Woman fan? Harry Potter fan? Disney fan? We’ve got you covered.

Grab the Wonder Woman, Professor Snape, and Genie Funko Pop! Keychains on Amazon for $4-$6.99



21. These Yoga Stretch Straps are perfect for any fitness fanatic.

A screenshot from Amazon of a woman stretching with yoga stretch straps

The holiday season might not bring exercise to mind, but plenty of people start yoga for a New Year’s resolution.

Grab the Onory yoga stretch straps on Amazon for $8.99


22. Chase away the dog days with a Dachshund ice cube tray.

A screenshot from Amazon of a dachshund dog ice cube trey

Ideal for dog person and cocktail weinie enthusiast alike.

Grab the Dachshund ice cube tray on Amazon for $8.99


23. You’re never too old for a farting animal coloring book.

farting animal coloring book screenshot from amazon

It’s not your usual seasonal activity, but who doesn’t wanna spend the afternoon coloring this?

Grab the Farting Animals Coloring Book on Amazon for $6.97


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