Some places call it White Elephant, others call it Dirty Santa. Whatever you call it, it’s a great way to give gifts in a big group of people without spending a ton of cash.

Basically, it goes like this: Everyone buys or brings something, they put the gifts in a pile, and participants choose to open a present or steal someone else’s.

You’ll want to bring something everyone wants to steal — but don’t pay too much for it. These 16 quirky Dirty Santa gifts are all under $10 and will make you the best Dirty Santa.


1. Macro Lens – $8.95

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This is just a fun little gadget that makes your cell phone camera like way better.


2. Fuzzy Christmas socks – $9.99

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A warm gift anyone can appreciate in the middle of winter.


3. Baby Dino Tea Infuser – $9.97

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A cute little animal tea infuser? Yes, please!


4. Burt’s Bees travel essentials – $10

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Winters tend to leave skin dry. Give your friends a little kit from Burt’s Bees to battle the weather.



5. A geometrical frame – $9.99

via Amazon

Personalize it by adding a group photo of the gang!


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6. A blingy pen – $5.99

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It always feels a little special when you have a pen that stands out.


7. You Are a Badass book – $9.59

Everyone can use a little encouragement.


8. Selfie Light for your phone – $8.99

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Another fun gadget that you can use with your friends after Dirty Santa exchange is over!


9. Literary Cocktail Kit – $8.54

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This will instantly make someone’s day.



10. Charlie Brown Christmas ornament – $7.99

via Amazon

Add a new ornament to your friend’s tree that will make her think of you every time she sees it!


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11. Humidifier and diffuser all in one – $7.74

via Amazon

These are increasingly popular and make for a simple gift.


12. Snail tea bag holders – $1.91

via Amazon

You can buy a half dozen of them and still have money to spare!


13. Set of Christmas Throw Pillows – $9.99

via Amazon

They aren’t red and green, so theoretically you could use them throughout the year, too.


14. Desk phone stand – $8.99

via Amazon

These are super handy to have in your office.



15. Multi-tool hair clip – $9.95

via Amazon

Bottle opener, screwdriver, boxcutter and more — all in one little hair clip.


16. Hydration tracking water bottle – $9.99

via Amazon

A water bottle is always handy to have, especially when it keeps track of your water intake!


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How to Be a Dirty Santa for Under $10 with Amazon (It's Not What You Think)