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The Best Dirty Santa Gifts for Any Budget, Starting at $5

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Nothing gets us in the holiday spirit more than a hilarious gift exchange with friends—be it White Elephant, Secret Santa, or Dirty Santa. If you’re down to the wire and need to find a gift for an upcoming Dirty Santa exchange, we’ve got you covered with the best Dirty Santa gifts.

When shopping — and planning — for a Dirty Santa gift exchange, the one thing to keep in mind is budget. Typically, the host of the gift exchange will set a budget that everyone must stay within. To make your holiday shopping easier, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Dirty Santa gifts, categorized by budget, starting at just $5.

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Dirty Santa Gifts for $5 and Under

1. Wacky Whims Funny Nose Pencil Sharpener — $4.49 at Amazon

A $5 gift exchange budget might seem tricky to meet, but with a little creativity, you can find a fantastic gift within the price range. This Funny Nose Pencil Sharpener ($4.49, Amazon) is actually one of our favorites on this list because of its value —after all, it’s hilarious, functional, and bound to have party guests giggling.

Tip: The name “Dirty Santa” actually has nothing to do with the types of gifts given and instead has to do with the actual game itself, which involves stealing gifts from participants. As far as what to buy for a dirty Santa gift is concerned, anything with humor involved is a total win.


2. ZUMMR Hummingbird Ring Feeder — $4.99 at Amazon

We’ll be honest: The idea of a hummingbird drinking sugar water from our hands kind of freaks us out — and hopefully it does the same to whoever gets this funny Dirty Santa gift. Available in seven colors for less than $5, this hummingbird feeder ring ($4.99, Amazon) is sure to be a hit at the holiday party.


3. Parker Lane Stoneware Chaos Coordinator Mug — $4.99 at Target

We can always count on a mug to say how we really feel. Whether you’re throwing a gift exchange for your co-workers or busy mom friends, this mug ($4.99, Target) will surely spark some laughs around the room. And, at less than $5 for a 16-oz mug, it’s a total steal.



Dirty Santa Gifts for $10 and Under

4. Plazuria Portable Extendable Telescopic Metal Back Scratchers Cat Claw — $6.95 at Amazon

You can always count on a back scratcher ($6.95, Amazon) to make an appearance at a gag gift exchange. But, this one is extra fun because it’s a cat claw scratcher. The under $5 Dirty Santa gift telescopes outward to get those hard-to-reach places, plus has two different types of scratching surfaces for itchy skin.

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5. Things I Want To Say At Work But Can’t Coloring Book: Adult Coloring Book — $6.98 at Amazon

For a Dirty Santa gift under $10, you can’t go wrong with an inappropriate (or very appropriate, depending on how you look at it) adult coloring book ($6.98, Amazon). This hilarious one would be a fun option for close-knit co-workers or friends.


6. Deladola Mini Microphone — $7.95 at Amazon

The mini microphone ($7.95, Amazon) is having a moment on TikTok. And, although it’s kind of the perfect prop for videos, it’s also just a super funny gag gift to give. This one comes in tons of colors and you can buy one for $7.95 or a pair for $9.96 so the gift winner can duet (or start a tiny podcast production).


7. Another Studio Plant Animal Decorations — $8.43 at Etsy

There’s bound to be at least one plant parent in your Dirty Santa group — and hopefully, they end up with these funny Plant Animal Decorations ($8.43, Etsy). Made from sturdy brass, you can choose from dozens of different animals and buy either one (to meet that under the $10 range) or a few if the gift exchange budget allows for it.


8. Prank Pack Roto Wipe — $8.97 at Amazon

We dare you to look at this gag gift without laughing. The Prank Pad Roto Wipe ($8.97, Amazon) is a, uh, interesting solution to toilet paper. And, at less than $10, it’s pretty much the perfect Dirty Santa gift idea.


9. Prank Pack Pet Butler — $8.99 at Amazon

Cat and dog parents will love this hilarious (and kind of useful, to be honest) costume for their fur babies. The Pet Butler ($8.99, Amazon) is a great novelty gift for a Dirty Santa exchange with friends and family members and, of course, precious pets, too.


Dirty Santa Gifts for $15 and Under

10. Yoga Goat Magnets — $12.99 at World Market

Magnets are a budget-friendly gift to give and these Yoga Goat Magnets ($12.99, World Market) make us howl (or, shall we say scream) with laughter. At full price, this gift idea meets an under $15 gift exchange budget but, when you sign up for World Market Rewards, you can get 15% off your first purchase and start earning points with this purchase, too.

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11. Saucemoto Dip Clip In-Car Sauce Holder — $12.99 at Amazon

The perfect gift for a fast foodie—or a cookbook club gift exchange—this funny in-car sauce holder ($10.95, Amazon) for ketchup, ranch, and other favorite condiments is so funny. And, if you prefer fries, there’s also a French Fry Holder for the Car that meets the Dirty Santa gifts for $15 and under budget.

$10.95 $12.99 (16% Off)

12. Tyrone Hazen Chill Beer Flannel — $14 at Uncommon Goods

Your friends can now drink in comfort—and style—with this Chill Beer Flannel coozie ($14, Uncommon Goods). Inspired by an actual flannel shirt, this gag gift is perfect for a Dirty Santa gift as it’s funny, functional, and stays within a $15 budget. Uncommon Goods members get instant free shipping.


13. Wabi Whiffs Glitter Hearts Toilet Bombs — $15 at Uncommon Goods

Sticking with the potty humor theme, these Before You Poo Toilet Bombs ($15, Uncommon Goods) are sure to be a hit. Disguised as a nice self-care moment, the droppers smell like butterfly gardens and are designed to keep BO at bay.



Dirty Santa Gifts for $20 and Under

HIPLAYGIRL 3D Lotus Pond Refrigerator Magnets — $15.99 at Amazon

Dirty Santa gifts can be a bit random—that’s what makes them so funny—and there is nothing more random than this deconstructed koi pond magnet set ($15.99, Amazon). The eight-piece set includes five fish, two lily pads, and a mossy heap designed to turn your fridge into a cute little pond.


13. Fairly Odd Novelties Urinal Shot Glasses, Set of 2 — $16.99 at Amazon

Shot glasses are a common Dirty Santa gift to give—but these aren’t just any shot glasses, they’re urinal shot glasses ($16.99, Amazon). The hysterical ceramic shot glasses come in a set of two for less than $20 and will even ship in a couple of days through Amazon Prime, making it a good last-minute gift exchange idea, too.


14. Fandicto Dad Bag Fake Beer Belly Fanny Pack — $19.68 at Amazon

Does this gift make you uncomfortable? Us, too, which is why it’s the best Dirty Santa gift. The hilarious fanny pack ($19.68, Amazon) is inspired by a realistic beer belly and is destined to be a crowd favorite at any gift exchange, especially a Dirty Santa party. Available on Amazon Prime’s one-day shipping, this is another great last-minute gift idea.


15. Tiny Hands Assorted Set — $19.99 at BigMouth

Tiny hands ($19.99, will never get old but, in case they do, this set comes with a whole variety of them. From classic tiny hands to lobster claws to pirate hooks to boxing gloves, whoever wins this gift is sure to have hours of fun (and pranks) ahead of them. (Side note: This would also make a great stocking stuffer for kids—you can buy the pack ad gift each individual set to stretch the value).


16. TOTENJS Lobster Slippers — $19.99 at Amazon

These lobster sandals ($19.99, Amazon) come in several colors including classic red and bright orange, and they are honestly super disturbing and weird, which is why we’re totally gifting them at our exchange. You can actually get certain sizes for as low as $12.99.

As low as $12.99

19. Tricerataco Dinosaur Taco Holder — $20 at Uncommon Goods

Taco Tuesday gets a prehistoric throwback with these funny taco shell holders ($20, Uncommon Goods)! The Tricerataco option fits perfectly within that $20 or under budget, too. Uncommon Goods members get free shipping.


Dirty Santa Gifts for $25 and Under

20. 90shine Headband Hoop Ball Game — $22.99 at Amazon

If your co-workers put together a Dirty Santa exchange, this is one of the best gifts to give for an under $25 budget. The hilarious game ($22.99, Amazon) involved a basketball hoop strapped to a person’s head and 20 opportunities to make that 3-pointer shot. Winners of this gift can either attempt to play it on their own or with an opponent.


21. The Peachy Planter Body Vase — $24.99 at Amazon

Get cheeky with this adorable body planter ($24.99, Amazon). The home decor item might get some giggles, but it’s actually a very trendy piece of home decor at the moment, making it a gift idea that also feels super elevated. We’ve seen Amazon offer 10% coupons on it pretty often, so watch out for markdowns.

$22.49 $24.99 (10% Off)
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22. BSIRI Wine Bottle Puzzle Game — $26.99 at Amazon

If you love gift-giving and have a hard time finding gag gifts because you prefer something nice, this is a good alternative —you can give a nice bottle of wine and a fun gift. The puzzle ($26.99, Amazon) is normally $35, but we’ve seen it marked down 30% off in the past few weeks, so wait for that discount.

BSIRI Wine Bottle Puzzle Game
$24.69 $34.99 (29% Off)
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23. Banana-Saving Hats — $25 at Uncommon Goods

These tiny banana hats ($25, Uncommon Goods) are so random—we love them. Designed to keep bananas fresh for longer by trapping the ethylene gas (that’s what makes them turn brown), this gift might get some big laughs at first but will definitely come in handy for the person who is sick of making so much banana bread as a result of their produce going bad.


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