We've all stood in line, fending off impatience with a rousing mobile round of Angry Birds. But why not get paid for your time while you wait instead? No longer do you need to return home in order to earn cash for taking surveys. Now you can share your opinion and earn cash on the go with these great, new apps!

1. Juno/Bamboo Wallet

The Android app is called simply “Juno Wallet,” and the iOS app is called "Bamboo Wallet" but is powered by Juno. Juno is an app that pays in credits which can be converted to gift cards. In addition to completing surveys, you can earn in other ways as noted here. The app has more than two million users to date.

  • Payment via: Credit conversion to digital gift cards (iTunes, Amazon, etc.)
  • Minimum to cash out: not stated
  • Options: Earn credits by completing simple tasks, referring friends, joining mailing lists, watching videos, and "Liking" businesses.

2. Survey

Survey.com is a multi-functional platform that focuses on gathering mobile data from engaged and intelligent users. Survey.com has paid out $200,000+ in cash to survey takers since its inception. The app is also unique in that you can get surveys sent to you while you’re in certain stores, and be notified of special discounts and offers that that store is offering while you’re shopping.

  • Payment via: PayPal
  • Minimum to cash out: $7.50
  • Options: users can earn cash, get discounts, receive special offers, contests

3. iPinion (and +)

iPinion pays users for taking surveys by issuing rewards points. Every 100 rewards points is equal to $1 in cash. iPinion bills itself as "the most sophisticated survey app ever built for smart phones." While many users belong as part of participation in an outside research panel, individuals are always welcome.

  • Payment via: Cash (payout method not stated) or points conversion to gift cards
  • Minimum to cash out: $5.00 (500 points)
  • Options: Question-based surveys and image interaction-based surveys.

4. iPoll

iPoll offers you a $5 sign-up bonus and multiple ways to earn and spend cash. The app calls its surveys "missions" and can send you auto-alerts when a new "mission" is available. Most surveys take 15-20 minutes according to the website.

  • Payment via: Cash, gift cards, option to donate to charity
  • Minimum to cash out: not stated
  • Options: You can earn cash for in-store reviews, product and service reviews, ad testing, and other options (including video, audio, and photo reporting).




4 New Survey Apps That Allow You to Earn Cash on the Go