Stay-at-home mom? Check. Could use a little extra spending money? Double check! Finding legitimate earn-from-home opportunities is never an easy task, and often it is hardly worth the time it takes for the payout. However, worthwhile programs are out there, and I've become especially fond of EXPO. I’ve been a member for eight months and I love it. Here’s why:

Review favorite products

Expo is a consumer review site that offers rewards for uploading short, one- or two-minute video reviews of a wide range of products such as diapers, dishwasher detergent, cosmetics and more. Reviews can be made on any product that is already being used by the reviewer, so take a look at that stockpile and get ready to share the best (or worst) with future buyers!

Can’t find something to review? Expo’s Most Wanted list is an extensive list of products they want people to review. Products are updated monthly. There are currently 55 products in the Baby and Kids category, for example, including a review request for Aveeno Baby Soothing Bath Treatment.

Reviewers can even get a little creative. Bust out your inner Paula Deen and show how to make a favorite recipe as part of the video review!

Sweet rewards

Rewards are earned after the video is submitted and approved. EXPO works on a points system, much like hotel rewards programs. Each video will typically earn around 500 points, and those can be exchanged for items such as gift cards (a $25 Amazon gift card is around 3,000 points). In some cases, the rewards pay out more than the cost of the actual item that was reviewed!

The rewards are as diverse as the products being reviewed. In addition to gift cards there are fun gifts such as Omaha Steaks and remote-controlled helicopters, and (my personal favorite) a Visa E-Certificate. I have uploaded over 80 videos so far and have accumulated enough points to redeem over $400 worth of Visa E-Certificates, which I used to order a sleeper sofa for my family!!!

Items in the Most Wanted section carry an especially high point value but may be something more obscure. A specific stove, sheet set, power tool, or children's toy may be requested, but the value may be worth 800 to 2,500 points per review. And there is no limit to the number of reviews that can be submitted!

Try new products

Check out the Tryology program for a chance to try brand new (some aren’t even on store shelves yet) items from various companies. Review these products and keep the item for free instead of receiving poinsts. There are no promises on how often or quickly a reviewer will be selected to take part in a Tryology, but personally, in my first month of membership, I received a $50 Playskool Rocktivity Walk and Roll Rider delivered to my door before it was even in stores to test with my children!

Camera-shy alternatives

For those who are uncomfortable in front of a camera, EXPO also offers the Outlook Panel, where participants take surveys. I haven’t had much luck being compensated for surveys, so I was wary of this part of the site, but the way Expo sets their surveys up is a bit different. The point value for each survey is explained up front, along with an estimate on how long it will take to complete the survey. Ever start a survey that promised great rewards upon completion, only to realize two hours later that it was the survey that never ends? Luckily, there is no such thing through the Outlook Panel!

In addition to earning rewards by reviewing products, EXPO is a great resource to see reviews from other users and research a product before making a purchase.

Happy reviewing!

This is a guest post by Natalie from Perry, MI
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