Superstars walking the red carpet dressed in glamorous attire. Exciting Sunday evening TV-watching events with your family. Everyone all of a sudden turning into movie and music critics…. It’s that time again, folks—awards season! Last month the Golden Globes gave us a glimpse of 2013’s best critically acclaimed movies, which means a lot of movie watching coming up for film lovers! If you’re like me, an avid collector of DVDs, it also means getting your own copy first and that, my friends, gets expensive. If only there were a site that could compare prices for me. Oh, wait, there is! It’s called Say I wanted to pre-order the new Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie. All I would have to do is search the title of the movie, and Cheapest DVD Price will automatically compare prices from all over the web, even including the price of shipping. If I’m trying to remember a specific film with a certain hunky actor, all I have to do is input my guy’s name and a list of movies will pull up. So simple. So convenient. Give it a try!





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