The most essential accessory right now is face masks, which can be high-end designer numbers or cheap disposables. Here’s how to get free face masks, because free is always better than cheap.

Even if your state has started relaxing stay-at-home orders, there are plenty of stores and businesses that are requiring face masks.

You could always make your own face mask at home, but if you’re looking for a no-cost alternative, there are a number of organizations willing to send you masks for free. Make sure you order them only if you need them, though — plenty of people struggling financially could use them.

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1. Receive a medical face mask when grocery shopping at Whole Foods.

Via LA Times
Whole Foods Market is requiring all of their employees and shoppers to wear masks while in-store, so they’re giving out free masks to customers who don’t have one.

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2. …or while shopping at Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club is also giving free masks to shoppers without one.

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3. Visit an Apple store and get a free face cover.

Apple retail stores that are open to customers are requiring employees and customers to wear face coverings while inside. They are offering anyone who comes in a free mask if they do not have one when they arrive.

Check with your local Apple store to check if they are open — as some locations have closed due to the rise in COVID-19 cases in certain cities and states.


4. Best Buy is also giving free masks to customers.

As Best Buy locations open, customers and employees are required to wear a face covering. Best Buy said in a statement, “We will supply a face covering if you don’t have one. Small children and those unable to wear one for health reasons may enter without one.”


5. Make your own with a free mask-making kit from JOANN.

Via Twitter

Fabric/crafter chain JOANN has been offering all the supplies needed to make a fabric face mask. Pick up a free kit, take it home, and watch some videos to learn how to make the mask.

Some locations I called were still handing out kits; others were waiting on materials to come in, and others still had stopped the program altogether. Check with your local JOANN store to make sure you can get a kit locally.

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6. Find out where to get a free coronavirus mask in the U.S.

Groups across the U.S., as well as state-run coronavirus testing sites, have begun giving out face masks to help ensure citizens have the resources they need to stop the spread of the coronavirus and to keep themselves and their communities safe.

As of right now, these are cities, counties, and states offering free face masks:

  • Texas — As of June 25, state-run COVID-19 testing sites in Texas are handing out four free face masks for you to take home.
  • WashingtonWashington state public health is giving two cloth face masks to every person in the states below 200% of the federal poverty level. They have 3.6 million face masks available.
  • Utah — Any Utah resident who doesn’t have a face mask, or who may be returning to the workplace or going out in public without one can apply for one free face mask to stay healthy.
  • Arizona — Free face masks are available to Arizonans who are over the age of 65 (or those who are medically vulnerable) by the Arizona Department of Health Services. Starting July 17, you can order your free mask.
  • Chicago, IL — Chicago’s Transit Authority is giving away free kits with hand sanitizer, a reusable cloth mask, and a guide with healthy riding tips. Note that the kits are only available between 8 – 10 a.m. on certain days at a few “L” stations.
  • New York, NY — NYC is distributing free face coverings in parks, Get Food NYC meal sites, NYCHA buildings, certain Mitchell-Lama buildings, and grocery stores throughout social distancing.
  • Raleigh, NC — Starting June 26, North Carolina is requiring face masks in public, so you can find free face masks through your local fire station. Check out which Fire Stations and Departments in North Carolina are offering free face masks.
  • Charlotte, NC — Across the city organizations in Charlotte are offering free face masks. to residents. Indianapolis, IN — Indianapolis is providing up to five free face masks to residents, available at a table outside the Julia Carson Transit Center downtown.
  • Pinellas County, FL — A limited supply of free face masks are available for Pinellas County residents who need them to stay safe after the county made face masks a requirement on June 24.
  • Orange County, FL — Local COVID-19 testing sites are giving away a free box of face masks and hand sanitizer to those who sign up to get tested. The county is also giving masks and hand sanitizer to small businesses that sign up for free supplies.
  • Kansas City, KS — After the city announced it’s mask requirement, RideKC busses will be providing free masks to riders the week of July 6 – 12.


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