Lots of big stores offer free online classes, and some in-person sessions, on plenty of different topics. Yoga, fishing, arts and crafts, home improvement, makeup… Yeah, pretty much everything.

Most of these stores do workshops and classes exclusively in store, but right now they’re offering classes online. I’ve included both types here, so when things begin to open up you’ll have the information you need to finally learn how to kayak.

Get ready to learn something new with this list of stores that offer free classes.

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1. L.L. Bean’s free classes show you how to kayak and paddleboard.

Check out the free classes on the L.L. Bean Outdoor Discover Programs page for a list of (mostly) free courses on paddleboarding, kayaking, and more.

Most courses are held in Pennsylvania, New York, Maine, Connecticut, and Illinois.


2. Stream Home Depot workshops for free and get a 15% off coupon.

The Home Depot workshops focus on DIY skills having to do with anything home improvement related. They also offer a free Home Depot kids workshop kit for your craft-happy kiddos.

Once you’re done with your course, you’ll also get a 15% off coupon.


3. Hobby Lobby has free art classes at their stores and online.

If you’re in the mood for a fun crafting project, definitely go to one of Hobby Lobby’s free art classes when they start these back up. Find your local Hobby Lobby store to see if they’ve started offering classes again.

You can also find tons of free lessons on the Hobby Lobby website for everything from party and wedding crafts to home decor and floral designs.


4. Watch free online yoga classes from REI.

REI’s free classes and workshops are outdoor-focused and held online as well as in person, normally. Do some free online yoga classes, learn about conservation, and let your kids get involved with virtual summer camps. Not every class is free, so sort by “Free” and sign up for any class, anywhere, like Core Power yoga classes in Reno or a lecture from an expert in California Maritime history.


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5. Get two months of free online classes from JOANN.

JOANN owns Creativebug, which is a website focused on arts and crafts educational content. There are tons of arts and crafts classes available about sewing, knitting, quilting, jewelry, and lots more.

The first two months are completely free. After that, it’ll cost you $7.95 a month.


6. Anyone can take a Lowe’s DIY workshop.

Every week, you can check out a Lowe’s DIY workshop going over essential home improvement concepts.


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7. Get artsy with free classes from Michaels.

Michaels conducts free art classes both online and in stores. In addition to their Zoom classes for kids and adults, they stream a Facebook Live family activity every Wednesday at noon CT.


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8. Take advantage of free Sephora makeup classes.

Sephora makeup classes and beauty lessons are completely free at your local store. Just keep an eye on the Happening at Sephora page and the Sephora app to see when your local store will start offering classes again.


9. Bass Pro Shop holds free workshops for families.

During summertime, there are weekly Bass Pro Shop free workshops that focus on outdoor activities like camping, fishing, watersports, and archery. Kids also get freebies like backpack clips and crafts when they attend.


10. Microsoft hosts virtual workshops for you and the kids.

Microsoft’s free virtual workshops are aimed at professionals, students, and teachers. If you’re looking to overhaul your LinkedIn profile, learn tech skills for your small business, or get down the basics of coding, you’ll want to take a look.

There’s also a ton of kids classes for different age groups, along with “summer camps” where they virtually travel around the world.


11. Go to your Apple Store for tips on creative projects.

The Apple Store has begun doing “Today at Apple” classes from their Creative Pros to show off how to use Apple products for fun photo, video, and musical projects. Check out your local Apple Store calendar to see the next Today at Apple workshop.

There are also videos on the Apple website showing off how to use your iPhone and iPad to add flair to photos and videos or make your own GarageBand song.


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