Time magazine recently reported that nine out of every ten pet owners say their pets are members of the family—81% give pets equal status with people. Personally, I have approximately zero problem with either of these statements. My parrot is a family member. He is a small person with feathers. And I have lots of friends who feel the same way about their dogs and cats, who are clearly just small people with fur. Loving our pets to distraction as we do, it’s totally fun to shop for them. If we can shop for free stuff—even better! Learn where the best pet freebies are and how to get them.

1. Oh Yes It's Free for pets

The Oh Yes It's Free website has a special category just for pet freebies. The site goes heavy on food and treat samples for dogs and cats, but has some other neat freebies too, including pet care booklets, poop bags (you can never have too many of those!), and more.

Note: The site also has some neat freebies for people too—including babies, kids, beauty and household products, and more.

2. I Love Free Things for pets

The I Love Free Things site also reserves a special page just for pet freebies. Here you can find a wide range of pet freebies, from dental kits to food samples, cat litter to safety packs. Neat!

3. Pet Coupon Savings

Pet Coupon Savings is dedicated to all things pet—including coupons, freebies, and deals. You can also visit them on Pinterest.

4. Free Pet Samples

Free Pet Samples has a website and a Pinterest page—the Pinterest page has more listings, so you might want to start there.

Freebies for Pets? Find Them on These 4 Sites Daily!