Hey there! Jamie the survey taker here to share the second part of my survey series (see below for more!). If InboxDollars and Toluna had a baby, its name would be Harris…Harris Poll. I like Harris Poll for a few reasons, the greatest of which is that before I even realized it, I’d earned $10, and through spending only about 30 minutes every other day for 3 weeks.


In a Nutshell: Harris Poll is the most consistently high-paying survey site on the market.

When Harris Poll sends me surveys about every other day via email, I earn up to 100 HIpoints per survey, and 15 HIpoints are automatically applied to my account for surveys where I don’t qualify. When I accrued 625 points, I qualified for the $5 gift card cash-out. Within a week after that, I earned enough for a $10 cash-out. I can also earn HIstakes entries into contests in lieu of HIpoints, but I don’t take chances on drawings, since I never win (I’m also the person who gets the empty fortune cookie, so there’s that).


The Good: I earn more for my time spent than with any other survey company.

Unlike with other sites, I get earnings for every survey attempt. Harris Poll respects my time, and as a company affiliated with the Nielsen family (decades of street cred), it just feels that much more legit. As well, I’m a huge fan of the:

Low $5 payout with 625 HIpoints. Unlike some sites that keep you on the hook forever (I’m looking at you, InboxDollars, with your $30 payout), I cash out pretty quickly with Harris Points. This amounts to about $0.007 per HiPoint.

The ability to cash out without qualifying for a single survey. With my 15 HIpoints per survey attempt, I’ll still earn the 625 points needed for a $5 cash-out by attempting 41 surveys.

Option to earn items like movies, tools, and sports equipment from Amazon, Kmart, Sears, iTunes, and more. There are way more gift card and physical item options with Harris Poll than any of the other survey sites I’ve used, so I can score anything from a $5 Amazon gift card (625 Hipoints), to a Hoodwinked DVD (1,437 HIpoints, worth roughly $10.06), or diamond earrings (6,240 HIpoints, about a $43.68 value).

Clean and simple website. I’m a total fan of not wasting my time by clicking around. To me, this is just another example of Harris Poll’s transparency via keeping things simple.

Surveys which never stop. The surveys keep coming to my inbox, even as I get closer to payout.

No email spam. I only receive an email from Harris Poll maybe every other day, but that’s all. No crazy hair cream offers, and no one trying to sell me anything. It’s pretty Zen.

High success rate for Harris Poll survey opportunities. Of 18 total survey opportunities, I qualified for 12 surveys.

Highest payout opportunity for a poll. I recently completed a fairly short 300-point poll ($2.50 value).

eGift Cards delivery (within 48 hours) and physical gift cards (within 14 days). It takes about the same amount of time to receive my card as it does when I buy physical gift cards from Raise.com.



The Bad: I wish there were more survey opportunities.

If you love the idea of cashing out in a week for taking surveys, you can totally do it—but it likely won’t be with Harris Poll, since they only send out 2-4 surveys per week. Their surveys are worth more points generally, but I don’t receive as many of them. Also:

My HIpoints expire if I don’t complete at least 1 survey or other activity every 12 months. If my account goes inactive, they can’t restore it, and I’ll no longer receive survey invites.

I can’t earn extra since there’s no refer-a-friend promo currently running. Bummer, dude. I really like Harris Poll and would love to send my sister their way.

Harris Poll doesn’t offer cash payouts like some of the other survey sites. Sure, you can score some righteous gift cards, but it’s nice sometimes to cash out with…you know…cash.

Worst opportunity: Spin to Win is stupid. A spin on their site “roulette wheel” costs 200 of my precious HIpoints, and it’s not really an “instant win.” If I spin the wheel, I’m only entered into a drawing to win an item (unlike with InboxDollars where you win what your spinner lands on). That’s like winning an ice cream cone, but they might only let you sniff it.


But wait! There’s more in this series: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


My Harris Poll Strategy

My secret is capitalizing on every email opportunity—remember, they’re only coming 3ish times per week—because the more I participate, the more likely I am to be chosen for higher-paying surveys and insider-only opportunities within the company (like discussion groups). Here’s what to look for and jump on:

The best deal is to wait and cash out at the $10 level, not $5. The $5 level cash-out takes 650 HIpoints, but the $10 level only takes an added 600. I saved 50 HIpoints by staying in until the next level (and, like I said, that only took me an added week).

Once I complete a poll, I might take another one right away. Shhhh. This one’s a secret. When I’m super close to cashing out, I sometimes click through the same email link a second time (up to a day later if it doesn’t work right away), to take a different poll. With great knowledge comes great responsibility, so I don’t abuse this ability.

If I don’t qualify for a survey, I keep going. Harris Poll typically launches me into another pre-qual survey opportunity when I don’t qualify for a survey. This means every 2-3 minutes, I’m earning another 15 points just for trying to qualify.

I don’t cash my points in for Sweepstakes entries or Spin-to-Win. Harris Poll Online offers a quarterly $10,000 sweepstake, but since I get entered into with every survey I take, whether I qualify or not, I have pretty much zero motivation to pay for added chances. Not when an Amazon.com gift card awaits.

I don’t use HIpoints for physical items like jewelry, video games, or tools. That’s because if I receive a broken item, there’s not a good way to follow up and get a new one. I stick with gift cards where I can deal directly with the retailer.


Harris Poll respects my time. I mean, I cashed out so quickly, I feel a little bit spoiled. It’s like a survey spa day. I’ve used a bunch of survey sites, but this is my personal fave all day long.


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How I Cashed Out After 12 Surveys with Harris Poll