Hey there! I’m back to share more of my survey hijinks (as a reminder, here’s what I thought about InboxDollars, Harris Poll, Opinion Outpost, Toluna, and Springboard America). When it comes to survey sites, OpinionSquare offers the usual opportunities to make money but not with enough benefits or differentiation to recommend it over other survey sites.


In a Nutshell: OpinionSquare seems like a fair, legit survey company but with inadequate volume and unacceptable acceptance rates.

Think Springboard America for frequency (3-4 surveys per month) meets Toluna for low pay ($0.003 per point). When OpinionSquare emails me opportunities, I generally earn 200 points per survey. When I accrue a total 1,500 points, I qualify for a $5 gift card cash-out. When I install their software on my browser, I qualify for more surveys (and more money).


The Good: OpinionSquare is the only survey site where I can cash out after only 8 surveys.

Since all surveys pay out at the same 200 points each, I’m cashing out at 8 surveys. Plus, since the amounts never vary, I don’t have to math. Also:

I can cash out at a low $5. While this isn’t technically groundbreaking (a few survey sites offer $5 cash-outs), it’s much better than Springboard America’s $50 payout (as an example) or even InboxDollars‘ $30.

Survey points show up pretty much immediately. Whether for a survey or for their “Scratch Off” game, I don’t have to wait weeks for points to show up in my account (I’m looking at you, Toluna).

Amazon gift cards are totally a thing. Booyah! I’m a total unapologetic sucker for an Amazon gift card, and these guys deliver, along with Starbucks, Walmart, CVS, Lowe’s, and other options (in both eGift and physical gift cards).

A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. While this might not mean much to anyone in particular, an A+ with the BBB means these guys have had to jump through some hoops to keep users happy. I can’t hate that.

OpinionSquare partners with Trees for Knowledge. They plant a tree for active OpinionSquare community members who’ve installed their research software and left it active for at least 90 days. I’m a big fan of sustainability.

A new mobile site is launching soon. I don’t know much about it, but according to their Facebook page, it will feature an enhanced token game, along with the ability to check “accounts and place orders on the go.” Let’s hope their user experience is less sluggish and more useful than Toluna‘s.

Best opportunity: While I’m usually major meh on the schmaltzy games and chances to win stuff, the best bang for your earning buck is their “Flower Power Survey Scratch Off” game. Every opportunity is a winner, unlike the Spin-to-Win on InboxDollars site. I earned 150 points with four tokens earned (for attempting surveys), and in a fraction of the time a survey takes. Granted, that means I’ve earned $0.45, so…okay, not great.



The Bad: OpinionSquare‘s low acceptance rates and not enough inventory means it took me about 3 months to earn $5.

Based on my ratio of surveys offered to surveys taken, I figure I qualify for about 40% (or less) of surveys. I have better odds of getting through the DMV in 60 minutes or less…on a Monday. As well, OpinionSquare‘s site suggests I can choose new surveys right on the site, but I always get the same “Sucks to be you” message every time I click (see the image below). Also:

200 points per survey is generous but very low-paying. While still better than Toluna‘s $0.0003 per point, OpinionSquare’s per point value is only worth $.003 (about 1/3 of a cent). Sites like Harris Poll pay $0.10 per point, and Ipsos i-Say gives me 100 points for dollar ($0.01 per point).

It’s not easy to navigate the website. Most sites operate from one website. The site’s address for email-directed surveys, http://my.opinionsquare.com, is different than the site for managing your account, http://rewards.opinionsquare.com/, so I had to figure out which site was which. Don’t expect easy navigation from the email survey links.

Prize tokens expire quarterly. If you’re playing the “Scratch to Win” game for extra tokens, consider using these bad boys up, or they’ll disappear in 90 days.

All of your points expire if you don’t participate for 6 months…and if you die. Because, according to their Terms and Conditions, they delete your account at that point (no one needs Amazon gift cards in heaven, silly).

They have a rewards wishlist. I don’t need no stinkin’ wishlist, unless it’s “I wish they sent surveys more often.”

Worst opportunity: Refer-a-friend pays you (are you ready for this?) nothing. Nada. Zilch-o. For each friend who joins, I can earn a chance at $100,000. Awww, thanks, guys.


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My OpinionSquare Strategy

My secret? Capitalize on the high point values and “scratch and win” opportunities, and take the surveys they send your way. Here’s what I also recommend:

Stay in for the $10 cash-out. It takes 1,500 points to cash out at $5, but for only 1,000 more points, you get the $10 cash-out (2,500 points). This makes staying a no-brainer (even though it takes longer).

Take surveys as soon as they hit your inbox. OpinionSquare surveys fill up quickly.

Install the software for more surveys…and an added $15. Installing the OpinionSquare software helps me get more surveys, and it doesn’t slow down my computer. I can also (right now, anyway) earn an additional $15 for letting their software monitor my consumer habits (which pretty much consists of Amazon and Raise.com these days).

Don’t use points for physical reward items. There’s a Frozen DVD in Opinion Square’s Rewards Catalog that’ll run you 6,610 points ($22). You can buy that same movie on Amazon for only $19. So really…just let it go.


So, at three hundredths of a cent per point, expect to spend some time earning your cash-out, which makes this a great option to run in the background when you’re using other, faster paying survey sites like Opinion Outpost. But as long as you have the time and don’t mind hanging in there, OpinionSquare might just be worth the Amazon gift cards.


It’s your turn: What do you think about OpinionSquare (or any of the surveys in this series)? Let us know @KrazyCouponLady on Twitter or in the comments below!


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