You’re dying to know how I did it, right?!

One word: Shopkick.

If you’ve not met Shopkick yet, you’re in for a treat because it’s one of the easiest ways to earn gift cards (free money) for doing brainless tasks, most of which you’re already doing.

You earn points or “kicks” for tasks like walking into certain stores, scanning products with your smartphone (you don’t have to buy what you scan!), uploading receipts, and recruiting your friends to do the same.

When you get a certain amount of “kicks,” you can cash out for a gift card to retailers like Target, Walmart, Starbucks and more.

Shopkick is launching a bunch of new features. Now you can earn kicks at the grocery store because of the new “Grocery” section of the app.

New features include:

  • “Discover”: Where you can browse products at nearby grocery stores that have available “kicks.” You can also watch videos to earn kicks. I earned 30 kicks watching three videos.
  • Create shopping lists: Add items with kicks to your shopping list, plus use it to keep your grocery list organized.
  • Browse recipes: Get inspired to add variety to your menu! You can add ingredients from recipes to your shopping list too.

To earn $25 in free gift cards, you have to visit a few grocery stores. But this isn’t really a problem when you’re couponing. This is my strategy for earning free gift cards. (Note: I’ve heard that they are adding kicks for walking into more grocery stores starting this week!)

I needed 6,250 kicks in order to cash out for that $25 Target gift card.

Here’s how I did it:


1. I earned 3,110 kicks when I did my weekly grocery shopping at Walmart.

  • I got 25 kicks for walking into Walmart.
  • I got 345 kicks for scanning 19 items at Walmart.
  • I got 2,740 kicks when I uploaded my receipt. (I had 11 “kick-eligible” items on my shopping list.)

2. I earned 150 kicks for scanning 9 items at WinCo when I stopped in for something I forgot to buy earlier in the week.


3. I earned 130 kicks for scanning 8 items when I visited Rite Aid for a Tide coupon deal.


4. I earned 130 kicks for scanning the same 8 items at Walgreens when I stopped for an Olay coupon deal.


5. I earned 175 kicks for scanning 10 items when I visited Fred Meyer to get sushi on my lunch break.


6. I earned 2,000 kicks when I referred my mom, my sister, my best friend and my coworker to Shopkick.

What can I say? When I like something, all my friends find out about it.

So yeah, I may or may not have become Shopkick’s informal brand ambassador this week. But nobody’s complaining. They’re all too busy scanning and uploading!


7. I earned 175 kicks when I stopped at Costco for my shampoo and conditioner.

  • I got 25 kicks for scanning 1 item at Costco.
  • I got 150 kicks when I uploaded my receipt.


8. I earned 385 kicks when I went to Target for a dog food coupon deal.

  • I got 25 kicks for walking into Target.
  • I got 210 kicks for scanning 12 items at Target.
  • I got 150 kicks when I uploaded my receipt for dog food.

My total kicks added up to 6,255, so hey, I have 5 kicks to start me off for next week!

Thanks to Shopkick for sponsoring this article so we can show you their new features!


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How I Earned a Free $25 Target Gift Card This Week