Do you remember the old CD clubs from the 90s where you'd buy one CD at full price and get 12 more for just the cost of shipping? The Disney Movie Club is kind of like that, but it's WAAAAAAAAY better!

1. First, choose 4 Disney DVDs or Blu-rays for $1 total.

You don’t even have to pay shipping!

2. Add more to your initial order and receive additional discounts.

You can add any fifth movie to your initial order for only $14.95 more, and a sixth for $9.95 more—and you still won’t have to pay shipping! When you buy the fifth for only $14.95, you'll only have four more to buy at regular price in the next 24 months.

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3. Then, just buy 4 more movies at regular price within 24 months.

You then have two years to buy four more movies at regular price (prices start at $19.95 for DVDs or $29.95 for Blu-rays). After that, you're off the hook. No obligation to buy anything else, and you've just expanded your Disney movie collection for a fraction of what you'd pay in stores.


4. Save $84.16 when you buy with Disney Movie Club.

See how the savings stack up on 9 DVD movies:

*Plus applicable shipping and handling charges **Plus applicable taxes

To get the most bang for your buck from this deal, I recommend joining the club and purchasing six movies to start (the four for $1, plus the two bonus movies—you’ll save $94.20 this way). However, even if you don’t take advantage of the second bonus movie price, you’re still saving $84.16 in the long run.

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How I Saved Nearly $85 on My Disney Movie Collection