Love 'em or hate 'em, Walmart stores do offer incredibly low prices and, as we've seen, money-saving deals that shoppers just can't keep to themselves. But many Krazy Coupon Ladies may not be familiar with all the policies and perks offered by Walmart. Knowing more about them will help you save even more from this supercenter, both in-store and online.




Price Adjustments

You probably know that Wal-Mart has a price-matching policy, but did you know they have a price adjustment policy for online purchases? If you make a purchase at and the price for the item decreases within seven days, you can claim a refund on the difference AND tax paid. This happened to me a month ago when a netbook I bought dipped in price $50 just six days after I ordered (and had already received) it. A quick call to corporate resulted in that money (and tax) being placed back on my credit card. I didn't even have to fill out any paperwork! Be sure to follow the prices of products you buy after-the-fact, especially big-ticket items. Note: the price adjustment is even valid when an item is sold as a "Value of the Day" daily deal (more on that below).

Site-to-Store Shipping

You probably know that Wal-Mart has cheap, 97-cent shipping on many items, but did you know they offer free site-to-store shipping? Amazon has spoiled me into believing I should never pay for shipping costs when I shop online. So when I can't get next-to-nothing shipping from, I use the site-to-store option. It's so easy to pick up what I need there, and personal experience has proven that orders arrive in-store faster than they would arrive to my home. I can even designate another individual to pick up a package for me, which adds more flexibility to this convenience.

Value of the Day

You probably know that Walmart has Rollback Savings to help consumers save money on popular items, but did you know they also have daily deals on the website? Daily deals — on any online site — are fun to watch, especially if you are in the market for a certain item. Of course, making a purchase simply because it's marketed as a "Value of the Day" at might mean unnecessary spending, so always weigh any purchase decisions carefully before buying.

Free Samples

You probably know that Walmart carries lots of newly-released and manufactured products, but did you know you can sample some of these products for free and find out about sample promotions in area stores?  I'll admit it; I'm a girl who loves free samples! So whether they come to me through the mail or I arrange an in-store visit to take advantage of fun samples, I enjoy having the option to try before I buy.  Many mail samples are generously-sized, as well, meaning I can use them in place of travel-sized products I might normally buy for trips.


Walmart really does have some impressive values and savings policies, but, like any Krazy Coupon Lady, you have to know what they are to take advantage of them. Now, you really can "save money" and "live better" — because you are "in the know" about Walmart!

How to Save Even More at Walmart